1-2 months in, they become super serious or clingy.

I have no issues about this but even from the words they say: "don't call me just that". They want it all to be "romantic"

It might just be the type of exes I've had but I tried showing them my lifestyle: tennis for example, I like to do, get fit, active. I go to the gym when I feel like shit, sometimes I just game when I'm down.

Have I completely fucked myself by being this independent?

Then they want someone that has their shit together, is independent. Am I going to have to pay for them too?

It also resorts into "their happiness/my happiness are cuddles, touch etc." I love these but it's complicated in LDRs but it can also get tiring if she's a bit of a nympho.

The funny thing is, I'm just a super average looking guy. I'm not here to humble brag. The exes I had, they're also average if not, below average and there's this weird vacuum where they can just become super clingy, I don't smoke, I keep things as straight as I can but their stickiness just turned me off.

I'm going to have to break a ceiling or be 50k more per year richer to be able to date upwards. Or just keep working on myself. Something that felt like they didn't understand. Or is it just me?