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“Male SMV Can’t Be Pinpointed” What About Comparing Absolute SMV Then?

February 13, 2022

As a “late bloomer” at college right now, this is something I struggled wrapping my head around. I often hear on subs like this how we usually don’t pinpoint make SMV. What if we’re talking about absolute SMV aka just looks??

Let’s say there’s two guys in college. Who would have the higher “SMV”? Is it the first guy who is a short “chad” or the second guy who is a tall “chad” but is missing half an arm(amputee)?

Despite being a partial amputee, doesn’t the second guy’s tall height outweigh the first guy’s short height? So wouldn’t this second guy(tall chad) have the higher absolute SMV?(if we’re talking about only looks).

Or do you believe it would be the first guy(short chad) because he doesn’t have any conditions like an amputation?

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