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Plating or dating single moms good? Experiences?

August 10, 2022

Had my fair share of single moms, some things I realized: If their children haven't moved out yet or is in pre-teens, it will be hell most of the time, especially if its a daughter. You will almost always end up fathering and supporting them, UNLESS she is completely aware that she is seeing a younger or single guy and is only in it for the RIDE. You might have a good long-term or even lifeline sort of acquaintance if she somehow accepts it (it's difficult to convert a normal two goody-shoes have been single/no sex in years type of moms) and as a working LV male in the past, the low bearing fruits were attainable with growth and experience, and headache that may or may not be worth it YMMV.

She'll be too busy taking care of herself (and, if she has a successful career, her own place), which is fine if you two are on the same page, but it may also be mentally taxing. But based on my experience thus far, it can be a terrific trap, my experience have been crazy lays and I get turned on that they'd be dating a person almost as old as their offsprings (the late 30s - 45s age group), but hidden underneath all of this can be fangs that are just itching to latch on you. The fangs are the constant love bombing and extreme attachment... And it can be confusing.

My personal fitness coworker had a run dating BOTH daughter and mother (daughter was in her 20s) and the three of them work out together lol.

What's trp's general stance on SMs? And what are your expereinces?

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Sex = yes.

Date = no.

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The theory says no. You’re just raising another man’s child. Beta bux etc.

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Probably set yourself up for false metoo accusations if you decide to ever ghost her. I couldn't imagine the responsibility of raising a kid by myself without a partner. That most definitely messes with their psyche and makes them attach themselves to anyone willing to be in a relationship/fuck her. She'd try to get back at you if you were to ever ghost her. I'd tread carefully.

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