28M single, im new to redpill and most my redpill knowledge is about women dating and self improvement, i learnt the theories but i have no chance to practice them in real life, im single ever since i known, but one girl woke up me to redpill dating after she over and over again went to her jerk ex while rejecting me, it was painfull and rage but i learnt a lot. So im single and dry af. And its sad and depressing seeing all my friends without any idea of what redpiil is having awesome girls and dating and marriage life. While i go through all these redpill but still single and miserable. And im in my marrying age too. So badically its hell inside my head. My problem is every redpill guru talks in vids and books that guys should spin plates when dating? My problem is is that possible? In reAl life? Is anyone do it here? If so howand where you find women to do? I just cant get s single womans phone number or date. While redpill coaches to say date many woman samr time. What am i missing?

And my other problem is i see posts about womens body count in western is like more than 50 and sometimes triple digits, can it be true? Im not from western or europe so it's unbelievable to me, in my country most have body count of max 2-3 in avarage life. How its different in western? How both men and women have many sex partners and later marry and have kids??