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She apologised the morning after?

July 31, 2021

Was at a party, this girl got “drunk”. She was all over me for most of the night, I didn’t escalate just because she was “drunk” and was warned not to take advantage of her (which I didn’t). We did kiss etc, feel eachother nothing more.

However, I didn’t get the vibe she was actually drunk? All her sentences weren’t slurred, she was speaking coherently etc normal convos.

She texts me today saying, “apologies for what happened last night, idek know what happened I was drunk”

Is this just a case of regret that she got with me fellas?

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That's not regret. You called it, she wasn't that drunk to not remember shit. She's saying that as an excuse for whatever did happen. Since you were a hesitant she is basically saying it won't happen again if you're sober, because the fact that nothing further happened is a sort of "rejection" of her. She's basically protecting herself by saying that.

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[permanently deleted]

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Depends on your intention. If you just wanted to smash then yeah, you should have pushed further. She would have said the same thing that she didn't remember what happened, even though she probably does. Although in this case, looks like you were playing it safe, maybe you think this girl can cause you some trouble, in that case probably not worth it. Also whoever "warned" you, it depends on how they said it and why.

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