First date with this girl, she's like a 6 but cute nonetheless

We went to an anime convention she proposed but both were bored, isolated he and had good conversation

Couple of hours into the date I grabbed her chin and went for the kiss, but she made eyes of something like "wtf" and backed off as I was getting closer, I think she actually said "whaat?" And goood that was super awkward, and I said "no? Okk"

I remembered the RP advice "pretend nothing happened" and told her to go inside again and continued talking, her too.

But then she was like a little bit more touchy with me, I actually thought "nah I'm not trying again, she's not worth the awkwardness"

I suggested going for a burguer, and in the way I checked my map, she sat down and raised her hands for me to help her stand up (third time she did this after trying to kiss her) and when I pulled her she went and kissed me for a while. And then the date went very smoothly, touchy, and goodbye kiss, and insists on seeing me again.

What's some reasoning behind this? Like she rejected me in a way I actually felt bad in the moment lmao, maybe it was too early?