Before you all flame me, yes I know “never say sorry to women” is considered a golden rule.

But here me out. The curse of the red pill got to me and I went nuts thinking my LTR wash cheating when she certainly wasn’t. I had no evidence, her phone was clean, she was DEVESTATED when I tried to break up with her. Like, crying hysterically. I had deleted all of her posts on Instagram containing me, went through her entire phone, etc.

I ended up staying with her, because the relationship has been perfect. She’s always been in my frame, sex is regular, no shit-tests. There just aren’t any real signs of cheating, it was my own paranoia (I’m actually diagnosed with paranoid anxiety disorder, I’m being treated for it).

Would this be one of the only circumstances where saying something to the effect of “I apologize for assuming the worst, you’ve been a good girl to daddy, keep it up”? Thanks in advance fellas.