First of all I was rly confused that I couldn't use asktrp anymore. Hopefully there are ppl who would love to help out a rookie like me. Cheers !

Would greatly appreciate some advice. I don't like alcohol. I like music but I don't dance, at all. Only thing I could do is bop my head or jump to the beat, that's it.. Also, I'm still a beginner at learning & working on improving game. I know that clubs are great for experience & alcohol lowers social inhibition & it gets easier.

I however have quite High Social inhibition & I'm afraid of getting drunk because I would potentially embarrass myself or cross some socially unacceptable barriers or sth. At least that's one of my biggest fears. But if you don't drink and everybody in a group drinks and you're not even a muslim, how one could go about that ?

Is it even worthwhile to try and see how it may turn out ? My family, from both sides, have a history of alcohol abuse. My grandfather even OD'ed of alc. I would be also really concerned of getting addicted to alcohol due to my genes.

I've recently met peers who like getting drunk and hitting the clubs, it would be fun to be able to join them, but I don't want to get drunk. So I've no clue how to approach this. Should I just not go to clubs ever at all ? Is it even worth going there if you're the only one sober the whole time ?