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What do if fwb, plate spends more money on you than you do on her?

December 16, 2021

Older avg hb I see from time to time can overshoot when we go out. I would have declined if I've known but she last surprised me with private beach getaway, I assumed we were only going to hang out at the public side of the beach.

I realize that women must put time and effort in order for me to return it, but what if the amount is greater than what I spent, far greater? In that weekend alone, and I caught a glimpse of the price, neared 1k.

Yes, she has subtly used this to get my time and now it feels transactional. Yes she's older and at the same time her career life (she's a law-partner) is incomparable to mine.

And I have not come across reads about this.

I'll say it's an older women/cougar type dynamic. She's probably and subconsciously setting me up for commitment, though I doubt it because she's a busy professional. Twice a month, we simply text, make up a location, and hang out/have sex. It's been going on for at least 8 months. I also avoid texting her consistently.

Despite the fact that I favor the independent kinds since I believe them to be less prone to clinginess. In this scenario, given her tremendous effort (time/money, that beach vacation was NOT the only thing she surprised me with), it feels like she has the right to my time. Are there any reads regarding this circumstance before we can name myself the bitch of it?

I understand we build from patriarchy, and I'm always often the one that spends on dates with other women.

And I could maybe set this up as a long-term, family friend type FWB (which I have done previously)

But you could wonder, what's the bad thing about this? Have fun with it! It's nice to be spoiled, but if she demands more exclusivity and I refuse, I feel like a bitch, times two. Yes, I can repay her, but she insisted that her giving are "gifts".

Do I simply tell her to cut back on her spending? Do I instead come forth and define what it is we're doing? She's widely aware that she is way older, and successful than I am right now. Curious to read any personal experience about something like this

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