I am afraid to call girls out when I suspect them of being untruthful because it makes me look suspicious but I have a very curious mind. A girl was telling me that a guy blocked her when she wouldn't send him nudes. Here are her exact words:

He got upset. Then I said, I will hang up so he can take care of it. Later on, he blocked me and basically ghosted me.

What does "basically ghosted me" mean in this context? Does it probably mean that he sent her a polite goodbye message before blocking her?

As you may know from Rian Stone videos on youtube, when a guy breaks up with a girl -- you are supposed to send them a polite text complimenting the girl (saying she is smart, beautiful, and funny) but then just saying that you don't feel any chemistry or spark -- thus letting the girl hamster away the feeling of rejection and not feeling responsibility for the loss of the relationship.

TL;DR: What does it mean when a girl from Tinder (referring to another man) says he "basically ghosted her"?