Hi people,

I think one of the girls I am talking with will try to be exclusive with me in a few weeks(She gave me hints but we didn't had the talk yet). The thing is she is pretty close with other dudes(multiple male friends, going out with the other dudes). And I am not okay with that If I am going to be exclusive. Sometimes she asks me who did I meet with and I always tease her. Last night she posted a snap with a few dudes while swimming just after I called her for logistics(She didn't post anything for the last few days). When we meet she always tries to make me jealous (Just so you know, I passed all of these tests.)

IDGAF because she is just a plate now. But what should I do if she wants to be exclusive with me? Should I just dump her? I am sure she doesn't fuck other guys but still, she is close with them. I am kinda okay with being exclusive because she is good in bed and I love hanging out with her. But I am not okay with that if she doesn't stop hanging out with other guys and continue to try making me jealous like a fucking 5 year old.

How should I set boundaries If I am going to be exclusive with her? Actions speaks louder than words, so I know I am not going to say something like "Hey don't hang with these dudes, it makes me sad"

If I keep her as a plate she is going to notice that I don't think she is going to like that(lol).

I have read a lot of things from the old subreddit(and the sidebar) but I wanted to hear you guys opinions, cheers.