I've read something here that motivated me to write this post. Also, I think that many dudes have this issue in the back of their minds. Especially inexperienced ones. Although I don't recommend going to clubs with your date, some of you dogs will do it anyway.

I'll present an example by using a casual date. Honestly, the same concept would still hold for long term relationships. You're out with her having a great time. You're in a good mood and confident. She's crazy about you. When you talk she touches her hair and gets nervous easily. All good. But when you guys enter the club, every dude there eats her up with his eyes. Suddenly, a buff and tall dude asks her if she wants to dance.

What should you do?

There are three options here:

1. You overreact and ask him if he's got a problem or even shove him.

2. You ignore it.

3. You make a joke like "dude can I dance with you instead?"

Option 1 is absolutely unnecessary unless the guy is legitimately and physically threatening you or her. If he's not touching either of you against your will, there's absolutely no need to become aggressive.

Option 2 is the standard route. Act like you didn't hear him and he doesn't even exist to you. You tell her "I feel like having a glass of orange juice" and leave the scene. If she stays with the dude you forget about her forever and find another woman. She wasn't a good one to begin with in that case. If she follows you, you'll know that she'll be submissive and compliant from there on. You've shown her that you're confident enough to let her go about her own business. She now realizes that you don't give a fuck. This is the best possible scenario.

Option 3 is rather weak. You could do it but if you look too goofy and nervous you're done. He won't respect you and she'll perceive you as the damn clown you are.

The core of this message is intended to show you that you should, under no circumstances, care if a woman decides to drop your ass. Many dudes have this notion that they can convince her to change her mind and take them back. This is impossible. You can't negotiate desire and attraction. Don't "fight" for her if she disrespects you like that.

Always have enough options at hand so that these typa scenarios won't even bother you. Newsflash: She's not special. You'll find many more like her. You could blindly throw a stone and hit a better bitch. You guys have to work on yourselves and work out constantly. It'll reflect itself as successful encounters with women. This will lead to you not giving a damn fuck about this one woman that lost interest.

Be a tiger. Up your numbers so your failed attempts even out. Go out and talk to women. Even if you're in a relationship, talk to other women and embrace your masculine energy. Don't be ashamed of anything and walk and talk with fucking intensity.