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What to do after dancing with the girl? How to get it from there to my bed?

October 26, 2021

Covid is gone and parties are back. I started going to my first few parties recently and have realised I'm pretty attractive, but my game is still a bit autistic because less experience. I'm bold and cheeky, so shyness isn't my issue, I just don't know what to do here;

One time I was in the line with a friend to get drinks at this club. A girl(A) came and danced up on me, she was attractive, but I saw her friend(B) in the back of the crowd, and her face dropped a bit after I reciprocated to dancing with girl A. It was cute as hell, so I pointed at girl B to get her attention and offered my hand, she held it and I took her from the line to the dance floor. Felt like a bit of a chad for completely blowing off her friend A and being the chooser. But after dancing for 5 mins, a few basic questions back and forth, she's breaking eye contact - looking down, smiling shyly, etc...

I get completely stuck about what to do next? We usually go to to these events by bus set up by the college, and the same buses bring us back to campus at 2am - so no leaving early to go to my place. I have to wait for those buses. I'm not gonna waste money on an uber back to campus myself.

in the situation above, I just told her I had to go and went to speak with another girl.

But I wanted this girl(B). She was cute as hell. What do I do in that situation in the future? What to do to pass the time and keep the game exciting for a few hours until the buses leave at 2am?

feel like it'd get boring to just dance for 2-3 hours together or smthing.

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[–]Give_Praise_Unto_Me 3 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

You need to figure out your logistics better, this ain't r/askMTA.

As far as what to do once that's corrected, come up with a plausibly deniable reason to bring her back to your place ("You need to see my stamp collection/dogs/big screen TV/whatever") and then escalate there.

[–]DebtMoist4096 2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Me personally I like to come around right before she leaves, whether that’s before or after the club is done, to ask her what she is going to do, then I go from there.

Either she wants me to come somewhere else with her or she is coming back to my place, always assume the sale

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

lead. bring her off the dance floor to go get drinks, talk, flirt, get a little physical, then break that tension and lead her somewhere else. maybe back to the dancefloor. have her meet your friends etc. but 2-3 hours is a long ass time to keep a girls attention at a party unless you already know her, so if you can't keep her attention that long break it off and go talk to other girls or just socialize, then when its like 30 minutes before the busses show up, re-open her back up and seed the pull by suggesting something cool you wanna show her at your place.

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