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When you are spinning plates, how often does a girl stay on your plate for longer than 12 months?

March 21, 2022

From reading TRP, it seems like girls inevitably want to have "the talk" (about the status of the relationship and wanting to close it) but obviously sluts and fwb's are fine with it because they are sleeping with tons of other guys.

I prefer conservative/religious girls. Do these type of girls allow you to spin multiple plates and sometimes they are cool with it?

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Title When you are spinning plates, how often does a girl stay on your plate for longer than 12 months?
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Definetly they usually don't. That is the point of being conservative and/or religious. To not fall for instant gratification until the desire becomes purpose. Question here is, if you keen on religious and conservative chicks (which I quite understand - they're the most high value women on earth), why would you expect to get the benefit of spinning plates? The bundle doesn't come with it. You can not have both. If you choose to marry a good girl that can become the perfect mother of your children, you shouldn't be considering cheating (?). I understand your desire of spinning plates, I have it too, but if your taste starts to ask for finer and higher value women... you should listen to it and follow your gut.

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They are not the most high valued women on earth. Most are hypocritical and vanilla.

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