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Why are girls from the bar so flakey?

March 30, 2022

Hey guys,

So it seems to be common knowledge that at least half of the chicks at bars are carousel riders but I can’t seem to understand why that would make them flakey?

I will almost never hear back from a girl I met/kissed/whatever at a bar..

Is there some underlying reason here for their flakiness I am not seeing?

I assumed they think I’m a player as well cause I’m a “bar guy” so I’m good for fun but not dating. However, I’m not sure that I’ve got it right with that.

This is true of girls that will display high interest as well at the bar (assume I am not tooting my own horn with that)

For reference: I’m 24 and mostly go to college dance bars, so the girls in question are mostly college girls.

I posted this cause I thought it might help other guys like me on here figure out why they’re not attractive to the same girls outside the bar..

Appreciate any insights folks!

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Had the same thing happen to me. Even girls I slept with flaked. Hot ones, average ones, ones to forget, etc. Thought it was me being ‘too alpha’ or not giving enough attention the next day.

I changed my strategy and acted ‘nicer’. Got less flakes but still its not like they were lining up to meet again. Girls I meet elsewhere always reschedule.

The truth is guys like me go clubbing looking for a bang, and girls are the same. They want sex, attention, fun, and most importantly NO STRINGS ATTACHED. They got friends and an image to maintain - ‘yeah I met him, and him, and him at the bar’ makes her look like a hoe. Women found in bars are for the sheets, not the streets.

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