Hey all, So I transformed myself during university and really thank TRP and other resources like this one.

Before coming to university, I was not popular with girls at all and a large reason was I didn’t “look the part” I was very focused on academics.

I’ll keep my post as short as possible.

So, I’m 22 now and ran into an old more popular guy I knew from high school at the club back in our home city. We are from a big city. He seemed jealous naturally I was hanging with a hot girl outside and asked “What you doing with her?” I held frame and he eventually went away.

My question is, some guys I know from the past will “shit test” me by trying to act like if getting with hot women is not something I should be doing.

I need some lines I can use. Here’s some I’ve been using but they’re kinda cliche lol.

1.) I’m a male and I act like one….what’s your deal???

2.) It’s called being a guy and having a biological nature dude…why don’t you go mind your business.

Give me better ones.