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“Why Are You With Her?” “What Are You Doing With Her?”

February 25, 2022

Hey all, So I transformed myself during university and really thank TRP and other resources like this one.

Before coming to university, I was not popular with girls at all and a large reason was I didn’t “look the part” I was very focused on academics.

I’ll keep my post as short as possible.

So, I’m 22 now and ran into an old more popular guy I knew from high school at the club back in our home city. We are from a big city. He seemed jealous naturally I was hanging with a hot girl outside and asked “What you doing with her?” I held frame and he eventually went away.

My question is, some guys I know from the past will “shit test” me by trying to act like if getting with hot women is not something I should be doing.

I need some lines I can use. Here’s some I’ve been using but they’re kinda cliche lol.

1.) I’m a male and I act like one….what’s your deal???

2.) It’s called being a guy and having a biological nature dude…why don’t you go mind your business.

Give me better ones.

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I can't read his mind, but I'd say he's jealous and I'd play on that. I'd say "you seem like you're a little jealous man, you okay? You wanna talk about it? I could give you a few tips" at this point you can either go after him personally aka "first tip is to fix your face" or you could display high value with actual tips. Lol or you could also say that you didn't peak in high school like he did.

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