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Why Do I Have Such Hard Time With This? Explained Below

March 16, 2022

Hi, This is a question about dating and pickup and casual dating more specifically. I just wanna hear advice.

I was a late bloomer and did not get very buff until the end of undergrad(small and not muscular in high school) hooked up with few girls at college simply because I wanted to “for the record”(aka I did it in college).

Now that I’m done with undergrad and have a very nice job, I wanna travel and casual date the rest of my 20s.

For some reason, I’ve always had this “nice guy” mentality when it comes to women that keeps coming back but I’m almost over it. And funny part is I have so many girls wanting me. Here’s the thing. I can’t be straightforward with other guys, especially the popular “Chads” I used to I used to know from high school, that I like sex and that it matters to me a lot. This even happens with some new guys I know.

I’ll respond by saying some cringe shit like “I’m a guy and I like girls man”

What are other phrases I can use?

I wanna be unfiltered like Dan Bikzerian is(he said he literally set his life up to get laid easy) but I always hesitate saying shit like this with “friends” and even losing my new Wall Street finance job

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