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Would you ever go to a party where the you know those people don't respect you?

February 12, 2022

Been out of HS almost a decade and my only decent friend (me and him are very similar, not many friends) asked me to go to this kid from high schools house for the SB. I'll know all the kids that are there, but I know they don't respect me aka don't listen to what I have to say and would flat out try to embarrass me in front of the other guys etc. Should I be strong and go or should I say fuck it and just not go? Any tips on how to keep my composure if I decide to go? I'm a nice guy, but if people step at me then I'm gonna go after them. Not witty at all and that is my downfall.

EDIT: need to move out of here and go make friends in a new state. Fresh start. I hate most of the people I went to HS with. I gave the kids from high school a terrible perception of who I am and I doubt I could ever change that.

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Dude go… if someone did respects u, all you gotta do is check them. -let’s say someone says something disrespectful. Just say yo I don’t disrespect you so don’t disrespect me.

Most of the time when you check someone they don’t do it again and the people around you see that you aren’t afraid of confrontation so they don’t bother you either.

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