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Broke a dry spell. This shit works

May 27, 2014

Aight so i came to a party in the hamptons and met a hb7 who went to nyu. She was a pretty smart chick. Gained excellent e Rapport by talking about psychology. I let her talk way more.

So we were playing bp and me and my friend rallied back from a 4 cup deficit with one cup left. The whole time i was teasing her Etc. Upon her losing she asks that i join her so she can win. I arrogantly said something along the lines of fuck that go find another chump. Beat them again. I walked over to a handle she told me i couldnt drink and defiantly chugged it. She got salty and i acted amused and indifferent.

I walk outside and she follows. Were sitting on my friends truck bed and she gives me a shit test: guard my handle. She walks away. I said fuck that and went to go converse with my friend. I return and shes waiting

She flirtatiously says 'you let me down i trusted you etc. I held my frame and shot back there wasnt even enough alcohol left to get a midget drunk.

Shit test was rendered totally ineffective. Not a minute later i make my move, take her to a bedroom and beat that thing up. She tried to turn the lights off and again i just said nope and got my way.

Lessons: -dont suplicate -hold frame -dont be outcome depedent -dont hesitate -do not thing being considerate will aid you. -recognize shit tests and deal with them with the varied responses -isolate whenever possible

It really works. Train yourself to assert yourself to what you want. It goes against my introverted, considerate nature, but break the mold.

It was a pleasure sharing ___^

edit: "guard my handle" implies she wanted me to stand around and make sure nobody drank her bottle. This was an attempt to guage how much she could control my actions

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