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Day gaming as an above-average looking guy

October 27, 2014

Being attractive is awesome when I'm in a party environment where girls are full of liquid confidence, but in my day-to-day life it just feels like girls are fucking terrified of me.

The only (sober) girls I ever get direct IOIs from are the extremely attractive ones and girls like that are not very common in my midwest community college. But there are lots of perfectly fuckable 6's and 7's around and I'm at a loss on how to game them.

I made a situational comment to a cute girl I sit next to the other day and she just smiled nervously and kept staring straight ahead. I get tons of indirect IOIs from her, but she simply will NOT make eye contact with me. I'm not particularly hung up on that one girl but its my most recent example of how things usually go. Any advice is appreciated and I hope I don't come off as arrogant/delusional here but hey - if thats my problem then go ahead and break it to me.

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