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First time posting, just need help with text game to get me started. Feedback please.

August 2, 2014

Hey all. really excited to be getting into seduction, PUA, and the red pill in general. Here's a little background to this conversation.

Went to bar last night, saw someone i met at a party 3 years ago working behind the bar. She was kinda chubby back then, still is, but lost alot of it and died her hair blonde. Looks ok now.

I was a bit drunk, and thought "Fuck it, worth saying something at least". I didn't give a fuck how she responded, honestly.

So i say "Alright (girls name)!"

She smiled and said hi, seemed genuinely pleased to see me.

I said "Damn, you got fit."

She blushes, doesn't really know what to say and just keeps smiling at me. Says something i can't remember.

I then tell her I'm off to meet up with my mates.

Wake up in the morning, she's added me on Facebook and then she sends me a message.

Now i'm not going to come here every time i have a text conversation with a girl, and i know this post is long, but i could really do with some feedback, just to set me on the right track, tell me where i went wrong and where i went right. Be brutally honest, this is how it happened to the best of my memory.

here's the conversation over fb

Her: So how drunk did you get lastnight, you didn't stay in the pub long x

Me: i made out with a lamp post so pretty drunk.

Her: I don't really know how to reply to that! You didn't seem that drunk when I sore you! X

Me: im lying, i have better standards than that

Her: Oh right, I clearly dont know how to take your sense of humor! X

Me: what are you doing next Monday

Her: I haven't made plans yet, it's my only day off so probably chilling, yourself? X

Me: i'm free, come for a drink

Her: Where you thinking?x

Me: (Name of pub where she works) haha

Her: Not a chance! I love that pub it's my favourite, but I'd rather not have staff and customers watching me!x

Me: good point, I don't want to be seen with you either Let's go to (new pub) instead

Her:I hope that was another one of your poor humored jokes! I can deal with (new pub)!x

Me: well you're lapping it up either way

Her:Lapping it up?x

Me: yeah

Her: Not completely understanding what it is I'm "lapping up" x

Me: its OK

Her: (thumbs up icon)

Me: so Monday, 4pm, (name of pub)

Her: Depends x

Me: Well I'm doing shit anyway so I'll just wait for five minutes and if you're not there, it's cool.

Her: Are you being serious!x

Me: Serious about what

her: Are you being serious, you want me to meet you at the (name of pub) x

Me: Yes I am being serious, do you never get asked out or something?

Her: Stop being a dick!x

Me: You coming or not

Her:I'll let you know x

Me: Ok

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