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going too far with "asshole/not giving a fuck"...?

May 20, 2014

TL;DR - Lately been saying whatever I want, not caring if it's what girls want to hear and I'm getting some pushback / mixed results...

In the past I've had a lot of success at kind of reading girls and then saying what I think they want to hear, but I got sick of it -- it felt like too much work, it felt fake and unsatisfying, and after discovering TRP it would probably be labeled beta crap.

I have seen all the advice on here about not being afraid to be an asshole, not giving a fuck, just say what's on your mind and don't be afraid to say something unpopular or disagree, whatnot... I am thinking maybe I have taken it a little too far? I'm running into problems that I am not used to encountering.

There was a cute girl at work who just transferred to another department where I won't see her anymore. We had been flirting a lot, she admitted she "had a crush on me," she talked about how my eyes were so mesmerizing, blah blah, lots of IOIs. I think she is used to guys showering her with compliments but I held back. The nicest thing I said about her is "you're decent looking." She gives me her number and I ask her out, then she comes back with some kind of shit test I guess "we can't go out until you start being nicer to me, you're always so mean to me." I ignore and just say listen let's meet up this week I don't want to text back and forth forever. She disappears (2 weeks ago) not texting me back and I have not texted her back either.

This past weekend at the bar with a group of people, guys and girls, some I know and some are new to me. I am just saying what I want to say not giving a fuck. One girl says she likes black dudes so I am messing with her, like singing "she's got jungle fever..." whenever a black guy walks by, etc. One girl mentions some feminist nonsense and I start saying things like "if you're the one with the vagina, you're the one who needs to cook and clean," etc.

Anyhow most people are laughing and some of the other guys are half-heartedly joining in with me, and most of the girls are fine too. But there is one fat chick, a 5 or 6 who thinks she's an 8 or 9, who starts calling me a racist and misogynist and sexist and blah blah.

I try to ignore but when she throws out these smear words it pulls the other girls in and they all start questioning me about my thoughts on males vs females, etc and things are not going my way because even if I win the battle I am losing the war.

I ended up getting the number of the cutest girl in the group and we're going out next weekend, but for a while there it looked like the one with the attitude could have poisoned the whole group against me. And it definitely made the night a lot less fun than it could've been.

Is there a line to walk between saying what you want/not giving a fuck and also not pushing girls away by taking it too far? Any advice would help, thanks.

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