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How PUA advice and overcomplicating game make bringing her home/having sex more difficult

October 22, 2014

I'm a big fan of RSD, going back to the Blueprint--the big picture, inner game concepts really struck home. But, my game was never as good as it is now after TRP. With that said, I was watching a recent RSD video about preparing your place for sex, trying to minimize LMR, getting her comfortable, and expending all this effort trying to 'make it happen' after she's back with you.

Of course, while it is said that all of this isn't necessary and you can make it work without, I feel like this point is under emphasized. Needing to build extra comfort back at home and dealing with LMR should be an outlier. With guys expecting that this may happen, or feeling it's commonplace, they can easily start limiting their actions before hand. It's good to have an understanding of potential ways to keep a pickup afloat or salvage a mistake, but this shouldn't be such a preoccupation.

We know the term, 'plausible deniability', right? The typical advice is to give her a reason besides sex to go with you, even if you both know it's bullshit (watch a movie, play music, have drinks, check out X, etc). I don't think this subject I'll bring up is talked about enough, yet it's an incredibly important part determining if you will have sex with her or not.

Is giving them plausible deniability necessary? What's it's function? It's designed to allow them to go with you and not feel like a slut. But, wait, this is TRPgame. Would a girl or her friends think of her as a slut for going home with an incredibly famous actor or musician? Well, what is a slut? It's a girl who will sleep with just about 'anybody'. But, your goal isn't to be just 'anybody'. No. You're the prize. You want to bring out her sexual desire toward you. You shouldn't be bringing a girl back to your place and wondering if she'll have sex with you. You shouldn't babystep around sexual expression because of a worry that it may interfere with giving her plausible deniability. With game, and the heaps of information, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that she wants to get fucked by you. I use the term fucked to keep a visceral tone. It's easy to get caught up in trying to play it right instead of just tapping into your own desire and fucking her. Genuine, visceral sexual expression can be an overwhelming force that completely nullifies pussyfooting around having sex with her and nullifies LMR.

For guys wound up in game, especially those that are starting out or struggling with bringing girls back, I urge you to not lose sight of your base sexual desires for these women. "Oooohhhh I got a number" "Oooohhhh I got a kiss." I've been there. I've felt accomplished and felt like I was racking up achievements by scoring numbers or making out with girls. There was always something missing though. There was a sexual disconnect. There was a failure to be free and tap into sexual desire. It's a critical part of your masculinity, and it's understandable why one would keep it a bit repressed and rather try to run through game steps to slowly make yourself comfortable in expressing it. It feels safe. And sure, it can work...but you're limiting yourself out of fear. I know I was. No one wants to go that final step, show your sexuality / most private side, yet get rejected. Even if you're not rejected, just bringing those feelings to the surface can be uncomfortable based on your upbringing and past sexual experiences (or lack there of). But try it. Push yourself. Let yourself be free. Do it before you bring her home. Escalation becomes so much easier. Fears of rejection become unfounded, as you encounter it so much less. As I said, sexual expression is overpowering. Who the hell has the balls to be so free in expressing themselves? You create an atmosphere where she's free to express herself as well and certainly won't feel like a slut, because you've made her comfortable, getting her to enter your sexual frame.

This last bit is just an example, not a step by step guide. What you feel and want to express is a personal thing. Be open to the adventure of whatever happens. So, escalate. When you want to kiss her, do so. Let yourself get a bit lost in the moment and relish the fact that you're flying at half-mast on the dance floor. If you're starting out, struggling, and need to get over that final mental barrier regarding this, let your words take you to a point of no return. Look in her eyes and tell her you want to fuck her. Be unapologetic. Kiss her more. Say 'lesgo' and lead. On the way back to your place, tell her you're going to make her keep her heels on fuck her in them. Tell her your weird fetish that you'll make her do. When she laughs, tell her you're serious. Make out with her in the cab because you can't control yourself. Then push her off you because it's rude for the taxi driver. Press her against the wall before you even make it back to your bedroom. No LMR. No bullshit. Just honesty. Just TRP.

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