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I can't have sex tonight...

September 4, 2014

Tinder date on the day of, messages me 7 hours before meet-up time saying: "are we still on tonight?" me: "you bet" "well I can't have sex tonight just letting you know so if you want to change your mind its cool"

Looking for a little help on this one. Seems like she may want to change her mind but is looking for me to make the decision for her or shes just shit testing me.

any ideas?

Update:I replied with "There are other ways to satisfy me" and got the response: "Haha ok cool ;)"

Probably not the best response. I was too late to go with some of the beauties recommended but will for sure be adding them to my list of responses when something like this comes up again.

FINAL UPDATE met for drinks, maintained frame and escalated perfectly. She was looking at me up and down at one point and when I said, "what?" she said: "I want your dick in my mouth." brought her back to mine, had her dance and strip for me on my stripper pole, suck my dick, then fucked her brains out.

Thanks to everyone who contributed today. I love this community. What I took away from this is identifying IOI's and shit tests, passing them and pushing through to lead her into an unforgettable experience. Even if its not "the best" answer its probably better than 90% of what she see's. Be the unforgettable experience and you'll never want for anyhting.

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