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I fucked up today

September 24, 2014

Walking to my bicycle, helmet in hand, and I see these two girls ahead walking in my direction. I see the cute one looking at me and we engage in eye contact. I get to hold eye-contact for like a second or two but then her friend passes ahead and breaks our eye contact; but I kept looking in the same direction so when we passed we met eyes again and she says "Hi" with a huge smile but keeps walking and is incredibly giggly I say, "hey, who are you". The IOI's are off the charts, she must have been incredibly nervous. She hesitantly kept walking; nervously and whilst being incredibly giggly and said, "hi" at least two more times as I stopped and she turned around walking backwards, "hi" and smiling very hard.

This is the first time I’m seeing her but I’m hoping she goes to the college so I’ll see her again. Strong 9/10.

I guess she was too nervous to stop and talk, maybe she was too flustered to say "hi" in her oh so very cute high pitched inviting tone.

I probably should have run after her and more assertively introduced myself to her so she'd be less likely to keep walking. I don't think I did enough but this is a pretty damn good basis for if we ever meet. It's weird though because I’ve never seen her before and there was no class today so I highly doubt our schedules will lead to us to crossing paths once more.

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