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"I need to convince my BF"

October 10, 2014

So I started university and met a girl. We hit it off real great, lots of IOIs, smiling, kino etc. I know she has a boyfriend, mentioned him like 2 times, but does not really talk about him. We did not actually date, we were normally in a group - so i wanted to take her salsa dancing, and she was really excited for it.

I checked out when and where, texted her the dates i could manage to go with her and then she replied: "Sounds awesome! Now I just have to convince my boyfriend that this is ok"

So, my question: Should I answer to that? If so, what? Is this some kind of little shittest?

I see it kinda this way... the fact that she needs to convince him shows me he may be a jealous one - but i could be wrong.

She lives in another town 2hrs away and moves to the university as soon as she can, her bf stays where he is.

I don't know if i should make her a plate or LTR, she is really more of the latter kind of girl.

Thanks for your input!

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