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Long distance plate lies about moving to another country. How should I proceed?

September 28, 2014

Here is the story. I live abroad. I go to home every 6 months for 2 weeks and last time I went I fucked this plate pretty damn hard. She loved it. After I came back here we texted eachother since she is smart (ofc not unicorn) and I actually liked to talking to her. Once she kind of begged for sexting by sending seductive photos and asking photos of my dick. Texting happened only a couple of times. I never lost frame, never decreased my value. She asked couple of times when I am coming back etc etc. Last time I texted her she didn't respond and I made fun of her behavior and told her it's just okay if she doesn't wanna respond, what she is doing is childish. She told there is nothing wrong and we texted for a while back and forth just random funny stuff. She told me she is moving out(I knew where she lives. the day after I fucked her I wasn't planning to see her again but I ended up in the streets at 5am in the morning and nowhere to go, so I went her home knocked her bedroom's window and got in. Pretty ballsy. I fucked her till the night and till the morning. SHE LOVED IT). Didn't bother, didn't asked anything. Just kept the conversation, after a while she asked when I am coming back I told her when and she said too bad I am moving to another country we would not be able to fuck. Again I didn't care and kept having fun on text. Actually I believed she is moving. But now I believe she is lying. Maybe she had a boyfriend. I don't know.

My question is how should I proceed? I don't think I can go to her house again since probably she has a boyfriend. I know nexting is the easiest solution and believe me I don't really care I just wanna get good sex during my two weeks vacation easily). I can confirm if she is in the country or not when I get there. Should I just text "I'll be at X at X let's hangout" like nothing has happened or something like "I brought your award... the worst liar of all times where are you?" in a funny way?

It's okay to next her, I just wanna go for it again without coming off as needy (haha posting this wall of text makes me definition of needy but I am still learning fella!). Even if I succeed I am sure I'll get hell lot of shit tests. I wanna face and crush 'em.

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Title Long distance plate lies about moving to another country. How should I proceed?
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