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New RP'er Seeking Guidance

May 2, 2014

Hello fellow RP'ers. I swallowed the pill about two months ago and have been devouring the content located on the subreddit since then. I would like some candid advice.

First, me. I'm 19 and in good shape. I'm shipping out to college in three months.

The Situation: On my college visit (overnight stay), I lived RP as much as I was capable. In the smoky deluge that was campus I acquired the number of a hb7/8. Haven't seen her since, but we've been texting regularly since that night (she initiated, on my order). Lots of innuendo, flirting. Good stuff. We're probably going to meet up this summer when she's on my coast. She'd be about 2hrs drive from my place.

I have three questions. 1) Is it wrong to offer to pick her up and bring her to my place for a few days? Is that going to lead to me appearing weak?

2) She goes (did go?) to a Jesuit (all-female) high school, so I am not sure how experienced she is. I am aware that this is a good thing. My question is how to respond to her declining sex on grounds other than being a virgin. (I must state that I have no intent to go too far...I had a friend do that this year. Not a good time.) How do I deal with that shit test (I assume it is one).

3) Is it better to be hooking up before college begins or to wait until I'm on campus? (This is largely food for thought) I know hypergamy will come into play (I will be joining the freshman class in the winter, will be overseas the first semester), so I am curious as to whether or not this will help or hurt my ability to turn her into a plate/ cautious LTR material (down the road).

Thank you for your input. I've learned a great deal from my brief time here, and I know I will continue to do so.

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