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Posting Rules - April 2014

April 25, 2014

Posting Submission Rules

  • New submissions must be related to sexual strategy, events that affect sexual strategy, theories about sexual strategy, or stories confirming (or challenging) current theories of sexual strategy.

  • Thank-you red pill or success story posts should be directed to /r/thanktrp.

  • Absolutely no direct link screenshots or images. If you must post a screenshot of a comment or an image, include it as part of your written post. Do not make it your main link. Please include your analysis with the image. Any image-only submissions will be deleted.

  • No Memes/Image Macros

  • No Concern Trolling / Regular Trolling Please See here for details

  • No Direct Video Links. There is a lot of content on the web, and some of it is in video form for sure. We don't mind videos, however we will request that you post any video links you have in a text submission along with your analysis. Any video-only submissions will be deleted.

  • No crosslinking anything from reddit at all. Not in submissions. Not in comments. If you want to post a conversation or post between members on reddit you must take a screenshot, and edit it for the following requirements: No URL in picture or post, Subreddit name must not be present in the picture or in the post, Must be self-post with analysis. No low-hanging "look this guy is a moron" posts. Constructive posts only. Everything else will be deleted without warning.

Posting Comments Rules

Our discussion is not meant to be just an echo chamber, we absolutely encourage discussion that challenges commonly held beliefs. That is the core of the red pill: challenging what we know.

That being said, if you're new here and haven't read the sidebar, there's a good chance that what you want to say has already been heard and we don't really care to argue it. Some of the opinions and ideas we have here may seem a bit shocking at first if you aren't familiar with our theories. Let me be clear:

Our theories are well thought out, backed by evolutionary psychology, and are regularly confirmed by the behaviors we witness. One of the most astounding parts of the red pill is meeting new people here from other parts of the world... who all report the same behavior we've witnessed ourselves. There is REAL truth to the info we're compiling. Attempts to label it misogyny completely misses the point. We do not focus on women as the enemy and consider insults to hurl. Instead, we see women as our goal, and focus on theories as to why they behave the way they do, and how we should behave in light of this information.

If you attempt to "creep" shame, call out misogyny, or otherwise attempt to derail conversation because the information here is shocking to you, it will tell us one thing: You haven't even attempted to understand why and how we've arrived at our conclusions.

Any post that does not make a point and instead makes ad hominem attacks will be immediately deleted. A moderator may post a test article for you to read and discuss to prove you are not here to troll. If you fail the test, you may be banned.

We have no interest in becoming an echo chamber, and we don't mind dissenting viewpoints. But if it derails conversation, we will take action. If you're worried you might derail conversation, lurk more.


Posts that utilize any kind of concern or shaming language are immediately suspect. We will take a look at each post on a base-by-case basis. Typical phrases that we will be looking out for include:

"I feel so bad, sad, etc."

"You're bitter."


"You all..."

Please note, we encourage open debate and discussion of our theories, but please bring facts, and not ad hominem attacks or concern for our well being.

Concern Trolling

We will delete any post that attempts to "steer" the subreddit or complains about the direction of content. If for some reason you're not happy with the quality of posts here, I encourage you to upvote good material, downvote bad material, and submit your own high-quality material.

If you find somone that you think is a passive aggressive troll disguising themselves with plausible deniability, report their comment or thread.

It is very possible to be here and ask questions, or disagree without setting off any red flags. However, common attributes of a troll post include:

Leading with a presumptive conclusion. "The fact that you're bitter is getting in the way of.."

Asking complex questions (fallacious questions) to which any answer is an endorsement to a presupposition that has not been determined or agreed upon. "Can anybody tell me why you guys hate women so much?"

Ad hominem "just because you are bitter.."

Condescension "This just seems like a bunch of chest beating to me.."

Unfalsifiable rhetoric - phrases, insults, accusations that cannot be falsified and serve no purpose but to manipulate the emotional state of the opponent or onlookers. "This is just a circle jerk"

Concern "I feel like this sub is focusing too much on.." (If you are genuinely concerned, contact a moderator, or submit more content of the quality you would prefer to see.)

Accusations of echo chamber/circle jerk. This is a combination of just about all of the above, but I want to highlight that the term "circlejerk" itself is meaningless and unfalsifiable rhetoric used to gain an upper hand in an argument without any of the legwork required to disprove the opponent's points.

Insulting the moderators - If you disagree with a moderator, that's just fine. You can do so publicly or in PM. We're not gods, we don't know everything, and we spend a lot of time learning every day. However, if you show disrespect to the moderators by using ad hominem attacks or thinly disguise an insult as a "genuine" disagreement, you will be banned.

If you feel you were unjustly caught we have no issue looking at appeals on a case by case basis, just know that your post history and account age will be looked at.

Our moderators do a lot of work to keep our network clean and functioning on a daily basis, including banning trolls, flaring posts, and attempting to discuss solid red pill theory. Please do not make our jobs harder.


The Red Pill network is dedicated to finding the truth about sex and gender strategies, no matter how unpopular or difficult it may seem. For some strange reason, this has brought forward a number of racist posts, which have swiftly been removed. Let us discuss exactly what we mean by racism.

We acknowledge that cultural and genetic differences have an effect on behavior. However, we do not accept that one's race is inextricably tied to their culture. (Because it isn't). If you want to comment on a culture, speak of the culture. If you want to comment on genetics, comment on genetics. Do not confuse the two.

Understand that the differences between men and women are large as our genders have been evolving for millions of years, but the segregated cultures (and thus races) are in the hundreds of thousands (if that).

We are not denying that there are genetic differences between races. That said, we will not allow TheRedPill to be hijacked by blatant racism by conflating race with culture. This is not up for discussion.

Thank you for reading our rules and abiding by them. We feel that as our sub grows, this rules list will help keep us on topic and minimize noise.

If you're new - read this here!

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