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Trouble with LMR

June 25, 2014

I had a house party last week in which I started getting close to my new flatmate (it was only her second day at the flat). My frame was on point and it looked like something was going to happen in the end. About 45 mins before we went to bed she mentioned she had a boyfriend (all 4 of us were chilling in my room at this point), but I ignored it, and she slept in my bed anyway.

We watched some shit on netflix to get to sleep, but whenever I tried to escalate, she'd back away, this happened 3/4 times.

The night after we went to a club. We were dancing together for a decent amount of the night, and she was grinding on me as well. I tried to turn her around to face me, but she turned back fairly quickly. Again, we slept in the same bed again, and I managed a decent amount of kino escalation, but still faced resistance. The same scenario happened the next night.

I'm now getting pretty sick of it, and want to know why she's giving LMR despite being okay sleeping next to a guy and rubbing her ass against my cock all night.

I would also like an idea for a tried and tested "last chance" move, where if she rejects my advances, then I'll just next her. She's leaving the flat this weekend, so I've not really got a lot to lose, but not a lot of time to try a lot either.

Advice is much appreciated.

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