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Wild night but something is amiss.

May 16, 2014

I've mentioned this girl on here one other time but tonight was the night that we finally got physical and it went really well but I need some advice on what happened and what I think is happening. I hope I am just being paranoid.

I go out country dancing with this girl. I am 5'11" she is 5'10". I don't care and it doesn't seem to bother her but she ends up meeting up with these two tall black guys and I end up getting AMOG'D really badly by one of them and her attention is all on him. This is the first time this has happened to me so instead of standing there like a putz I just go out on the dance floor and start dancing on my own and with some other people.

I am trying to put on a confident face but inside I am feeling emasculated and embarrassed. She keeps coming back to me but I am new to this and I am not sure what to do to assert my dominance so I keep doing this run away game. I felt like a dumbass. To make it even worse some of my roommates were there and the paranoia got to a pretty bad place.

I end up getting her to myself and we kiss and I tell her that we should go back to my place. She gets excited and we leave with her and her gf. We get back to my place and it is on. I take out all of my frustration from the night on her and she loves it. She even tells me that I am the most exciting guy she has ever been with. After she says she needs to go to stay at a friends place but is giddy about seeing me on Sunday. If she wasn't genuine about how good of a time she had then all of my years on reading people has been a waste.

The thing that bothers me is that she kept getting messages while we were going at it and had to silence her phone, she left when she says she was having the best time of her sexual life, and if I am so great wouldn't she want to see me before Sunday? I know this was a long one but it just happened so it is fresh in my mind and I should be happy right now but I feel like shit.

TL;DR Go dancing with girl, get AMOG'D, pretend like i don't care and go dancing without her on the floor, take her home and have her, she leaves but it feels like she isn't going where she says she is.

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