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TheRedArchive is the largest archive of content related to The Red Pill, including all posts and comments from various subreddits such as /r/TheRedPill and /r/askTRP, posts from many blogs such as The Rational Male and Return of Kings, and books.

Our mission is to serve as a stronghold of wisdom, safeguarding and preserving Red Pill content. We exist to ensure that this knowledge, should it ever be censored or removed, remains accessible and searchable to everyone.


The website began in 2018. After /r/TheRedPill got quarantined, there was a real fear around the community that the subreddit one day would get banned, resulting in a lot of golden content and invaluable knowledge being permanently lost.

I created TheRedArchive in response to this.[1] It was born out of a deep respect for the wisdom shared within The Red Pill community, and a steadfast belief in the importance of preserving this content for posterity. An archive that would remain steadfast in the face of potential loss, ensuring the continuity and survival of the discussions and thoughts that had come to define Red Pill philosophy.

Over time, TheRedArchive has grown beyond its original scope. It has now archived over 1.2 million posts and 30 million comments - not just from /r/TheRedPill, but from a total of 44 subreddits and 38 blogs.

TheRedArchive is more than just a website; it is a testament to the resilience of Red Pill philosophy. It is a digital monument to the countless contributors who have brought their experiences, insights, and questions to the table, enriching the conversation and expanding our collective understanding of Red Pill philosophy.

The journey hasn't always been easy, but the mission remained clear: to keep this wealth of knowledge archived and accessible. My firm belief in this mission led me to make TheRedArchive completely free to use. Maintained through my personal funds, it is a labor of love and a gift to all who find value in its content.

Here's to preserving the past, empowering the present, and enlightening the future.


Help TheRedArchive stay alive

With 1,200,000+ posts and 30,000,000+ comments archived, and new Red Pill content being added every week, keeping TheRedArchive alive and discoverable to everyone is starting to become very costly. As a 21-year-old student who just moved out and is living independently for the first time, keeping TheRedArchive alive is beginning to cost me much more than I thought.

If you've found value in TheRedArchive, if you've gained knowledge from it, or if you simply believe in its mission, feel free to support the cause by making a donation via the options below. No amount is too small; every contribution matters. Your donation will go towards sustaining the website, ensuring that the wealth of knowledge amassed here remains alive and accessible.



Thank you in advance, and I wish you all a happy and successful 2024.



What is TheRedArchive?

TheRedArchive is the largest archive of content related to The Red Pill, including all posts and comments from various subreddits, posts from many blogs, and books.

Is the website free to use?

Yes, TheRedArchive is completely free to use. The website is funded from my money. If you appreciate the work, you can always leave a tip to help me out. Thank you!

What is archived?

As of now, TheRedArchive has archived 1,549,471 posts and 34,329,937 comments.

Those come from 45 subreddits and 39 blogs.

Why are only 500 posts shown in each subreddit?

Some subreddits have 100,000+ of posts archived. However, to prevent the browser from crashing, only top 500 most upvoted posts are shown. To find the rest of the posts, you have to search for them. If you want to increase the limit to 5,000 posts, add "&increase_limit" at the end of the URL.

Can I download the posts for offline use?

Absolutely! You can download any post in various formats like PDF, TXT, and EPUB for offline use on your device. Click here for how.

Furthermore, each subreddit has a PDF file with top 1000 most upvoted posts, and each blog has a PDF file with all of its posts. These files can be downloaded from the archive page of the respective subreddit or blog.

Can I make a suggestion?

Sure. Be it an idea for the website or a subreddit/blog to be archived, just reach out to me.

Can I have my post/comment removed?

Partially yes. I want the content to stay due to the purpose of the website (have everything archived), however, I can remove anything on the content that can be connected to you (e.g. your Reddit username, a description of you or someone else, a city name, etc.). I don't want you to be doxable, so just reach out to me and we will figure a solution out.

What did you use to create the website?

A combination of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JS. The scraping was done purely with a PHP script I coded.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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