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5624 how to deal with guys who ask for nudes NICE FOR WHAT? normabelka /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/09/19 02:46 PM
4914 Enough said NICE FOR WHAT? daggerite /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/01/20 05:47 PM
4623 Made me chuckle. Accurate! ROAST-A-SCROTE m4dam3x /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/12/19 10:11 PM
3825 This sub is helping me not take shit MALE DEPRAVITY Katelyn89 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/09/19 08:48 AM
3761 😝 NAH, SIS olivetree08 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/11/19 07:01 PM
3744 seriously normabelka2 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/10/19 06:20 PM
3430 Funny that he is treated like a God in Hollywood and nobody is calling him out MALE DEPRAVITY girlyasfuck /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/02/20 06:50 PM
3290 Daily reminder to weed out fuckboys and abusers 🏹💕💕 QUEEN SH*T greenteaapplepie69 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/11/19 09:26 AM
3228 Perfect way to deal with their “jokes” STRATEGY copingwithshit /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/11/19 11:23 AM
3171 “Nudes?” He asked hopefully MALE DEPRAVITY tttioga /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/12/19 03:11 PM
3162 Heres a few Green Flags 😊 pokersnob /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/10/19 08:42 PM
3116 I'm ok with being rude for a minute. I'm not ok with being dead. STRATEGY ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/11/19 09:38 AM
3093 Get a proper apology for his bullshit NAH, SIS ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/11/19 11:53 AM
3086 What I’ve been saying! REMINDER 👑 thestemgorl_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/02/20 11:03 PM
2923 There be some truth in that erosdragon /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/11/19 10:32 PM
2916 Please alert your fellow woman! NICE FOR WHAT? PinkPilledDemon /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/01/20 12:26 PM
2851 It's not always relationship baggage DISCUSSION ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/11/19 08:03 AM
2809 Felt like this belongs here sparkles_goldentail /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/01/20 11:41 PM
2707 Well god damn. NICE FOR WHAT? Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/12/19 10:20 AM
2698 There's two kinds of men (Please take note) MOOD FOR LIFE whycantweallgetal0ng /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/11/19 03:09 PM
2683 Finally, a prank show I would watch! LordLivre /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 31/12/19 09:36 PM
2549 Preach. MOOD FOR LIFE freyday18 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/12/19 01:24 AM
2534 Ladies, this is exactly how you respond to nudes 👌🏼🔥 NICE FOR WHAT? butterscotch17 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/11/19 07:58 PM
2491 What a high value male looks like in everyday life what-are-potatoes /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/01/20 06:18 PM
2443 Do you want closure or do you want to see if he came up with enough lies to get you to settle? madandunabashed /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/10/19 04:58 PM
2421 Truth! starsheepie /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/12/19 10:47 AM
2414 Know Your Worth QUEEN SUPREME CuriousCatNYC777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/12/19 05:28 PM
2396 Men who want to get married do so. NICE FOR WHAT? ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/11/19 04:28 PM
2347 Fr, don’t be someones side piece NAH, SIS ariesv123 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/10/19 08:59 PM
2333 Know your worth miz_nyc /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 01/02/20 02:48 PM
2301 Put them above everything else STRATEGY normabelka /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/09/19 12:03 PM
2242 KickHimOut2020 DUMP HIS ASS indeelirium /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/11/19 02:43 AM
2230 Hey, at least you get a side gig out of it 😂 NAH, SIS redbirdflies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/01/20 11:41 PM
2205 It really do be like that... COUCH CREATURES buttoneyes /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/12/19 10:17 AM
2202 Curved 😂 FDS MEMES eng2fly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/02/20 11:55 AM
2183 I'm so happy for this woman! Here is a prime example of a HVM. He shows up to her presentation to show his support, AND demonstrates active listening skills, AND helps to enhance her career. More men should aspire to be like this. #JustHVMThings myousername /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/02/20 02:10 AM
2182 The Perfect Clap Back for Pushy & Nosey People. NICE FOR WHAT? CuriousCatNYC777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/01/20 08:14 AM
2168 When they want to commit to you they will LIES MEN TELL working-girl- /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/12/19 05:39 PM
2141 FDS unite! FDS MEMES supremelyparanoid /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/02/20 01:47 AM
2115 PSA: Saying we’ll be “single and lonely” is not an insult. It’s better to be alone then in bad company. MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS thestemgorl_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/02/20 11:24 PM
2103 Tis the season! MOOD FOR LIFE ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/11/19 01:00 PM
2044 Time to drop him sis NAH, SIS 50sweet25ice /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/10/19 09:32 PM
2027 Should be obvious by now MOOD FOR LIFE bluecat678 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/09/19 03:43 PM
2016 Yikes, girl. NAH, SIS throwawayz187y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/02/20 05:04 PM
1989 Sometimes a little cringe be good for you... MOOD FOR LIFE whycantweallgetal0ng /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/11/19 01:19 PM
1988 No more! rosapalmera /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/01/20 10:06 AM
1976 LVM are whiners LeftistEpicure /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/02/20 03:29 PM
1935 A way to combat fuck boys sliding in your DMs ThrowAway666xD /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/11/19 01:11 PM
1934 Young women need to hear this. It’s OKAY! Rude_Bitch_here /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/08/19 12:41 AM
1927 Dorothy speaks truth... NOTHING BUT FACTS ineedanewname2 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/02/20 04:05 AM
1913 Always an occasion to treat yourself QUEEN SH*T suaveagave /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/10/19 03:46 PM
1906 Wise with Age MOOD FOR LIFE PM_ME_USEFUL_ADVICE /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/12/19 05:46 AM
1902 All the relationship subs are FULL of these types!! NOTHING BUT FACTS stillcantsee /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/01/20 11:47 PM
1873 The Lord of the Rings Edition KEANU whycantweallgetal0ng /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/11/19 11:05 AM
1849 Leveling up MOOD FOR LIFE normabelka2 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/12/19 03:28 PM
1848 If my husband doesn’t shower me with this amount of love, adoration and appreciation into our 50’s and beyond, I DON’T WANT HIM. QUEEN SUPREME popfriday /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/01/20 04:17 PM
1840 Just imagine. MOOD FOR LIFE NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 11:58 AM
1814 The cockacity!!!! NOTHING BUT FACTS tauruspiscescancer /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 31/01/20 03:04 PM
1759 “She is crazy!!” is any man’s favorite description of a woman he used to date 🙄 LIES MEN TELL siberiansummer /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/01/20 03:32 PM
1752 I don’t know who needs to hear this QUEEN SH*T XHelheimX /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/12/19 03:46 AM
1752 Haven’t been on tinder in years but this made me laugh FDS MEMES tinystew /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/02/20 07:57 PM
1750 A 2020 PSA: LEVEL UP asmkl8 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/01/20 07:08 PM
1750 Ladies, take 👏🏽 note 👏🏽 STRATEGY butterscotch17 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/11/19 11:21 PM
1746 And WE are the crazy ones! LIES MEN TELL 3unny33 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/11/19 03:08 PM
1746 It's not "failure" if you manage to escape. STRATEGY ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/12/19 07:15 AM
1734 We're not doing this anymore. #kickhimout2020 #KickHimOut2020 QueenPenthesilea /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/12/19 02:23 AM
1723 Something I wish I had read 20 years ago...(apologies if this has been posted. New here!) MOOD FOR LIFE chefhandz /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/09/19 02:58 PM
1707 Stay picky, ladies! spaceislove23 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/01/20 02:07 PM
1706 Forreal LEVEL UP 50sweet25ice /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/10/19 06:59 PM
1702 You are the star of your own story AntiCircles /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/01/20 04:31 AM
1684 it be that way on OLD stay strong sisters MALE DEPRAVITY eng2fly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 09:09 PM
1672 I am DEAD!!!😂 FDS MEMES nartuhli /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/02/20 10:17 PM
1671 This is why EVERY woman needs FDS MALE DEPRAVITY Trillian_42_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 02:31 PM
1669 Amen. trula26 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/01/20 02:54 PM
1650 Ladies, choose wisely and ruthlessly! MOOD FOR LIFE w0manifest /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/12/19 09:34 PM
1635 Read that again 👑🥰🖕 QUEEN SH*T greenteaapplepie69 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/12/19 08:45 AM
1627 This. After he cheated on me & ruined our 15 year marriage. I am happy! Happy I got away from you. r3dl3opard /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/11/19 05:30 AM
1621 Great apology, that's real learning to do better. SCROTES MAD jetpatch /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/12/19 08:15 AM
1613 Two wonderful comments on yet another "AITA for spending next to no time, effort, or money on my fiancé's engagement ring???" Sage_Planter /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/02/20 02:21 PM
1610 Mhmm chaostrulyreigns /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/01/20 09:58 AM
1609 10 year old Yemeni girl smiling after she was granted a divorce from her husband, a grown adult. GLOBAL RESISTANCE CoolMelonade /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/12/19 11:20 AM
1603 Don't kneecap your sentences. QUICK TIP StillAwakeofCourse /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/02/20 04:08 PM
1599 Do not be that girl. Sage_Planter /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/02/20 02:37 AM
1593 Tip: Never sleep with a playwright LIES MEN TELL TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/10/19 01:55 PM
1583 HELL YA!! LESSON LEARNED donanat /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/02/20 03:26 PM
1581 Isn't this the truth. MALE DEPRAVITY SpiderrG /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/02/20 08:40 PM
1579 HVM right here! FDS MEMES fructose-corn-syrup /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/02/20 11:55 PM
1573 Going 50/50 🤡 MOOD FOR LIFE NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/12/19 06:04 AM
1571 Tape it to your mirror. QUEEN SH*T GuineveresGrace /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/01/20 10:56 PM
1566 If a man is really interested in you (which is the only kind of man you should be entertaining), your real self won’t be too much for him. A man will accept all of you (incl your flaws) if they think that the whole package adds a lot of value to their life. Find a man who can’t get enough of you. 😉 MOOD FOR LIFE AverageToHot /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/10/19 03:06 PM
1559 Quite. NOTHING BUT FACTS GuineveresGrace /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/02/20 07:09 PM
1554 "But I can change him" NAH, SIS derpinat_butter /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/01/20 06:26 PM
1553 Want this to be me one day LEVEL UP asiancountrymusicfan /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/01/20 06:19 PM
1549 Ya love to see it 🗞 💁🏼‍♀️ FDS SUCCESS! Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/02/20 03:57 PM
1546 Not wrong. Classic LVM. GuineveresGrace /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/02/20 03:11 AM
1545 Love the replies 😂 dalia-chan /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/12/19 05:18 PM
1544 When he tries to sleep with you on the first date... QUEEN SUPREME FDSdisciple /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/01/20 02:25 PM
1536 And they have the audacity to ask us what we have to offer. MOOD FOR LIFE pumpernick3l /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/11/19 07:02 AM
1531 Men who seek women for unpaid emotional labour are the real gold diggers FDS MEMES throwawayradfeminist /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/02/20 02:49 AM
1524 Bye 👋🏼 MOOD FOR LIFE Gypsymarz /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/02/20 04:38 PM
1522 On top of not walking alone at night, parking in between vans, dressing a specific way, rejecting men, let's also add being a passenger in Uber on the list of things that will get women raped. 🤦🏾‍♀️ MALE DEPRAVITY aminoabdi /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/12/19 08:03 PM
1518 Working as a Postpartum Nurse has raised my standards tenfold. Here’s why. COUCH CREATURES em0873 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/02/20 08:25 AM
1517 True FDS HUMOR skell_kid /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/02/20 11:14 PM
1509 Consequences MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS AntiCircles /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/01/20 12:15 PM
1502 This has been trending on twitter a bit and I just wanted to know what you guys think about this fluffydumpling_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/12/19 10:18 PM
1499 invest or bounce! 👋🏼 #KickHimOut2020 hyp3lady /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/12/19 12:05 PM
1491 Sad but true MALE DEPRAVITY extraacct1234 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/01/20 05:20 PM
1475 Promise I’ll swear off LVM no matter how much I want the validation. It’s not worth it! BellaStayFly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/02/20 03:15 AM
1470 We are really expected to be work mules from birth #KickHimOut2020 throwaway23004345 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/02/20 11:17 PM
1467 Listen up Buttercup MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS pokersnob /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/01/20 02:59 AM
1463 Punishment 👸🏽 MOOD FOR LIFE thewetdog_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/01/20 10:54 AM
1460 Always wear a condom SEX STRATEGY TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/10/19 05:01 PM
1458 Gratitude Adjustment: Hello, 2020! ✌🏽 LEVEL UP asmkl8 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/12/19 06:35 PM
1457 I’m slowly learning that I’d rather be single vp2407 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/01/20 05:19 PM
1457 Marry a grown man, not another child to take care of BellaStayFly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/02/20 01:23 AM
1454 Women according to LVM COUCH CREATURES whycantweallgetal0ng /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/12/19 07:20 PM
1443 reminded me of this subreddit QUEEN SH*T sherrysicle /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/12/19 04:10 AM
1440 Say it again. MOOD FOR LIFE kalidestroy /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/01/20 05:15 PM
1434 Friendly reminder. NICE FOR WHAT? pumpernick3l /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/11/19 05:29 AM
1434 been there and trying not to do that NAH, SIS tortoise_glasses /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/02/20 07:03 AM
1431 👑 MOOD FOR LIFE NaturalRattle /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/11/19 07:23 PM
1428 This is the story behind every online profile saying "Im done with cheating and lying women. Im not buying you dinner. You need to act like a lady to be treated like one!" ROAST-A-SCROTE throwaway64857 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/11/19 10:41 PM
1427 Nope! LEVEL UP ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/11/19 03:35 AM
1421 When men call themselves stoic and rational. Is it opposite day? circescircus /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/01/20 09:18 PM
1419 This is a mood! QUEEN SH*T extraacct1234 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/01/20 07:17 PM
1419 Another example of how a man with money doesn’t equal a High Value Man. Never settle! #KickHimOut2020 ivyfemina /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/02/20 10:34 PM
1418 Little meme to cheer y’all up LIES MEN TELL csuddath123 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/11/19 04:14 PM
1414 Man realizing what the majority of women go through everyday DISCUSSION playful_myth /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/01/20 01:41 PM
1413 If the (clown) shoe fits.... NAH, SIS 2019istheworstevr /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/01/20 12:41 AM
1412 You’re better off alone than with a LVM FDS MEMES iwillhexyou /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/02/20 03:17 PM
1411 Don’t you dare put the letters back... STRATEGY rosalielie /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/02/20 11:11 PM
1394 The attitude I’m trying really hard to have with anyone who doesn’t value me enough in my relationships. alt-ging /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/02/20 04:59 PM
1394 A man who loves you will do anything to make you happy greenteaapplepie69 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/10/19 02:01 PM
1385 FACTS TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/11/19 07:33 PM
1378 Always keep your head and your standards high 👊🏻☝🏻 MOOD FOR LIFE notroyaltyyet /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/01/20 11:38 AM
1378 Also, “I want a guy who is financially stable. I don’t wanna be some guys mom ” = Gold-digger🤨 SCROTES MAD thestemgorl_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/02/20 09:34 PM
1378 Queens don’t make excuses for guys who don’t step up and that’s that! stillcantsee /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/10/19 04:33 PM
1369 If a guy likes you, nothing will stop him from trying to connect with you. LEVEL UP bakedbyashley /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/12/19 05:47 AM
1364 Not sure who needs to hear this today... NICE FOR WHAT? bakedbyashley /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/12/19 04:45 PM
1357 The AUDACITY ROAST-A-SCROTE vee711 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/02/20 02:50 PM
1354 "Real Men" need to look in the mirror before opening their mouths smh #JustLVMThings Nimmly67 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/02/20 08:52 PM
1353 Stop explaining basic facts to stupid people NICE FOR WHAT? Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/02/20 06:34 AM
1349 Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know then LEVEL UP thewetdog_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/01/20 05:21 PM
1345 And in all its variations. DUMP HIS ASS lusterluck /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/12/19 06:46 PM
1339 Neeeext! LEVEL UP Haziel_94 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/01/20 12:16 PM
1335 Don’t boost a LVM’s ego MOOD FOR LIFE supremelyparanoid /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/01/20 11:21 PM
1334 GOOD MORNING TO EVERYONE EXCEPT ROB ROAST-A-SCROTE eatapeach18 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/01/20 01:43 PM
1329 JUST👏🏼SAY👏🏼NO👏🏼TO👏🏼TACO👏🏼BELL👏🏼 😂 #KickHimOut2020 feiyue-over-converse /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/12/19 12:22 PM
1328 “Crazy” Girlfriend LIES MEN TELL TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/10/19 09:08 PM
1327 The harsh truth NICE FOR WHAT? derpinat_butter /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/12/19 02:14 PM
1323 Remember this anytime someone gives you a hard time NICE FOR WHAT? QueenOfSwords1313 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/11/19 02:55 PM
1319 That made me lol 😂 They are all the same no matter what language they speak. *Not my messages, got it elsewhere FDS HUMOR siberiansummer /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 01:04 AM
1316 Louder for the ladies in the back! #KickHimOut2020 PieOfMine /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/12/19 02:04 AM
1311 Meme greenteaapplepie69 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/09/19 05:27 AM
1311 Let's all learn from Meghan QUEEN SH*T bettersemester /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/01/20 06:28 PM
1306 Wake up!... I mean go to sleep! NAH, SIS 3unny33 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/12/19 06:19 AM
1304 2020 starting strong! NICE FOR WHAT? goldglittergardens /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 01/01/20 07:41 PM
1301 Don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to convince low value men to treat you right. LEVEL UP pumpernick3l /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/12/19 05:53 PM
1298 Reminder to always stay weary and don’t trust any guy 100%. Always look at how they treat others and their interactions with friends. Stay alert and safe Ladies 💕 REMINDER 👑 thestemgorl_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/02/20 04:32 PM
1296 oh my God this had me ROLLING lmfao NICE FOR WHAT? lightningboltx /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/01/20 01:16 AM
1292 Had this conversation on tinder this morning. I truly can’t believe some men are like this about self confidence. QUEEN SH*T thotsupdoc /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/12/19 11:43 AM
1289 LVM proposals Snowlamp /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/02/20 07:38 PM
1287 Don't send nudes. EVER. LEVEL UP Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/01/20 09:52 AM
1286 LVMs watching Miss Universe NakedMonster /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/02/20 12:03 PM
1279 Life motto for the next decade QUEEN SH*T AmEx08 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/01/20 02:00 AM
1278 Who else is ready for a completely #FuckboyFree2020? 🙋‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️ #KickHimOut2020 NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/12/19 07:10 AM
1268 This would make TV way more entertaining TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/10/19 11:26 PM
1251 "Never apologize for the space you occupy in this world." STRATEGY starsheepie /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/12/19 12:17 PM
1243 Watch out for pornsick LVM, ladies!! #KickHimOut2020 stillcantsee /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/02/20 08:02 PM
1238 you’re single until there’s a ring MOOD FOR LIFE willget_better /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/02/20 03:15 PM
1235 When you’ve finally built a healthy amount of self-worth and self-esteem. 💕 MOOD FOR LIFE CorruptSoulGem /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/01/20 02:40 PM
1235 This screenshot isn’t mine but I thought of this place when I saw it LIES MEN TELL 1Here4Bach /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/02/20 11:36 PM
1235 Remember this when you catch him cheating, etc. and he apologizes profusely DUMP HIS ASS Loiacono3137 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/12/19 07:27 PM
1234 Don’t be a 🤡, girl. alittleoutmymind /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/10/19 10:54 PM
1226 This made me giggle MOOD FOR LIFE AntiCircles /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/01/20 09:35 PM
1224 Lisa Bonet (51) and Jason Momoa (40) together for 14 years. He said he’s been in love with her since he was 8 years old. QUEEN SUPREME copingwithshit /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/01/20 11:55 AM
1223 These two tweets sum up perfectly why “not being like other girls” is NOT a compliment! NAH, SIS BasieSkanks /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/02/20 07:38 AM
1220 Oops NAH, SIS ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/11/19 12:30 PM
1216 2020 is no more bullshit! No more excuses! MOOD FOR LIFE CoolMelonade /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/01/20 04:39 PM
1213 Take the psychoanalysis and sign reading to another sub. It’s simple! STRATEGY NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/01/20 08:13 PM
1213 Girls need to be taught this from such an early age QUEEN SH*T JezebeltheQueen5656 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/11/19 08:28 PM
1208 yeah, move along normabelka2 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 01/10/19 08:53 PM
1208 Might be a repost, but just in case it hasn’t been here before: LEVEL UP pqrsthrowawayyyyy /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/02/20 03:33 PM
1207 This last line speaks to my soul after my last post 🙌🏻 I don’t have to look pretty or smile for you MOOD FOR LIFE AstridRavenGrae /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/12/19 09:06 PM
1205 What is it with FDS obsession with men paying for everything?? DISCUSSION SeaAre /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/10/19 03:29 PM
1200 Pro tip: it’s usually AFTER you’ve moved on/cut him off NICE FOR WHAT? kiksuya_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/11/19 12:08 AM
1197 You got me 😂 #KickHimOut2020 ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/11/19 05:20 AM
1190 Don’t write the paragraph sis, he don’t care. Unmatch, block, delete. QUEEN SH*T Nifteroni-and-Cheese /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/02/20 01:34 PM
1186 I'm not like other guys wheat_blazer /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/10/19 01:30 PM
1185 We’re going out for Saturday night drinks and out of nowhere he says ‘my flat mate is really sexy’ I go back home. My friend says I overreacted and I should be cooler DISCUSSION swim_and_sleep /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/02/20 01:15 PM
1185 Don’t loose yourself trying to please a man! Either he wants you for you or he isn’t the one for you sis! LEVEL UP sparkles_goldentail /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/01/20 09:22 PM
1174 ‘There’s no such thing as a code of conduct, babe.’ LIES MEN TELL GuineveresGrace /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/01/20 02:38 AM
1168 Never be a maybe MOOD FOR LIFE trula26 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/12/19 10:56 PM
1160 Notice how the ugliest ones are always the most judgmental too lmao. Chris Hemsworth may judge me, the rest of you can take several seats. COUCH CREATURES Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/12/19 02:08 PM
1157 We need men for what, exactly? All the help they offer us? blazednamazed97 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 01:44 AM
1153 Thank you fairy godmother 😌 QUEEN SH*T dalia-chan /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/01/20 09:54 PM
1153 There is another part to this but I don’t know how to post multiple pics or nest pics! Maybe someone else can find this and post it the proper way in full. Anyway- this is hilarious! #JustLVMThings mememe88888 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/02/20 02:59 AM
1152 Male are NOT more rational than woman, exhibit no. 7547486548 LIES MEN TELL CoolMelonade /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/12/19 10:40 PM
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1131 Girls, recognize your OWN mixed signals. If you're not super excited about a guy, why are you wasting your time? Wait for the one you can't wait to talk to. Everyone else is just filler. STRATEGY Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/12/19 03:57 AM
1129 Words to live by, sisters MOOD FOR LIFE SapphoMedusa /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/11/19 07:15 PM
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1122 It always does & it’s expensive sis! QUEEN SH*T 3unny33 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/12/19 03:02 PM
1119 A demisexual is defined as “a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.” Thanks to Porn, the description of a normal healthy sexual bond is now a fringe sexual orientation instead of a given. DISCUSSION TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/02/20 05:22 PM
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1101 This witchy advice made me think of y’all queens. QUEEN SH*T feiyue-over-converse /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/12/19 12:38 PM
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1077 Daily reminder 💕 QUEEN SUPREME NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/12/19 12:16 AM
1073 He would be ready for a relationship with someone he thought he couldn’t replace. Don’t settle for half-relationships and non-committal man-boys MALE DEPRAVITY Katelyn89 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/10/19 11:15 PM
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937 For whatever reason the older I get the more I come to rely on quotes to draw strength when filled with self doubt. I particularly love F. Scott Fitzgerald. Tomorrow I tell my BF of 10 years It’s over and a week later I’ll be in my own place. Been feeling really anxious but then found this gem!! MOOD FOR LIFE FragileLikeAB0mb /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/12/19 04:28 AM
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934 This sub <3 yeontanw /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/02/20 09:53 AM
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926 A guy who I briefly talked to a few years ago shared this. Funny thing is, he kissed me at a party and then went downstairs and started making out with another girl and I caught him. Now all he does is complain on social media...mostly about women. SCROTES MAD kaybeebz /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/12/19 02:38 PM
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912 A reminder it’s okay to have standards when women have always been expected to look good all the time and guys expecting to have a 10/10 girl when they’re ugly goblins. REMINDER 👑 thestemgorl_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/02/20 02:37 AM
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856 90s PickMeishas: Dates emotionally unavailable man who strings her along for years. Watched him marry a much younger woman within six months of meeting her and then becomes his mistress. He Finally proposes to her but then leaves her at the altar. AND SIS STILL MARRIES HIM IN THE END. 🤡🤡 NAH, SIS TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/02/20 02:13 PM
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828 Remember this every time a pick me urge arises. You’re seeking to fill the void left by things you were previously traumatized by. You can override it with self love. You have options. You’re not destined to remain weighed down by the past. LEVEL UP redbirdflies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/02/20 02:40 AM
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814 get a dog if you want obedience karichar /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/12/19 03:06 AM
813 WEAR A CONDOM OR STFU. Birth Control is NOT 100% effective and comes with INSANE side effects that SIGNIFICANTLY impact our quality of life. MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/12/19 04:59 PM
809 Y’all, stop wasting our time MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS rosalielie /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/12/19 09:27 PM
809 Never cut off your options until you’re in an exclusive relationship! No matter how much you like one person, force yourself to go out and meet new people. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t get too emotionally invested in any man, especially if they haven’t even proven themselves to you. STRATEGY AverageToHot /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/10/19 09:04 PM
806 Arguments vs. problem solving STRATEGY cupcakezncookiez /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/12/19 04:06 PM
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790 Healthy dating and marriage should not be this exhausting NAH, SIS Inaproproo /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/02/20 05:26 PM
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784 “I’m Not Sure Yet” is one of the biggest lies men tell. If he’s not consistently pursuing you and trying to impress you, NEXT THE HELL OUT OF HIM UNAPOLOGETICALLY. LIES MEN TELL CuriousCatNYC777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/12/19 02:43 PM
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777 r/AITA: Her Brother got a woman pregnant, then blocked her and refused to help pay for the abortion. His sister KICKED HIS DEADBEAT ASS THE FUCK OUT OF HER HOUSE for the audacity. Imagine if all women held their male relatives this accountable?🙌👑 #KickHimOut2020 CoolMelonade /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/12/19 02:45 AM
775 Look in the mirror and remember: this is the woman you will be with for the rest of your life. Honor and love yourself. Do not settle in any way. QUEEN SH*T JezebeltheQueen5656 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/11/19 01:10 PM
769 Online dating, basically. MOOD FOR LIFE ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/10/19 02:15 PM
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746 I’ve learned to call them out on their bull right then and there. This applies to in person as well. They’ll push as far as you’ll let them. NICE FOR WHAT? hyuove /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/09/19 03:11 PM
743 For every woman who thinks she "doesn't deserve" a high value man. DISCUSSION MelatoninNightmares /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/01/20 08:44 PM
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737 Your twenties are not for dating losers who drag you down and damage your self-esteem. It's your fun decade to build yourself up! LEVEL UP extraacct1234 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/01/20 10:01 PM
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720 FDS in relationships. Men don't respond to words, they respond only to mirrored actions and absence. STRATEGY circescircus /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/12/19 06:55 AM
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706 Never let him "talk you into" sex. SEX STRATEGY Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 31/10/19 12:37 PM
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694 Seeing stuff like this a lot more on Twitter. Women are waking up. 👀 DISCUSSION 1Here4Bach /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/12/19 01:18 PM
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692 Don't tell men how horrible other men are. RANT circescircus /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/11/19 01:05 AM
691 FDS: Where we don't settle or pander to men's wants MOOD FOR LIFE traditsh /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/02/20 05:01 PM
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679 Ladies, THIS is how men view you when you do wifey shit before they've earned it. Stop embarrassing yourselves with simple bitch nonsense. NAH, SIS Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/02/20 04:59 AM
677 LVM really think this. The audacity! SCROTES MAD stillcantsee /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/01/20 03:43 PM
675 From Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl”. Women have ALWAYS been expected to compromise their standards and identify to be a “cool girl”. And for what? Have you ever seen a man do this? No. REMINDER 👑 thestemgorl_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 08:05 PM
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663 He knows he can’t live up to your standards. That’s why he creates drama to distract you. MALE DEPRAVITY NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/12/19 09:22 AM
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654 So my mom is plannin on divorcing my dad after years of abuse. He doesn’t know yet. He lost his wedding ring (for the second time) and mom found it. She sold it and bought herself this cute ring. I’m so proud of her. (Pablo, our cat is too) LEVEL UP its-bumblebee /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/02/20 03:27 PM
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644 “A dinner date is a little TOO MUCH PRESSURE for me right now, but let me enter your body, and potentially expose you to lifelong STIs so I can get off in 2 minutes” LIES MEN TELL Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/12/19 02:03 AM
641 I get real tired of answering the “Why are you single?” Question. QUEEN SH*T bakedbyashley /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/01/20 04:34 PM
639 If you're a male lurker here, and you're triggered by the content, its because you're the definition of LVM. MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS Firefly10886 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/02/20 08:01 AM
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634 I graduated from university today! :) LEVEL UP raindampened /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/01/20 01:55 PM
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628 It's not Men vs. Women. It's High Value vs. Low Value. QUEEN SH*T Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/01/20 02:18 AM
624 A.men! 3unny33 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/10/19 04:51 PM
621 There is nobody sweeter, more thoughtful, or attentive than a man that wants to have sex with you but hasn’t had the chance yet. SEX STRATEGY brainsandb00bs /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/11/19 08:24 PM
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605 She took the words right out of my mouth bluivyisthecutest /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/02/20 04:01 PM
605 Just a reminder for everyone in 2020. We are better than our past selves and must carry ourselves that way! STRATEGY ItsAnonCat /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/12/19 02:00 AM
604 turn those mistakes into lessons! pink_matter_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/11/19 12:15 AM
602 LADIES, say NO to drink first dates. Super low effort and all he sees is him spending $23 max for some cooch. Casual is code for I’ll use you when I need to bust then he’s out till your next “casual” encounter which is almost always about his dick! Block and deleted. NAH, SIS mshourglasss /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/02/20 04:19 PM
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575 SeXuAl eMpOwErmeNt vs Sexual Empowerment, and why this sub does not support BDSM, Abuse Kink, and Performative Sexuality MESSAGE FROM MODERATORS TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/01/20 06:36 PM
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569 My husband worked at a sperm bank. The age cut off for donors was 34. Men are apparently delusional about their own biological clock lmao LIES MEN TELL Luckyinitials /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/02/20 12:37 PM
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550 Disrespect me and eat alone QUEEN SH*T rftw2013 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/11/19 03:49 AM
550 I have been in love with this guy and at his whim for 18 months and I finally levelled up last week and told him to take it or leave it and he’s been pining for me since. But sis, I’m done. LEVEL UP DrinkingCoconut /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/10/19 11:11 AM
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547 Never cut off your friends for a guy. Especially the ones that only want the best for you. If he hates your friends, proceed with caution. RED FLAG 🚨 ivyfemina /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/02/20 05:47 PM
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529 39 yo Shiva Safai breaks up with 71 yo Mohammed Haddid (Gigi’s dad) because he didn’t want kids. Replaces him with gorgeous 26 yo millionaire Niels Houweling within weeks. QUEEN SH*T CuriousCatNYC777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/12/19 05:01 PM
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499 I don't know who needs to read this today, but your happiness is worth everything. don't let useless men dictate your life. let them go. #KickHimOut2020 lightningboltx /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 12:28 PM
498 Another example of a HVM! This man gets it right. KEANU lusigusi /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/01/20 03:14 AM
498 This is the HVM by my side for many years. Couldn't ask for more. Those LVM got nothing on him! #JustHVMThings snail-post /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 07:44 PM
497 On men willing to work harder for what they can’t have or is not on offer to them. Men will attempt to turn any woman into a sex worker given the right circumstances. But won’t go to an actual sex worker. MALE DEPRAVITY rosehamler /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/01/20 11:46 PM
496 Made me smile a little. KEANU cyaneyezz /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 06:11 PM
494 Never forget! STRATEGY CaptainBuzzie /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/12/19 05:33 PM
494 Ladies, always remember this. Boundaries are what allow you to separate those worthy of your energy and those unworthy of even standing next to you. STRATEGY tauruspiscescancer /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/02/20 06:31 PM
493 They are so predictable.. fwe23rrs /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/01/20 08:51 PM
492 Yes, this is directed at you 👀 Block him, sis. #KickHimOut2020 NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/01/20 08:09 PM
492 And supposedly we’re the ones that are gold diggers. DUMP HIS ASS bristows24 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 10:00 PM
491 Pulling your weight FDS HUMOR FeminineImperative /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/02/20 12:16 AM
491 Only get turned on by men who are devoted and who never make you doubt their love for you. Kill your attraction for men who don’t make an effort to keep you and make you happy. Go for the guy who’s crazy about you! STRATEGY AverageToHot /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/10/19 11:07 AM
489 Men have told me that they like the chase because it means that your attention and affection is precious and worthwhile. Low value couch creatures have tried to convince us that we should sleep with them early so they don't have to put forth effort, but those days are over. Make him earn it 💪🏻👌🏼 STRATEGY Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/12/19 01:44 AM
488 Unapologetically female-only spaces are so necessary MOOD FOR LIFE chickenery /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/02/20 06:29 PM
487 Stop engaging in FWB relationships! It does nothing but make you an unpaid escort who will eventually get her heart broken. Women aren’t built for casual relationships. You deserve a man who loves you, treats you like his queen, and commits to you. You deserve the full package! LIES MEN TELL AverageToHot /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 07:53 AM
486 Y’all making alt-accounts, DMing is, telling us how we’re wrong. But when did we ask? 🤨 We don’t want your input, we don’t want none of it. You guys are so salty and hurt cause we’re right. MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS thestemgorl_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/02/20 07:54 AM
486 I Detect No Lies Being Told... Stay Woke Ladies - It’s a Test. LEVEL UP CuriousCatNYC777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/12/19 07:46 PM
486 Pretty Much All of Reddit Whenever We Post about Porn being a recurring and pervasive problem in sex and relationship quality. PORN SICK, LIMP DICK TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/02/20 03:37 PM
485 If your wife or girlfriend is working harder than you, you’re replaceable. You’re either actively adding to her life, or you’re dead weight. MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS CoolMelonade /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 01/12/19 02:27 PM
484 Keep your standards high AntiCircles /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/02/20 02:01 AM
483 I love this sub, our desire to be better and the acknowledgment that we deserve better! Here's to another 50k!! MOOD FOR LIFE mountaindewme22 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/01/20 06:50 PM
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480 On “Choosing Beggars” sub. A 22 year old pretty girl with the most basic of requirements being roasted by LVMs. Reddit is a cesspool of raggedy ass losers. #JustLVMThings redbirdflies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/02/20 08:48 PM
479 If your gut is telling you something might be off with him, something is off. MOOD FOR LIFE kekeronnii /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/02/20 08:10 PM
478 Don’t do it girl NOTHING BUT FACTS _linay /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/02/20 05:44 AM
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477 There’s no successful coupling with LVM. Run and save yourself. REMINDER 👑 CuriousCatNYC777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/02/20 02:24 AM
476 Keep your heart on lockdown until he has demonstrated consistently that he cares about making you happy. STRATEGY AverageToHot /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/11/19 11:57 AM
476 If you want a quality woman, BE A BETTER MAN. MOOD FOR LIFE jibberjabber777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/02/20 04:24 AM
476 Bold of you to assume they have respect for women they are attracted to NAH, SIS frootloopzs /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/10/19 07:29 PM
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465 #nonaturevalleybars PicklesNBacon /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/01/20 10:54 PM
465 The fact that I'm still having these conversations with my girlfriends in the year of our lord 2019 is a fucking nightmare. You don't owe ANYBODY, ANYTHING. You NEVER have sex out of pity or obligation or coersion. I don't care if he gave you a kidney, you say thanks and keep trucking. The fuck. NAH, SIS Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/12/19 05:29 AM
464 Take your time. trula26 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/12/19 03:41 PM
463 ❤️ butterflymeadowzz /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 01/01/20 04:51 PM
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461 Where is the lie? 🤔 DUMP HIS ASS NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/12/19 04:23 AM
461 1. FDSers don’t have crushes. 2. We don’t fall for mind games either. #blockdelete FDS MEMES NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/01/20 06:47 PM
460 Wonder Woman was woke (#32 1948) QUEEN SH*T NoThisIs-Patrick /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/02/20 02:09 AM
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454 Thought I met a HVM, so glad this sub exists, I ended it last night. DUMP HIS ASS im_not_a_dude /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/02/20 03:19 AM
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451 Especially #2. Stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. If they don’t reach out, put forth effort, or make you a priority, don’t keep hurting yourself by making excuses for their behavior. STRATEGY Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/02/20 04:04 AM
448 🤡 ❌ #KickHimOut2020 take1990 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/12/19 03:36 PM
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445 I get that question a lot, especially on OLD and this is 100% the reason. Ms_Tilly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/01/20 06:54 PM
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445 This is so true! An important reminder that I saw today. halfways /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/02/20 10:35 AM
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440 Truth. trula26 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/01/20 04:28 PM
440 For all the ladies in the service industry, stay safe and stay vigilant about your male customers. MALE DEPRAVITY XHelheimX /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 31/12/19 05:32 PM
439 Pick Mes finding FDS after searching for relationship advice on Reddit FDS HUMOR TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/02/20 02:23 PM
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430 Before you say yes STRATEGY AntiCircles /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/01/20 08:31 AM
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428 Stop being impressed by mediocre shit. LEVEL UP throwawayy92838383 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/11/19 03:32 AM
428 Reminder: if nobody knows you’re together, you’re single, sis. DUMP HIS ASS NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/11/19 09:30 PM
428 But you were sleeping and eating just fine when you cheated though... LIES MEN TELL CuriousCatNYC777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/02/20 09:36 PM
428 In 2020, the pickmes are... uh, I guess bragging about how their husbands never wear their wedding bands? COCKHOLM SYNDROME MidnightCarp /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/02/20 02:23 PM
427 Be like Cher! "I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair – ew – and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so!" - Cher MOOD FOR LIFE buttsbelike /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/02/20 06:02 AM
426 SHIFTING:(this hit me hard today) asmkl8 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/11/19 12:42 AM
425 Is it really “MGTOW” if you lurk in a female only forum to send unsolicited messages to women you don’t know? Hmmm... you’re not really going your own way are you? SCROTES MAD ShieldMaidenLagertha /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/02/20 06:39 AM
424 MALE LURKERS WILL IGNORE THIS POST: Woman forced to relive nightmare of her 12 hour abduction and gang rape by complete strangers at 14 yrs uploaded to PornHub as “teen crying and getting destroyed'. PORNHUB WAS REPEATEDLY NOTIFIED THAT THE GIRL WAS UNDERAGE AND DID NOT CONSENT BUT DID NOT REMOVE. MALE DEPRAVITY TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 05:50 PM
423 THIS. Reminder for the 55 500 queens on this sub 💕 uchiha_izumi /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/02/20 04:09 PM
421 If you wonder why "good" men are weak allies Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/10/19 10:15 PM
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419 Preach NICE FOR WHAT? JezebeltheQueen5656 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/12/19 01:10 PM
419 I pay $3/mo for an app that gives me their real name with their phone number. 100% worth it. Never met a murderer but lots of catfish. tuskanraider85 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/01/20 07:35 PM
418 You don't exist to heal men AntiCircles /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 31/01/20 12:21 AM
418 Thank you for your wisdom. I am sorry. MOID CONFESSIONS lostoldpassword /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/10/19 06:17 PM
417 And they get upset if we use filters or flattering angles. SMH MALE DEPRAVITY bakedbyashley /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/01/20 01:12 AM
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412 A gentle reminder of the sunk-cost fallacy: don't just stay in a bad situation because of the time you've invested in it. Recognize when it's time to let things go. LEVEL UP Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 01:02 PM
412 Reminder: we don't want to hear about your kinks or how much you love kink or how sorry you feel for men with tiny dicks and how women should have to date them MESSAGE FROM MODERATORS extraacct1234 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/02/20 02:38 AM
409 'I came to your rescue even though you didn't ask or need me to, now give yourself to me' #JustLVMThings didumakethetea /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/02/20 02:21 PM
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404 What pickmeishas look like with their LVM FDS HUMOR eng2fly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/02/20 02:50 AM
404 Ladies, if a man tells you this, RUN!! Isolation enables abusive behavior with no means of escape. Complete BS. RED FLAG 🚨 thestemgorl_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 10:12 PM
403 It’s basic stuff really jesza09 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/02/20 01:57 AM
403 Clowns are for the circus reddithashaters /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 01/02/20 10:06 PM
403 Use FDS quietly, men don’t need to be told what you expect from them, men don’t need a chance to explain themselves STRATEGY suaveagave /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/01/20 06:08 PM
402 Be selfish. Put your best interest first. NOTHING BUT FACTS NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 12:00 PM
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400 DONT REWARD BAD BEHAVIOR QUEEN SH*T asmkl8 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/12/19 06:44 AM
399 This was on the Front Page. This is what a HVM looks like. This is someone who really values his partner. ALC8915 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/01/20 10:18 PM
399 Don't write that paragraph to that jerk. He won't give a damn. Block him and move on. #KickHimOut2020 BookwormJane /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/02/20 06:42 PM
399 I posted a meme about being single last year and singler this year haha and my friend added this bit in a comment. I LOVE IT❤️ Ms_Tilly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 01/01/20 07:27 PM
398 “JuSt gIvE HiM a ChAncE” is yet another way society bullies women from BIRTH into accepting subpar male behavior. There is absolutely NO reason to *give* him a chance. A man *earns* his chance or he gets nothing. “jUst GiVe HiM a ChAnCe” needs to die and never be said to a woman again. CULTURAL MISOGYNY TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/12/19 08:34 AM
398 The only dating advice you will ever need. It's not complicated STRATEGY aminoabdi /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/01/20 08:43 PM
397 A Man who Wants a woman Makes an effort. Texting is the lowest of efforts. A Man Not texting You is making LESS than the LOWEST of efforts. Garbageaccount21045 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/10/19 12:37 PM
396 Moids in the wild NAH, SIS ino_y /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/11/19 05:52 AM
396 I've decided to just stop dating completely. MALE DEPRAVITY Spirited-Bobcat /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/02/20 05:25 PM
395 A constant reminder to men that not everything is theirs for the taking GLOBAL RESISTANCE AntiCircles /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/02/20 05:57 PM
393 Seen on FB. My LVM ex used to make me give him my card/cash so he could look like he was paying for our date. DUMP HIS ASS Foreign_Bug /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/01/20 11:50 PM
393 Men will search for women who are full of joy and confidence so they can leech off of it and then after they’ve left her empty and burned out and drained of all the life that once existed behind her eyes they’ll say she isn’t the woman they fell in love with CoolMelonade /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/12/19 05:05 AM
392 WeAr sUmtHiNg sExY NAH, SIS gcsubthrow /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/01/20 09:33 PM
392 Pick Me and most lvw behaviors come down to what was learned in the family growing up, past trauma, and low self worth. Love starts as an inside job. NOTHING BUT FACTS cyaneyezz /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 10:24 PM
392 I am finally kicking my husband to the curb this weekend and he doesn't know. #KickHimOut2020 katmomofeve /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/02/20 10:43 AM
391 Don't date men who use porn!! PORN SICK, LIMP DICK lhatehijabyouwearit /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/11/19 04:18 AM
391 Good Rules For Your Financial Life STRATEGY purasangria /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/02/20 04:45 PM
391 LVM will tell you this is the same to shame you for having standards! LEVEL UP w0manifest /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/01/20 12:29 PM
389 This really does sum up dating apps. New trend: #deletetheapps2020 LEVEL UP bakedbyashley /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 31/01/20 02:33 AM
389 Just another prime example of how “the wall” men like to say exists doesn’t. JLo (50) and Shakira’s (43) after performing at half time. They were amazing. LIES MEN TELL riotous486saturn /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/02/20 08:24 AM
389 In which man is in control of his destiny and he does not know it STRATEGY AntiCircles /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/01/20 11:40 PM
388 As expected, men in the tweets calling her “childish” and “materialistic”. Lol it ain’t hard to put effort into a relationship, men are just lazy and entitled. QUICK TIP thestemgorl_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/02/20 11:47 PM
387 Cutting Men Off: An Underrated Strategy STRATEGY AverageToHot /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/09/19 10:57 PM
387 Just remembered I had this, thought this was quite fitting and a nice reminder to not chase after certain men. astrid-star /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/01/20 12:04 AM
386 Men only believe in "equality" when it comes to sharing bills or sharing blame. LIES MEN TELL circescircus /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/02/20 03:08 PM
385 Why FDS incites male rage. FDS MEMES circescircus /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/02/20 04:29 PM
385 Men don’t realize that throughout most of history, women worked shit jobs too. LIES MEN TELL TheMarbleSlab /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/12/19 08:45 PM
385 If a man says “Women are Responsible for Their Own Orgasm” or “You Need to Teach Me” instead of “I am Responsible For Learning How to Please You”, #KickHimOut2020. No more half ass last sexual effort. The Internet has an abundance of resources for them to learn the basics. #KickHimOut2020 CoolMelonade /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/11/19 02:47 AM
384 So true... MOOD FOR LIFE mk2991 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/02/20 01:51 AM
384 Am I right ? Or am I right? sparkles_goldentail /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/01/20 11:01 PM
384 "I'm looking for a woman who will clean my house, cook for me, and pay the bills. No gold diggers." felivanilli /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/01/20 03:50 AM
384 Brace yourself ladies... "I miss you" season is fast approaching MALE DEPRAVITY cherieblosum /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/12/19 03:53 PM
384 You are my people! I feel like I can finally tell my fucked up reddit story RANT Thecthectheopenc /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/01/20 11:57 PM
384 Cut this behavior off quick. No accountability for their actions and resorting to manipulation is a RED FLAG. STRATEGY ASmallGardenFairy /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/12/19 01:33 AM
383 Maybe, we’ll live long enough to see a change. LEVEL UP jluis089 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/12/19 04:09 PM
383 We all make mistakes. Don't be so hard on yourself for not knowing better. LEVEL UP 50sweet25ice /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/11/19 05:48 PM
383 If a man treats you badly/doesn’t see your worth, it is NOT a reflection on you. BasieSkanks /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 11:46 AM
382 Lift your friends up and surround yourself with good energy because you are important! BellaStayFly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/01/20 10:49 AM
381 😊 MOOD FOR LIFE nunmode /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/11/19 09:38 PM
380 level up 2020 👏 iwillhexyou /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/01/20 11:34 AM
380 Name the problem NOTHING BUT FACTS Balkanka /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/02/20 05:00 PM
379 The "peak" for women really is in our youth. But it's not a peak in achievement, happiness or looks. It's a peak in exploitation and being used. CULTURAL MISOGYNY bythisnoise /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/02/20 05:07 PM
378 Yes, him too. Block them all! We’re only responding to those who demonstrate effort and pursue us. #BlockDelete STRATEGY NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/12/19 06:42 AM
378 REMINDER: Every time you don’t text him, every time you don’t check his social media, is an act of self-love. LEVEL UP rosapalmera /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/01/20 11:40 AM
377 To the lurking Scrotes: MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS BasieSkanks /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/02/20 01:35 PM
377 Excellent... refuse to make your self small for a man, let him meet you at the top MOOD FOR LIFE kiksuya_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/11/19 11:35 AM
377 Even if he’s rich/famous, you still hold the power to choose a better man NAH, SIS f0xsl0th /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/01/20 07:48 PM
376 It's never too late 🤝 LEVEL UP 50sweet25ice /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/12/19 05:11 AM
376 Nothing But the Truth MOOD FOR LIFE CuriousCatNYC777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/12/19 09:37 PM
376 r/Shortcels wants to know why we’re “obsessed” with rapists and pedophiles. MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 12/02/20 03:43 PM
376 Don't lower your standards to "be nice" and give a guy a chance. It's never worth it and he'll just have endless resentments that you cannot fix STRATEGY ThrowRA_okbye /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 18/02/20 07:17 PM
376 Don't let your desire for love translate their bum ass behavior into something you feel like you deserve or can tolerate. He's not texting you back because he doesn't care. He's not committing because he doesn't care. He's not treating you like a priority because he doesn't care. Don't be stupid. MOOD FOR LIFE Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/10/19 11:52 PM
375 No settling. You are worth more. trula26 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/02/20 01:19 AM
375 I took out some piercings yesterday. LEVEL UP DoodleJack /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/02/20 03:06 PM
375 "Does she expect you to read her mind?" Yep, next question DISCUSSION MidnightCarp /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 05:21 PM
375 REPORT THEIR ASSES: Do not allow negging, porn sick, MARRIED, perverse LVM to dominate the online dating scene. Get them banned! NICE FOR WHAT? m4dam3x /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/02/20 01:57 PM
375 Ladies, Change Your Focus. FDS is NOT About Getting the Guy. DATING THEORY AyemHerself /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/02/20 11:24 PM
374 Men think it’s somehow moral to want women for their bodies, looks, fertility, and youth, but immoral when women want them for their money. MALE DEPRAVITY TheMarbleSlab /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/01/20 04:35 PM
374 Don't fall for the high value "potential". 9 times out of 10, you're going to be let down. Ms_Tilly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/12/19 12:09 AM
374 Financial independence is one of the keys to FDS FDS KEY 🔑 NecessaryCook /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/02/20 05:57 AM
373 Found on Facebook. You tell it sis CULTURAL MISOGYNY rainbowforeskin /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/01/20 06:27 AM
373 Honestly, let’s not pretend like Red Pill strategies don’t work. madeofsweetpotatoes /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 07/11/19 12:24 PM
373 Don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise COUCH CREATURES 50sweet25ice /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/12/19 06:08 AM
372 😖😖😖 PORN SICK, LIMP DICK tauruspiscescancer /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/02/20 02:51 PM
372 Don't Waste Your Pretty Years LEVEL UP Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/12/19 11:17 AM
372 Friendly reminder not to date pornsick men PORN SICK, LIMP DICK greenteaapplepie69 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 19/01/20 12:04 PM
372 Reading Ali Wong's new book "Dear Girls". She gets it. QUEEN SH*T Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/01/20 02:49 PM
371 I spat out my drink talaxia /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 17/12/19 08:51 AM
371 Kat was always a real one 😂 NaturalRattle /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/02/20 12:46 AM
371 Ladies, If you "overfunction" in your interactions with men, you never find out if he's a LVM STRATEGY rftw2013 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/12/19 09:11 PM
371 Why is all advice about toxic males on reddit the same??? RANT AlienUtterings /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/02/20 09:55 AM
370 And this ladies, is why we don’t have sex with men who haven’t earned it. MALE DEPRAVITY 1Here4Bach /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 02/01/20 07:39 PM
369 I've been awakened! LEVEL UP KnottyOwl /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 06/01/20 10:24 PM
368 90s PickMeishas: Gives up dreams of college and becomes a housewife for the dumbest man alive because she got knocked up in high school. Stands by while he repeatedly strangles their son. NAH, SIS TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/02/20 01:57 PM
368 Started from the bottom now we here. (FDS TRAFFIC STATS) FDS SUCCESS! TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 11:07 PM
368 Be Like Beyonce and demand compensation for your reproductive labor QUEEN SH*T TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/02/20 11:48 PM
368 Today I was supposed to be getting married and I would have been miserable forever LESSON LEARNED Acts1v8 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/02/20 05:47 AM
367 The tea is fcking delicious StarlightGal /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/08/19 08:37 PM
367 LVM like this are so exhausting. I don’t care if you have a ‘high sex drive’, if you don’t respect my boundaries then you can go. thotsupdoc /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 22/12/19 07:00 PM
366 On the real QUEEN SH*T scout_ham /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 08/11/19 07:34 PM
365 A break up story. The end :) MOOD FOR LIFE sharkb44 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 01/02/20 02:51 AM
365 It is not your job to fix him. LEVEL UP sweetnsaltyanxiety /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/11/19 08:58 PM
365 FDS goals with or without a man MOOD FOR LIFE raindampened /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/12/19 07:06 PM
365 I realized that giving a man ANY emotional support is infinitely more valuable than the money he spends on you RANT DisastrousSundae /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/02/20 07:10 AM
364 LOL #JustLVMThings TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/02/20 10:37 PM
364 Men use you for lots of things, not just sex DISCUSSION mememe88888 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 09/01/20 01:36 PM
364 31 Yr Old Man Harasses 19 Year Old Girls at A Birthday Party. Gets outraged when they call him “R.Kelly” and tell him to take a hike. Is further humiliated when they start singing the “Remix To Ignition” to his face and cackling loudly. These Queens 😭🙌 NICE FOR WHAT? CoolMelonade /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/12/19 08:27 PM
364 A cautionary tale of an “abuse victim” who was, in reality, a sexually abusive manipulator. LIES MEN TELL Nifteroni-and-Cheese /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 03/02/20 05:50 PM
364 Thank you to this sub, for helping me start spring cleaning early LEVEL UP vp2407 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 30/01/20 07:05 PM
364 Olympic swimming champ Sharron Davies on her 50th birthday. No wall in sight. 👍 QUEEN SUPREME penelopekitty /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/02/20 01:35 PM
363 how could we!! SCROTES MAD lewdpup /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/02/20 04:25 AM
363 Live laugh love ... or not 😂🤡 FDS HUMOR supremelyparanoid /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/02/20 01:56 AM
363 It's okay to not want to "try new things" in bed. SEX STRATEGY FutileDeathStar /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/02/20 01:18 PM
362 Love this attitude 👑 MOOD FOR LIFE NaturalRattle /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/12/19 04:43 PM
362 More evidence that pickmes never win NICE FOR WHAT? mypretties /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 05:20 PM
361 My ex was visibly frustrated that I disregarded his existence after I ran into him at the gym iasminag /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 21/02/20 12:40 PM
360 2020 goals!! QUEEN SUPREME gigica890 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/02/20 03:10 PM
360 Ladies in this group 👸 QUEEN SH*T siberiansummer /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 31/01/20 03:18 PM
360 Stop being children and grow up MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS darkhorse8419 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 10/02/20 11:41 AM
359 My friend praised a man for offering to split costs of the morning-after pill 🤦🏼‍♀️ NAH, SIS Enough-Introduction /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 16/02/20 12:50 PM
358 Yes all men Shaedra- /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/07/19 10:01 AM
358 GIRL GAME PT. 1: Males, Monogamy, and Mate-Guarding. STRATEGY TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 11/09/19 05:48 AM
357 They know right away. Don’t waste your time cooking, cleaning, sending unsolicited texts, being the best sex partner, the best therapist etc. If someone wants to be with you, they want that connection because they want YOU. Everything else you give is just a bonus. LEVEL UP redbirdflies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 11:55 PM
356 Um, hard pass F***BOY WARNING AspenGoddess /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 23/02/20 01:16 AM
356 Let them eat cake. GuineveresGrace /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 15/02/20 01:50 AM
356 You really 100% truly cannot tell what a man’s character is until you’ve said ‘no’ to something he wants. STRATEGY JezebeltheQueen5656 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 04/09/19 01:10 PM
355 Sure would Ms_Tilly /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/01/20 09:50 PM
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331 This guy drove 15 hours while he was a teenager to meet his gf and you have now grown ass men telling you that they left you on read for 15 days because of an emergency. If a man loves you he won’t think that he will regret his choice. KEANU dalia-chan /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 20/01/20 05:55 PM
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297 MOID LURKERS: You better 👏🏼 shut 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 fuck 👏🏼 up until you PM at least 5 TRP PIECES OF SHIT that advocate literal violence against women before you address one more fucking FDS woman. YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT GENDER EQUALITY, YOU JUST HATE WOMEN. MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS Liz_Lemondrop /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 05/11/19 12:52 PM
297 r/FemaleDatingStrategy Breaks into the Top 5,000 Subreddits! Thank you to all our subbies (and haters) for making FDS successful! MESSAGE FROM MODERATORS TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/01/20 08:35 PM
297 Ladies, you need to have a busy life in order to maintain your FDS mentality! All the advice here doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have your career, hobbies, goals, and social life right. So share what keeps you busy and not focused on any man! QUEEN SH*T AverageToHot /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 14/02/20 09:43 PM
296 If we are being generous... NOTHING BUT FACTS Balkanka /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/02/20 03:21 PM
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292 🙂 NAH, SIS redditisbae_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 13/02/20 08:10 PM
292 We often talk about FDS w/ the goal of marriage. But marriage doesn’t always (or even usually, anymore) mean forever. So, yes, hold out for an incredible HVM. And ALSO: learn about investing. Hire a financial planner. Start your 401k. Buy a house. If a man joins your path, yay. But OWN YOUR FUTURE. MOOD FOR LIFE jibberjabber777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 24/02/20 02:35 AM
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