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RP McMurphy19/02/21 09:41 PM

RP McMurphy17/02/21 05:30 PM

RP McMurphy12/02/21 08:31 PM

RP McMurphy07/02/21 08:23 PM

RP McMurphy05/02/21 08:19 PM

RP McMurphy01/02/21 08:45 PM

RP McMurphy23/01/21 08:23 AM

RP McMurphy21/01/21 12:20 PM

RP McMurphy18/01/21 10:40 AM

RP McMurphy15/01/21 02:40 PM

RP McMurphy07/01/21 06:39 AM

RP McMurphy04/01/21 09:06 AM

RP McMurphy31/12/20 08:34 AM

RP McMurphy27/12/20 08:36 AM

RP McMurphy22/12/20 12:31 PM

RP McMurphy15/12/20 02:54 PM

RP McMurphy04/12/20 03:04 PM

RP McMurphy30/11/20 01:42 PM

RP McMurphy25/11/20 09:40 AM

RP McMurphy20/11/20 12:21 PM

Books, Field Report, TruthRP McMurphy13/11/20 07:10 AM

AWALT, Frame, Self CareRP McMurphy06/11/20 04:22 PM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Logistics, Night Game, Redpill, TextingRP McMurphy13/10/20 03:01 AM

Dual Mating Strategy, Feminism, SexRP McMurphy06/10/20 12:33 PM

Divorce, Don't Get Married, Red Pill, VotingRP McMurphy23/09/20 11:35 AM

Character, Evolution, Principles, Red PillRP McMurphy15/09/20 06:12 PM

Archetypes, Fashion, SMV, StyleRP McMurphy10/09/20 02:06 PM

Attention, Basics, EscalationRP McMurphy09/09/20 06:01 PM

COVID, Dual Mating Strategy, OnlyFans, Red PillRP McMurphy08/09/20 12:57 PM

Game, Red Pill, Shit TestsRP McMurphy27/08/20 03:25 AM

Game, Hypergamy, Red Pill, SMPRP McMurphy21/08/20 09:30 PM

Bad Girl Game, Flaking, SMP, SMV, Social Media, SODRP McMurphy19/08/20 10:08 PM

Day Game, Field Report, LDM, Warm UpRP McMurphy16/08/20 06:40 PM

Day Game, Guest Post, Incidental ApproachRP McMurphy13/08/20 07:11 PM

American Women, Bad Girl Game, Broken Women, SMP, SMVRP McMurphy10/08/20 07:05 PM

Flaking, GhostingRP McMurphy05/08/20 08:53 PM

SMP, SODRP McMurphy04/08/20 05:15 PM

Bad Girl Game, Cold Approach, Day Game, Field Report, RandomRP McMurphy30/07/20 07:09 PM

Day Game, End Game, Long GameRP McMurphy24/07/20 10:15 PM

Day Game, Warm ApproachRP McMurphy24/07/20 01:55 AM

Day Game, Field Report, First Date Lay, Routines, The CubeRP McMurphy15/07/20 04:30 AM

Black Pill, Field Report, Red Pill, Social Media, SODRP McMurphy13/07/20 09:10 PM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Fakes, Flakes, Night Game, Red Flags, Red Pill, TheoryRP McMurphy08/07/20 07:15 PM

Girl Game, Hypergamy, Red Flags, Red Pill, The Wall, TheoryRP McMurphy01/07/20 08:11 PM

Power Talk, Real Talk, Red PillRP McMurphy29/06/20 09:23 PM

Social Circle, Social Media, SODRP McMurphy10/06/20 05:33 PM

OLD, Online, TinderRP McMurphy03/06/20 08:12 PM

Day Game, Field Report, In-fieldRP McMurphy28/05/20 06:22 PM

A Star Is Born, Field Report, First Date Lay, Instagram, Online, Polarity, SnapChat, Social MediaRP McMurphy12/05/20 04:00 PM

Dating, TheoryRP McMurphy06/05/20 02:43 AM

RP McMurphy28/04/20 04:43 AM

RP McMurphy18/04/20 12:46 AM

Day GameRP McMurphy02/04/20 08:33 PM

Game, Hypergamy, SMP, SMVRP McMurphy31/03/20 11:13 PM

ReadingRP McMurphy27/03/20 06:46 PM

Calibration, Day Game, Lifting, Night Game, Shit Tests, Style, Theory, WomenRP McMurphy25/03/20 08:04 PM

RP McMurphy23/03/20 07:34 PM

Consent, Red Pill, Theory, WomenRP McMurphy19/03/20 01:36 PM

RP McMurphy17/03/20 11:44 PM

Flaking, Ghosting, Shit Tests, Theory, WomenRP McMurphy17/03/20 04:33 PM

Red Pill, Relationships, Theory, WomenRP McMurphy16/03/20 06:25 PM

Day Game, Evolution, Game, SeductionRP McMurphy01/03/20 05:11 PM

Conviction, Day Game, Eye Contact, Field Report, Frame, Front StopRP McMurphy21/02/20 04:11 PM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Energy, Red Pill, SOD, Theory, TinderRP McMurphy09/02/20 11:32 PM

Attention, Feminism, SMV, WomenRP McMurphy06/02/20 05:06 AM

Day Game, Field Report, Pull, SDLRP McMurphy04/02/20 10:41 PM

A Star Is Born, Escalation, Lay Report, Online, TinderRP McMurphy29/01/20 09:27 PM

Day Game, Field Report, Night Game, Online, SOD, Theory, TinderRP McMurphy28/01/20 04:09 AM

Cam Girl, Day Game, Field Report, Night Game, Social Media, Socks, Strippers, Yoga GirlRP McMurphy24/01/20 11:11 PM

Fail, Field Report, Night GameRP McMurphy20/01/20 07:29 PM

Biology, Feminism, Red PillRP McMurphy13/01/20 06:36 PM

Day Game, Night Game, Online, Sex Party, Social Circle, TinderRP McMurphy09/01/20 05:19 AM

Date, Day Game, Lay, Lay Report, Sex Story, Shit Tests, TinderRP McMurphy07/01/20 04:28 AM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Red Pill, SMV, Style, TheoryRP McMurphy27/12/19 05:44 PM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Red Pill, Self CareRP McMurphy19/12/19 05:34 PM

Day Game, Instagram, Long Game, Theory, Warm ApproachRP McMurphy13/12/19 01:58 AM

AWALT, College, Red Pill, The WallRP McMurphy04/12/19 01:35 PM

Books, Night Game, Routines, SDLRP McMurphy29/11/19 08:03 PM

A Star Is Born, Day Game, LMR, Night Game, SDLRP McMurphy23/11/19 03:57 AM

K-Selection, R-Selection, Redpill, Theory, ThotsRP McMurphy17/11/19 09:20 PM

Broken Women, Manosphere, Mission, Red Flags, Red PillRP McMurphy17/11/19 06:42 PM

RP McMurphy07/11/19 09:05 PM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Flakes, Pick-upRP McMurphy01/11/19 02:25 AM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Night Game, StorytellingRP McMurphy22/10/19 10:48 PM

A Star Is BornRP McMurphy21/10/19 01:08 AM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Warm ApproachRP McMurphy20/10/19 04:39 PM

RP McMurphy14/10/19 04:23 PM

Loneliness, Self CareRP McMurphy10/10/19 05:12 PM

Game, SocksRP McMurphy09/10/19 05:16 PM

Coaching, Red Pill, Theory, WomenRP McMurphy04/10/19 09:32 PM

Game, Manosphere, Red Flags, Red PillRP McMurphy27/09/19 05:09 PM

Booty Girl, First Date Lay, Social CircleRP McMurphy20/09/19 09:37 PM

Day Game, Night Game, Pull, SDLRP McMurphy14/09/19 09:10 PM

Day Game, Field ReportRP McMurphy13/09/19 10:54 PM

Lifting, That Guy FucksRP McMurphy11/09/19 03:30 AM

Day Game, First Date Lay, SocksRP McMurphy03/09/19 02:26 AM

RP McMurphy30/08/19 01:21 AM

RP McMurphy23/08/19 02:03 AM

Field Report, Night Game, SDLRP McMurphy23/08/19 01:41 AM

RP McMurphy15/08/19 12:04 AM

RP McMurphy05/08/19 09:59 PM

Field Report, Night GameRP McMurphy04/08/19 09:03 PM

RP McMurphy03/08/19 08:01 PM

Date, Day Game, Night Game, SDL, TheoryRP McMurphy31/07/19 06:45 PM

Day Game, Fail, Instant Date, TheoryRP McMurphy23/07/19 05:13 PM

Day Game, Instant DateRP McMurphy19/07/19 06:29 PM

Day Game, Red PillRP McMurphy12/07/19 10:39 PM

A Star Is Born, Day Game, Mistakes, TextingRP McMurphy09/07/19 05:38 PM

RP McMurphy03/07/19 05:13 AM

RP McMurphy02/07/19 06:22 PM

Date, Day Game, Red Pill, Sex StoryRP McMurphy24/06/19 08:49 PM

27+, Abundance, Day Game, Red Pill, TheoryRP McMurphy18/06/19 04:22 PM

Cold Approach, Pick-up, Red PillRP McMurphy13/06/19 08:35 PM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Field Report, Pick-upRP McMurphy10/06/19 04:12 PM

Feminism, Red Pill, Social Media, SOD, WomenRP McMurphy05/06/19 08:17 PM

Cold Approach, Pick-upRP McMurphy01/06/19 05:11 PM

RP McMurphy01/06/19 12:28 AM

Cold Approach, Pick-up, Red Pill, Theory, U-GameRP McMurphy24/05/19 04:37 PM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Field Report, Night Game, Pick-up, TheoryRP McMurphy23/05/19 05:01 PM

Cold Approach, Day Game, Pick-up, TheoryRP McMurphy22/05/19 07:46 PM

American Women, Basic Women, Red Pill, TheoryRP McMurphy20/05/19 05:28 AM

Field Report, Lay Report, TheoryRP McMurphy18/05/19 08:25 PM

Day Game, Flakes, Game, WomenRP McMurphy14/05/19 04:39 PM

Cold Approach, Game, Pick-up, TheoryRP McMurphy10/05/19 05:02 PM

Day Game, Field ReportRP McMurphy10/05/19 06:56 AM

Day Game, In-fieldRP McMurphy05/05/19 08:10 PM

Cold Approach, Pick-up, U-GameRP McMurphy04/05/19 06:32 PM

Cold Approach, Numbers Game, Pick-up, SODRP McMurphy04/05/19 06:19 PM

Day Game, Field Report, Instant DateRP McMurphy03/05/19 05:57 PM

RP McMurphy02/05/19 11:02 PM

Date, Field Report, Lay ReportRP McMurphy26/04/19 09:36 PM

Dad Game, Field ReportRP McMurphy26/04/19 05:46 PM

Cold Approach, Day GameRP McMurphy19/04/19 03:34 PM

Don't Get Married, Red Pill, TheoryRP McMurphy17/04/19 08:36 PM

Pick-up, Strauss, Torero, U-GameRP McMurphy14/04/19 12:51 AM

RP McMurphy10/04/19 07:22 PM

Day GameRP McMurphy07/04/19 06:56 PM

RP McMurphy07/04/19 06:12 PM

Field Report, Lay ReportRP McMurphy07/04/19 06:07 PM

RP McMurphy03/04/19 08:27 PM

LiftingRP McMurphy03/04/19 08:26 PM

RP McMurphy03/04/19 05:27 PM

RP McMurphy31/03/19 08:03 PM

RP McMurphy28/03/19 07:15 AM

RP McMurphy23/03/19 07:11 PM

RP McMurphy21/03/19 08:52 PM

RP McMurphy20/03/19 06:03 AM

RP McMurphy20/03/19 03:38 AM

RP McMurphy16/03/19 08:12 AM

Red Pill, TheoryRP McMurphy11/03/19 07:42 PM

SOD, Theory, U-GameRP McMurphy09/03/19 06:27 PM

Game, WomenRP McMurphy07/03/19 08:43 PM

Dad Game, TheoryRP McMurphy07/03/19 01:41 AM

RP McMurphy06/03/19 05:44 PM

Field Report, Game, Pick-up, TheoryRP McMurphy06/03/19 02:19 PM
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