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698 My son died. No will to live throwawaybjjj2324 /r/askTRP 17/02/20 09:51 AM
565 UPDATE; my fiancé cheated on me while drunk throwawayaccou1989 /r/askTRP 22/12/19 05:18 PM
504 What Is Your Most Harsh Example Of Female Nature? Caper67 /r/askTRP 23/11/18 02:36 PM
478 F*** YOU REDDIT. Andgelyo /r/askTRP 29/09/18 11:34 AM
455 Hard next after revelation from LTR BadDeath /r/askTRP 20/02/19 04:26 PM
442 Why is the red pill sub unavailable ? Sendo15 /r/askTRP 27/09/18 06:58 PM
439 Is it just me or is TRP being run over by incels? l4w_z0ne /r/askTRP 23/09/19 10:09 AM
418 I made you a Red Pill Cheat Sheet SmoothBeliever /r/askTRP 23/05/17 05:03 PM
410 I made a pdf containing asktrp's sidebar. thetautandtame /r/askTRP 01/10/18 09:21 AM
397 I turned her down. Backthatpassup451 /r/askTRP 13/01/19 10:45 PM
387 Girlfriend cheated on me PrettyPreethi /r/askTRP 30/09/19 12:57 PM
376 Does anyone else wish it wasn’t all so true? herbyx10 /r/askTRP 01/06/19 10:27 PM
369 TRP Transformed My Entire Life JerryLawlerPigFace /r/askTRP 28/09/18 04:10 AM
360 I recently signed up as a sugar daddy, I learnt some things. mickenrorty /r/askTRP 20/10/19 11:06 AM
355 I have been Falsely accused of Rape and kicked out of University Dhahill /r/askTRP 09/09/19 05:57 AM
354 why does everyone here try to talk like a drill Sgt? BradyBrosef33 /r/askTRP 01/07/19 08:26 PM
352 What did you do to fix this posture? wellhellothere45 /r/askTRP 17/01/19 08:27 PM
349 My girlfriend has cancer and will likely die in the next half year. gfhascancer /r/askTRP 28/11/16 10:14 AM
349 Someone help me, please. My life is spiraling and I’m losing the battle. Conway2709 /r/askTRP 25/12/19 06:22 PM
345 What the fuck is wrong with girls and social media? AuberyBitoni /r/askTRP 05/06/19 12:40 PM
344 So I hard nexted my ltr urbanfoh /r/askTRP 16/01/20 10:45 AM
339 How can i stop my compulsion of asking stupid question on this subreddit? AlphaBinomialDistrib /r/askTRP 30/10/19 03:38 AM
338 My date asked what is my age and I responded with "Old enough to fuck". Hacides /r/askTRP 14/02/19 12:21 PM
337 Well apparently the worlds largest cuckold checking in. badbfriend /r/askTRP 23/07/15 07:37 AM
334 To the person who just asked what he can do to improve his face - here is my answer. Someone made fun of you and you deleted the topic before I finished the response. raredare359 /r/askTRP 06/08/15 01:23 AM
331 It would never happen to me. She's special. And I'm wrong. 3vil007 /r/askTRP 18/10/19 10:54 PM
330 I understand about doing Push/Pull with women. But whens the right time to do Legs? Forgot_Pword /r/askTRP 11/07/17 05:44 PM
328 LTR of 4yrs who had a dozen green flags left me for a guy at her work and I am unsure of how to feel. 321cmecum /r/askTRP 30/03/19 11:06 AM
322 LTR cheated. Need advice. fatbloop /r/askTRP 29/07/19 06:04 AM
317 [Update] Girlfriend disrespects me in public peppercorn837921 /r/askTRP 09/09/16 04:03 PM
316 Why do a lot of the people in this community give terrible advice? thegoldengoat19 /r/askTRP 02/10/19 06:35 PM
310 [20M] Starting to see what you guys mean Zero_Gravvity /r/askTRP 15/10/19 01:29 PM
307 Went out with my female co-worker and 5 of her female friends... EYE OPENING. AuberyBitoni /r/askTRP 25/08/19 02:42 PM
300 What are some green flags on a woman? ASAP_IKER /r/askTRP 15/11/18 05:39 PM
300 Broke it off with LTR, all my “friends” trying to fuck her not even a week later Red-455 /r/askTRP 10/04/19 04:50 PM
298 Is this forum filled with nerds pretending to be alpha? resnine /r/askTRP 25/02/19 04:50 AM
295 What's the beta habit you had the hardest time giving up? micronix_eu /r/askTRP 22/10/18 04:04 PM
293 *UPDATE*got the 'we need to talk' text redpillthrowaway1988 /r/askTRP 28/12/17 12:14 PM
292 Is this what frame is? MajesticPitch /r/askTRP 05/05/19 03:45 PM
289 Deployed to Middle East, fiancee cheated on me jarthan /r/askTRP 05/02/20 04:30 AM
286 Broke up with my LTR. Thank you guys for the advice. hedden93 /r/askTRP 19/09/19 12:02 AM
283 had my first taste of pussy tonite. with a tinder hookup. johnson8420 /r/askTRP 15/06/19 10:09 AM
282 The light switch effect. Lightways434 /r/askTRP 02/09/19 01:00 AM
277 NEWBIES READ THIS: A Comprehensive Guide to The Red Pill bsutansalt /r/askTRP 15/12/15 09:48 PM
277 Anyone else look around and realise that everyone around them is not where they want to be in life? TheShearerComplex /r/askTRP 11/08/19 07:48 PM
276 The biggest red pill I've ever faced Destroyerof_Souls /r/askTRP 05/10/19 01:25 PM
276 Cuckold sub has 246k members now, what the fuck is happening ? BigMadDawg /r/askTRP 12/09/19 04:45 PM
273 Gf messages ex. I break up with her. Did I do the right thing? zav25 /r/askTRP 25/11/19 09:16 AM
270 I was just placed on a list of rapists at my university that is circulating twitter. How should I take action? Sisu6972 /r/askTRP 23/06/18 11:51 PM
269 A summary of the most attractive traits in a man? KBeer01 /r/askTRP 14/06/19 02:50 PM
268 What was your first real world experience that really made you swallow the pill? TheShearerComplex /r/askTRP 18/12/18 03:09 PM
263 Anyone else bored of companies like Gillette jumping on the let’s all hate men bandwagon? CanYouEvenCount /r/askTRP 15/01/19 12:23 PM
262 Thank You For The Teachings Fellas, Just Had My First Threesome On New Years RabbidMan /r/askTRP 02/01/20 06:33 PM
261 Dropped an LTR for „not telling“ the truth. Have I overreacted? throwaway_over_9K /r/askTRP 03/09/19 05:47 PM
260 "Friend" telling me that lifting is useless. ma-agentz /r/askTRP 01/08/19 01:50 PM
259 Girls don’t have boyfriends Whycantwealltwerk /r/askTRP 20/07/19 03:13 AM
258 You are Not a Special Fucking Snowflake. CrazyHorseInvincible /r/askTRP 23/11/15 10:59 PM
258 LTR just asked, "do other women ever want to sleep with you?" I told her there were two types of women in this world. Ones that want to sleep with me and ones that just don't know it yet. Good response right? Jsieijejeieokkd /r/askTRP 18/08/17 11:33 AM
257 Girlfriend is not happy with our one sided open relationship YDdraig /r/askTRP 21/03/19 08:50 PM
254 All the girls on Tinder are landwhales ? lyniaa /r/askTRP 04/11/19 04:19 AM
253 Girl leaves date crying goingright32 /r/askTRP 29/10/19 12:01 PM
253 2nd day of cold approaching - ACTUALLY GOT LAID! - now what?! lolurfucked /r/askTRP 01/02/19 10:19 PM
252 Fucked my ex-crushed, I feel God is pranking me rutluv /r/askTRP 14/04/19 08:00 AM
250 What are your top 3 red pill truths? MichaelLifeLessons /r/askTRP 12/11/19 04:36 AM
250 I decided i took your guys advice and called it off. Gfliestomuch /r/askTRP 08/11/17 12:32 PM
249 anyone wanna talk? bf1bro18 /r/askTRP 10/12/18 01:32 PM
249 "You had best unfuck yourself, or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck" or "How to improve AskTRP with these few simple steps" tepper2 /r/askTRP 28/01/15 06:37 PM
246 Lets PURGE ourselves. What's the most beta thing you've done? Rkingpin /r/askTRP 10/09/19 09:29 PM
245 I finally dropped a girl that I liked and it feels so fucking good. xNightly /r/askTRP 21/02/19 06:58 PM
244 Origins of “Chad” tyronethejabrone /r/askTRP 12/02/19 02:05 AM
244 The worse I treat my ltr the more attracted she is to me, made a huge realization. djc6782 /r/askTRP 26/04/19 03:11 AM
244 Tried talking to girls in a slower speed with a deeper voice and better tonality and received positive results: can someone explain how this works and how I can take it further? cuztrp /r/askTRP 05/09/19 11:38 AM
244 I asked out my oneitis and got rejected. Personal growth Wobblewobblegobble /r/askTRP 07/08/19 05:48 PM
241 Why can't your average person admit or see that we're a severely sick society? 3-6_in_NBA_Finals /r/askTRP 13/07/19 07:56 PM
240 Veer Clear of Female Therapists DrGandu /r/askTRP 18/02/20 06:13 PM
240 When topic of a past relationships rise up, all girls mention to me three different guys - the long relationship guy, the nutjob-but-crazy-sex -guy, and mysterious guy they go to when they are not in the relationship. I want to talk about the last one. bannanawolf /r/askTRP 16/05/19 10:14 PM
239 I just dumped my GF before she dump me lyniaa /r/askTRP 07/08/19 12:39 AM
238 The more “alpha” I’ve become the quieter I am? FuckMichaelMcCoy /r/askTRP 11/02/19 11:01 PM
238 What the fuck is wrong with girls and social media? koedeloe /r/askTRP 07/10/18 10:52 PM
237 "You can lose a lot of money chasing women. But you won’t lose a lot of women chasing money" reddituser1011123425 /r/askTRP 06/07/19 08:10 AM
234 So she finally cheated [LTR] l0gicbomb /r/askTRP 27/03/19 01:19 PM
234 I'm so paranoid of cheating now. HastTagLavishLust /r/askTRP 30/12/18 05:15 PM
234 Gf “catching up” with old ldr that ghosted her skywalkerlou /r/askTRP 23/05/19 11:42 PM
232 I swallowed the pill this january. And I want to thank the community for opening my eyes. majorfrankies /r/askTRP 11/09/19 07:26 PM
232 Just found my now ex-gf has been fucking 50+ sugar daddies in the last 9 months. I'm sick to my stomach. hopingforclearskin /r/askTRP 17/02/20 05:31 PM
232 Found wife planning on cheating. How to protect my assets? someone918273645 /r/askTRP 02/09/19 07:23 AM
231 Shit Tests Towards Successful Man? throwaway74cn /r/askTRP 10/08/19 02:34 AM
228 Why do women lie about not liking a fit man? FUCwhiteknights /r/askTRP 14/05/19 02:10 PM
228 Almost 1 in 3 American men aged 18-30 are incels. Can you believe this statistic? Why is it so high? BumblingBeta /r/askTRP 04/04/19 07:05 PM
225 Does anyone else get socially awkward or even “depressed” when they haven’t been to the gym in a while? germancarfan /r/askTRP 11/01/19 09:32 PM
225 “Every civilization’s decline is when masculinity is in retreat.” TheDecorator /r/askTRP 30/09/18 02:57 AM
223 GF acting sketchy with her phone hockeybru /r/askTRP 15/01/19 10:25 PM
223 Do women seriously just travel for dick? I've noticed whenever I'm backpacking, the women I'm around act more horny... shamakvv /r/askTRP 10/03/19 01:18 AM
223 LTR lied about fucking a guy in the past. Broke up with her. Did I do the right thing? TRPKaty /r/askTRP 13/10/19 03:12 PM
222 Is this the sweetest feeling in the world? RadicalRedPill /r/askTRP 26/08/19 04:55 AM
222 I just had sex and received a blowjob for the first time at 28 years old and i realise.. ambition_pill /r/askTRP 18/05/18 02:00 PM
221 Holy fuck TRP got me laid Corpear /r/askTRP 15/12/19 03:43 AM
221 What are some examples of extremely common beta behavior you see? Just1515 /r/askTRP 12/12/19 10:23 PM
219 Aren't a lot of the guys here just as bad as the thots they don't like? opossumpark /r/askTRP 06/04/19 11:35 PM
217 Why so many white knights? okuli /r/askTRP 30/05/19 05:53 AM
216 Pretended to be a drug dealer to get action, now what? Efficient-Name /r/askTRP 21/01/20 04:04 PM
216 Gf plans to meet her ex next week. Best course of procedure due to holidays? beastin007 /r/askTRP 14/12/18 03:39 PM
215 Urgent SOS: Just got hit with a false rape accusation. Well_hung_Yakuza /r/askTRP 09/06/19 09:31 AM
215 I got my shit together and everything started to click? Beyondthet /r/askTRP 21/08/19 12:34 AM
214 I feel like TRP is not like it used to GucciGabz /r/askTRP 14/08/19 01:25 AM
214 Does the true nature of women turn you off? justarandomguy15 /r/askTRP 20/11/18 08:45 PM
214 It's all finally beginning to click with me. This TRP shit. Is not in fact shit. But simply the way things truly are. AUSTRALIAN_001 /r/askTRP 24/11/18 07:11 AM
214 Do you guys ever get shocked at how many people lack self awareness? MagnetoWned /r/askTRP 29/01/20 02:07 AM
212 Female Psychologist want husband to become Beta ITlover /r/askTRP 10/07/19 09:30 PM
211 Did my first cold approach and ... silvereddi /r/askTRP 05/01/20 06:37 PM
211 I spun 180 degrees and strolled away from my date in public. Too fast of an ejection? FalconWrite /r/askTRP 21/02/19 02:09 AM
211 Slept with older Asian women in one of my classes, she’s 32 I’m 22. After we we done fucking and she was leaving my car I saw that she recording a voice memo the whole time that showed 45 min. What the fuck. Do I text her and ask her why? What the fuck. KaiSmashSmashSawmash /r/askTRP 06/11/19 04:27 AM
210 A woman is taken from me again - suicide... how to deal with harsh reality? lolurfucked /r/askTRP 04/01/20 08:34 PM
209 Daughter has been touched LunarTears0 /r/askTRP 02/08/19 11:33 PM
209 Girl I rejected at the gym is walking around telling people I’m gay . brucethecatowner /r/askTRP 14/11/19 11:53 PM
208 When did you realize the "honey moon phase" was over and you were now her beta bucks? GGrub8 /r/askTRP 17/01/19 10:59 AM
207 I fucked up LTR, fucked up my life Metrack /r/askTRP 30/04/19 12:49 PM
206 Saw a bro in the streets approaching girls today, feeling like shit cuztrp /r/askTRP 25/03/19 11:44 PM
205 It is scary that TRP is working. 123undeuxtrois123 /r/askTRP 14/06/18 11:40 PM
205 Was given advice by an older guy, wanted to see what trp thought of it JW_2 /r/askTRP 14/10/18 03:27 PM
204 "We stand for free speech. This means we are not going to ban distasteful subreddits. We will not ban legal content even if we find it odious or if we personally condemn it." - Yishan Wong, the site's former CEO diogov9 /r/askTRP 28/09/18 12:17 AM
204 Tinder first date, end up at my place, everything's going fine, she smokes weed daily and asked to smoke from my bong, next thing you know she's vomiting and shitting on my couch... Condescending-Guy /r/askTRP 18/05/19 05:42 PM
203 Rule 5, or Basic FAQ Reminders TRPCops /r/askTRP 04/02/20 01:13 PM
203 Former virgin here, accidentally got laid thanks to The Red Pill throwsred /r/askTRP 19/01/17 02:07 PM
201 Extreme case of AMOG xdurabolin /r/askTRP 30/08/19 07:48 AM
201 Life after the Red Pill? daredevil1302 /r/askTRP 06/09/19 08:49 PM
201 Made over a mill by age 34, now more depressed than ever jiggolo420 /r/askTRP 13/09/19 12:18 PM
201 LTR of 3.5 Years that "loved" me to death cheated this weekend. Why and how to pursue? FlyingPigs3210 /r/askTRP 21/10/19 04:40 PM
200 What's the deal with fat chicks becoming aggressive and declaring their interest pretty fast? I almost got raped one time. Aesthetic_God__ /r/askTRP 28/06/19 07:39 PM
200 When and why did our gender become so pathetic? RivenHalf /r/askTRP 02/08/19 05:41 PM
200 Seeing a girl who said I Love You. Will saying it back make her run away? Xerexes3869 /r/askTRP 29/08/19 01:04 PM
199 Red Pill has made me mad for success lifeisweirdasfuck /r/askTRP 21/12/18 04:12 PM
199 My LTR has a fuckload of beta orbiters. sealdream /r/askTRP 05/03/19 05:44 AM
197 What the fuck is up with young women and not using condoms lately? AuberyBitoni /r/askTRP 03/07/19 04:29 PM
197 Two prior, now married, plates contacted me on Facebook this week. AWALT is so true. Phaeer /r/askTRP 28/11/19 01:17 PM
196 I've been destroyed and am new here. fuckedest /r/askTRP 26/04/18 05:40 AM
196 I find meeting and gaming women more fun than actual sex itself FuckMichaelMcCoy /r/askTRP 24/04/19 08:45 PM
196 First Date: Girl Gave Out Number In Front Of Me whatdowewantFIRE /r/askTRP 19/03/19 07:27 AM
195 What underlying behaviors do you guys use to calibrate to a socially natural level or handle attacks to your frame using mainly body language? I know about A&A and all those other tricks, and already use them, but I'm seeing a lot of potential with body language. We_Broke_Up /r/askTRP 07/12/19 10:39 PM
195 Why did my wife cheat on me with a younger man? DirectMaximum /r/askTRP 09/12/18 05:19 AM
195 Can we get those “Shit Test Buster Round” threads again on the main sub? redpharma7789 /r/askTRP 23/08/18 01:07 AM
194 Is it normal for old friends to begin to hate on you once your Red Pilled nature becomes apparent? ExoticPanther /r/askTRP 08/10/19 10:17 PM
193 Daughter Came Out as a Man imdownwithtrp /r/askTRP 30/06/19 11:24 PM
192 Best friend (24M) has proposed to single mother (42F) he’s known for 5 months thoughtful_duck /r/askTRP 12/05/19 04:07 PM
191 I'm going fucking insane being alone Yung_Ekko /r/askTRP 11/10/19 11:06 PM
191 Its lonely after taking the pill., Am I doing something wrong? throwawayandwalkaway /r/askTRP 02/01/19 05:07 PM
191 Psychiatrist said I should take a break from trp, as I'm overthinking and complicating things in a sense. EvanPetersDouble /r/askTRP 27/11/18 07:57 PM
190 It fucking stings. jiggyyoungdrew /r/askTRP 18/02/19 06:07 AM
190 Why is everything so Awkward and Cringey nowadays? ThatKidinAfrica /r/askTRP 22/11/18 01:22 PM
190 (Update) Girlfriend who wanted a break wants to get back together mksu711 /r/askTRP 17/10/19 11:30 AM
189 As the average American female is a whopping 171lbs at 5'4, is wanting a girlfriend under 140/150lbs now considered "high standards"? Cynewald /r/askTRP 22/10/19 10:29 AM
188 Just found out true meaning of AWALT Fishys5570 /r/askTRP 22/02/19 12:51 PM
187 Why is this happening SnowLeopardSno /r/askTRP 06/05/19 11:03 PM
187 What's TRP's stance on using a public bathroom? adam9545 /r/askTRP 26/02/19 02:26 PM
187 What are the major red flags to notice on a girl? LiquidRevenant /r/askTRP 31/07/19 05:55 PM
186 Did the red pill solve poverty all of a sudden? Filmguy000 /r/askTRP 22/01/20 05:06 AM
186 Porn has ruined my life. This is the rock bottom. I can't tell this to anyone. I can't post this anywhere else. Please help guys. RM_Slays /r/askTRP 09/02/19 01:37 PM
186 I got metoo'd. Reputation completely destroyed, cant get music gigs. To move, or to stay? positiveredpill /r/askTRP 22/10/19 07:47 PM
185 How many here put money before women? lifeisweirdasfuck /r/askTRP 06/11/19 10:30 PM
185 Is it just me or is online dating way different now? Wert44 /r/askTRP 02/02/20 05:21 AM
185 I’m getting married in 40 days and I don’t know if I can go through with it. loneamerica /r/askTRP 30/12/19 05:42 AM
184 How the fuck do you guys do it wellhellothere45 /r/askTRP 04/01/19 04:22 PM
184 UW Madison: Another innocent athlete cleared on rape in threesome HaroldTFinch /r/askTRP 22/08/19 05:41 PM
184 I love the red pill, mostly the theory. I seriously have my doubts about the guys who represent the manosphere. theboldmind /r/askTRP 09/07/19 03:58 PM
183 Why does Beta game work so well? TooHoly999 /r/askTRP 01/04/18 01:07 PM
183 It’s so rare to see unfiltered confident people polarizingpotato /r/askTRP 23/04/19 03:20 PM
183 With women all over the world seeking there right to have an abortion or keep the child shouldn’t men also have the right to choose if there going to be a father or devote any resources to said child? dirtymerks5 /r/askTRP 12/06/19 09:44 PM
183 Why do women let their son become betas when they themselves hate betas? BusyCupcake /r/askTRP 03/02/20 11:43 PM
182 Why do I crave affection more than sex? Vithonil /r/askTRP 02/04/19 08:31 AM
182 I feel like some of my friends who are in relationships become really boring and lose their individuality QuantumSpecter /r/askTRP 21/01/19 09:59 PM
182 Got rejected, friend told me I should have invested further pythasaurus /r/askTRP 24/01/19 05:06 PM
182 What are some Red Pill quotes that have stuck with you? Learninglife247 /r/askTRP 12/12/18 01:03 AM
182 I'm having a hard time accepting that we really are alone, how to deal with fact that most people (even friends) dont have your back? salsamasterer /r/askTRP 24/10/19 09:40 PM
182 Weird feeling inside. I want to dump my GF after she said this to me... sterquiliniis /r/askTRP 04/05/19 04:46 PM
182 Did anyone else realize how beta and blue pulled their fathers are? wwillrocksize /r/askTRP 14/02/20 10:12 PM
181 UPDATE: My girlfriend has cancer and will likely die in the next half year. gfhascancer /r/askTRP 15/05/17 06:12 PM
180 What’s the most useful purchase you’ve made that’s improved your game/life? iamtheamaznazn /r/askTRP 15/02/19 05:51 PM
180 Got falsely accused of sexual assault/rape. How to proceed? (Part 2) TRPKaty /r/askTRP 19/02/19 08:30 PM
179 Girls are using my dick. oilrigo /r/askTRP 20/03/19 01:31 PM
178 What are some popular things from TRP that you dislike or disagree with? ThokTheDrifter /r/askTRP 10/12/19 04:25 PM
178 Is it just me or are 9/10s so much more pleasant to be around? ThighSavesLives /r/askTRP 09/04/19 06:03 AM
178 Why do men let women trap them by using sex as a reward instead of a natural byproduct of two people attracted to each other ? csawyer86 /r/askTRP 24/07/19 03:45 PM
177 Ronaldo cleared of rape pr0t0star /r/askTRP 22/08/19 03:53 AM
177 Ex-plate hits me up now that she's 29 uireoiu32 /r/askTRP 24/11/19 03:10 PM
177 Happy International Men's day, brothers! trpblacklime /r/askTRP 19/11/18 05:58 PM
177 TRP showed me the light but robbed me of my happiness. I can't help but feel disgusted by the world. Barks95 /r/askTRP 10/04/18 12:28 PM
176 How do you dads do it? 319Skew /r/askTRP 12/01/20 10:13 PM
176 Finally did it - shaved my head holyredbeard /r/askTRP 23/02/20 02:30 PM
176 Thinking about letting plate go to be happy youngbull24 /r/askTRP 09/01/19 12:10 AM
176 Average women are harder to date than beautiful women. m03svt /r/askTRP 18/10/18 04:48 AM
176 Realize that no one likes/cares about you unless you provide some kind of social-value? How to improve personality without supplicating/being something I'm not? resnine /r/askTRP 21/04/19 09:57 PM
176 Had a girl yesterday then 10 whiteknights fucked me justlurking1608 /r/askTRP 07/09/19 12:56 PM
175 One Year On TRP - Updates & Lots Of Soul Searching jagdecat /r/askTRP 03/06/19 10:44 AM
175 I get girls I don't want and don't get the girls I want boredathome19 /r/askTRP 11/06/19 04:54 PM
175 Does anyone ever get really into a girl then lose all interest as soon as she gets full of shit? thatguywhatshisface /r/askTRP 18/07/19 12:44 PM
175 Swallowing the pill caused the death of my social life. violetmonstermunch /r/askTRP 17/08/19 08:28 AM
174 Whats a high income skill you should learn in your younger years? AnubissWarior /r/askTRP 29/06/19 03:22 PM
173 20 year old plate just told me her body count.... Mangasbzo7 /r/askTRP 10/05/19 09:29 AM
173 She wants a break(abundance made it easier to let go) Talisman64 /r/askTRP 17/05/18 12:28 PM
172 My brother's own wife tried to cheat with me Im_pretty_dirty /r/askTRP 04/03/19 04:14 AM
171 Why does my good guy game work so well? latinmax68 /r/askTRP 24/12/19 08:00 PM
171 Anyone feels like 80/20 rule is becoming slowly outdated and going further into 99/1? acroma414 /r/askTRP 24/08/19 04:45 AM
171 I experimented with a fat girl, and I regret it a lot. This whole thing was a huge slap in the face. I am truly lost. TheManWhoSlays /r/askTRP 22/04/18 05:58 PM
170 Are single mothers the new trend in the USA? Gavin-Sangria /r/askTRP 06/10/19 04:09 AM
170 Anyone else tired of seeing women constantly glued up to their phones? lifeisweirdasfuck /r/askTRP 04/07/19 11:01 AM
169 Dog just died. How to hold frame AttentionDenail /r/askTRP 29/03/19 01:13 PM
169 What red pill facts surprised you the most? MichaelLifeLessons /r/askTRP 25/06/19 05:09 AM
168 She paid for everything on the first date Balkanskii /r/askTRP 28/08/19 12:40 PM
168 Why are some women so comfortable physically abusing guys? scanfan2022 /r/askTRP 12/03/19 02:27 AM
168 Dad is threatening to kill himself, need help jbobon /r/askTRP 20/02/20 03:10 AM
167 Why are you putting your brothers down? waylonw /r/askTRP 25/06/18 02:56 PM
167 [UPDATE] Just discovered my fiance has a very promiscuous past and I have thoughts of ending it. Am I being too rash? fyouIgotthis /r/askTRP 01/04/18 06:58 PM
167 my 'main' plate & i got caught fucking by her bf omega_dawg93 /r/askTRP 05/03/17 07:17 PM
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150 Days apart: woman stares at me at the gym, see her at local park the next week and stares at me at the park. I approach her and she tells me she has a bf. Why do women do this? mixednerd /r/askTRP 14/10/19 09:44 PM
150 Ok. I’m 53 divorced with 2 teenagers living at home. I am new to RP. I am seeing mostly posts from very young people. I am curious to know how many people on asktrp are close to my age and predicament? wagweb /r/askTRP 22/09/19 07:59 PM
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146 I can attract women, but I feel I have nothing to talk about with them and my fucks given for 'entertaining' them just to get pussy is getting less and less the older I get. Normal? What do? bf1bro18 /r/askTRP 05/10/19 04:57 AM
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139 As my awareness of TRP increases, paired with my physique bordering on ripped, it feels like life is entering easy mode. Is this all it takes to be in that top percent? bf1bro18 /r/askTRP 17/03/19 12:19 AM
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133 I frequently go back and re-visit some post in the main sub when it's something to remind myself of or important. What are some posts or comments you frequently re-read? realf6479 /r/askTRP 20/06/19 11:52 AM
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131 What do to do when a guy is competing for a girl your with? I was making out with this chick and I noticed another guy was trying to make moves on her but I knew if I got upset or fought it it wouldn’t do me any good so I kinda didn’t give a fuck and just played with her ass and kissed her. rockyp32 /r/askTRP 12/08/19 09:58 AM
131 I've never been a true red piller but I agree with a lot of the philosophy. Anyway, this pissed me off and I just wanted to share my story, what are your thoughts? Throw4way4all /r/askTRP 03/11/19 01:19 AM
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129 Little to no social life. Astoree /r/askTRP 17/12/19 07:30 AM
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84 Thought I found a unicorn and reality came crashing down... 5pecial /r/askTRP 02/07/17 04:27 PM
84 Turns that once I've approached a chick, the anxiety goes off the charts. The same applies when dating and trying anything out. Think of a roller coaster ride you're afraid of going on. How do you conquer this? Weeeyerd /r/askTRP 29/08/19 03:29 AM
84 How do I stop thinking about a girl without having an abundance of other girls? monkofallmonks /r/askTRP 28/04/19 02:29 PM
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84 Hello TRP, Any advise for 33 year old Virgin. Its like burning volcano in my mind. luvu_frndz /r/askTRP 16/12/18 01:29 PM
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84 Is there something like "lifting weights" for your soul? Gruss_p /r/askTRP 30/01/19 09:37 AM
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84 What to do when someone attacks your public image? Piscicide /r/askTRP 28/01/19 03:34 AM
84 Abs are now my mission in life. Can someone direct me to an intense weekly routine, and maybe resolve the debate of abs every day or rest days in between? supergoodguy90 /r/askTRP 18/09/19 03:16 PM
83 Signs of neediness NaughtybutNice17 /r/askTRP 18/05/19 11:03 AM
83 When betas diss you ghettobutmellow /r/askTRP 01/01/19 02:48 AM
83 Bored of sex in LTR Bunglaroo /r/askTRP 29/05/19 07:00 PM
83 I enjoy going to Prostitutes... ronalddrump69 /r/askTRP 19/08/18 11:21 PM
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83 How do I get a group of friends? rplad420 /r/askTRP 25/01/20 06:37 PM
83 I can’t stop fucking my room mate bostonburrito /r/askTRP 12/10/19 05:45 PM
83 Is less more when it comes to women? bayfarm /r/askTRP 18/12/19 09:15 AM
83 Maintaining frame and confidence in an LTR aloeverafication /r/askTRP 23/12/19 05:11 PM
83 How many people here ACTUALLY cold approach? XXXNINETACION /r/askTRP 17/10/18 08:15 PM
83 How do I get rid of nervousness in my voice BeanNCheeze /r/askTRP 04/11/19 05:47 PM
83 “Women can smell desperation a mile away”. How the hell do you not be desperate when you’re doing NoFap and given up porn? TheManWhoSlays /r/askTRP 30/03/18 02:32 PM
83 I am still dreaming about my ex, after 1 year of no contact harbinger1945 /r/askTRP 10/02/20 08:19 AM
83 Follow redpill philosophy but honestly don't care about getting laid, seems like I'm the only one. Redhotpengy /r/askTRP 28/09/16 02:59 PM
83 I don't have interest in the majority of girls. Is it a problem? in_progress_ /r/askTRP 23/01/19 05:43 AM
83 What to do if a girl starts treating me like her boyfriend? poop4456 /r/askTRP 18/02/20 12:41 PM
83 Lifting aside, what activities/hobbies do you do to raise your SMV jpmthrowaway98 /r/askTRP 09/05/18 05:18 PM
83 PETITION TO MODS: SIDEBAR WEEKEND; SHUT DOWN POSTING. swimminginblue /r/askTRP 14/03/19 07:34 PM
82 Is this what it's like? CrownsTalons /r/askTRP 23/10/16 05:27 PM
82 Haven't had sex in eleven years explicit_implication /r/askTRP 18/02/19 12:41 AM
82 How the hell is this even possible LittyCoolitii /r/askTRP 23/08/19 03:24 PM
82 What’re your experiences with gay guys? AntiSharp /r/askTRP 16/06/19 09:29 PM
82 What are your LTR deal-breaking red flags? Yallah_Habibi /r/askTRP 21/05/19 12:16 AM
82 Is there a “The Rational Male” equivalent for social dominance and interaction? ledbymorpheus /r/askTRP 06/02/19 10:41 AM
82 Is the US society going bonkers? The superman actor getting slammed for his comment about the #metoo, Scarlett Johansson can't play a transgender kimchi-22 /r/askTRP 13/07/18 07:45 PM
82 Anyone else shocked by the disgust your female friends have for "white men" after Trump's victory? transist0r /r/askTRP 09/11/16 05:18 PM
82 Indian, Married, Mostly Blue Pill, seeking advice from Red Pill Pros redpillnoob42 /r/askTRP 28/05/19 09:10 AM
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82 Perpetual red pill rage: are some men better off MGTOW forever? E46M54 /r/askTRP 20/11/19 05:57 PM
82 im confused. if plates are just holes to fuck, why do so many people here next one for sleeping with other people? XT3M3 /r/askTRP 25/07/18 11:53 AM
82 Are women aware of the wall, do they deny it, does it catch them off guard? bayfarm /r/askTRP 21/12/19 07:21 AM
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82 Think I might be legit depressed. Not sure what to do. I tried meds in the past but they fucking ruined my libido and appetite. Scared about the future. bf1bro18 /r/askTRP 14/09/19 12:03 AM
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78 askTRP is fantastic, but IMHO is highly flawed. This isn't a question but more a "Fuck You" to the guys in that tell you to "Be Yourself" and "Frame is all that matters" NikeSigma23 /r/askTRP 19/06/19 06:32 AM
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78 Plates break quickly if I ignore them; they find higher-SMV men who will spend money on them. I'm not even salty about it, but how do you think I can reduce the turnover? Any experiences or thoughts? Pimpcool420 /r/askTRP 11/08/19 01:27 PM
78 girl wanted me to fart on her face while fucking.. sendek888 /r/askTRP 18/12/17 02:22 PM
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77 The red pill has torn apart my world view. /r/askTRP 14/12/13 12:41 PM
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77 Well, looks like TRP finally got banned. Fuck Reddit. What's the website we were supposed to go to in case of this event? Suave_Terry /r/askTRP 27/09/18 07:27 PM
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77 How to stop irrational attraction to the best looking/hottest plate? Specialcz3 /r/askTRP 20/04/19 06:44 AM
77 Necessary to cut pretty much all bad dopamine sources? dvseq4 /r/askTRP 17/08/19 07:27 PM
77 Cancelled flight, left her stranded. Am I in the wrong? LeTemps1212 /r/askTRP 19/10/14 09:18 PM
77 If you live TRP lifestyle and don't get married and don't have kids, how do you deal with being alone (and possibly being physically weaker or socially ostracized by religious married family folks) in your times of old age? Hikethetrail /r/askTRP 03/10/18 09:38 PM
77 Does hooking up with low value women lowers my value? chuchurr /r/askTRP 03/01/20 07:43 PM
77 My ex-wife has gone off the deep end as a result of my transformation. Has this broken her monkey-branching calculations? Are there any resources for this? I can't seem to find any other examples of this question being asked. I_Tow_My_Own_Line /r/askTRP 20/07/18 06:54 PM
77 I work full time and generally lead a busy life with variety. Yet spinning plates just doesn't do it for me, I can't stop craving a LTR and it's fucking with my head. What do? 321cmecum /r/askTRP 08/04/19 09:27 AM
77 Why can't people read the goddamn sidebar before asking questions here? The_Belony /r/askTRP 21/09/19 05:49 AM
77 99% of your problems posted here can be solved by reading the main sub and sidebar /r/askTRP 20/08/16 09:04 PM
77 GF admitted kissing somone on spin the bottle and says "it's not cheating"...WTF!? /r/askTRP 05/07/16 09:15 PM
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76 Too much alpha in LTR. Behaved like a dick. Was preparing to 'apologize' when I came over. Didn't have to because she was dressed up and ready to fuck me Dunharrow12 /r/askTRP 30/01/17 10:11 AM
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