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Culture, Election, Politics, TRUMPBilly Pratt @ Kill to Party30/01/21 10:00 AM

Culture, DFW, Relationships, WritingBilly Pratt @ Kill to Party16/01/21 02:08 PM

Culture, Relationships, StairsBilly Pratt @ Kill to Party29/12/20 11:31 AM

ECW, Wrestling, WWEBilly Pratt @ Kill to Party21/12/20 11:17 PM

Billy Pratt @ Kill to Party13/12/20 06:07 PM

Culture, Faith, GodBilly Pratt @ Kill to Party26/11/20 03:42 PM

Culture, Dating, Relationships, sexBilly Pratt @ Kill to Party07/11/20 02:26 PM

Culture, Dating, RelationshipsBilly Pratt19/09/20 02:00 PM

Black Metal, Culture, Metal, Music, RelationshipsBilly Pratt18/07/20 02:27 PM

Culture, Dating, Lies, Relationships, womenBilly Pratt02/06/20 04:17 PM

1980s, Culture, Fiction, Mcdonalds, NostalgiaBilly Pratt16/05/20 10:54 PM

2000, Culture, Fiction, WritingBilly Pratt15/05/20 03:03 PM

Culture, RelationshipsBilly Pratt03/05/20 05:39 PM

Axl Rose, Culture, Dating, Relationships, womenBilly Pratt24/04/20 10:35 PM

Culture, Laura Loomer, Relationships, Richard Simmons, sexBilly Pratt13/04/20 12:34 AM

Culture, RelationshipsBilly Pratt11/04/20 03:52 PM

Art, Culture, Relationships, WritingBilly Pratt01/04/20 04:32 PM

Culture, RelationshipsBilly Pratt24/03/20 04:39 PM

1980s, Culture, NostalgiaBilly Pratt20/03/20 12:54 PM

Culture, Dating, RelationshipsBilly Pratt16/03/20 03:25 PM

Corona, CoronaVirus, Culture, Dating, RelationshipsBilly Pratt13/03/20 02:31 PM

Culture, Dating, Literature, Relationships, sexBilly Pratt10/03/20 02:11 PM

Billy Pratt07/03/20 02:30 PM

Billy Pratt20/10/19 11:00 PM

Culture, Dating, Relationships, sexBilly Pratt05/10/19 02:17 AM

Culture, Relationships, sex, womenBilly Pratt31/08/19 05:04 PM

Culture, Relationships, womenBilly Pratt22/07/19 02:32 AM

Culture, RelationshipsBilly Pratt22/03/19 11:54 PM

Culture, Dating, LiteratureBilly Pratt18/02/19 07:17 PM

Culture, MTV, Politics, REM, WarrenBilly Pratt10/02/19 01:56 AM

Culture, MoviesBilly Pratt13/01/19 01:02 AM

Culture, Kratom, MusicBilly Pratt16/12/18 07:29 PM

Culture, Dating, DeliciousTacos, LiteratureBilly Pratt08/12/18 08:16 PM

Culture, Film, Horror, MoviesBilly Pratt24/11/18 11:53 PM

Billy Pratt10/05/18 09:33 PM

Beauty, Culture, LiteratureBilly Pratt26/11/17 03:37 AM

Culture, Film, MoviesBilly Pratt11/11/17 02:14 AM

Culture, Film, Movies, StarWarsBilly Pratt12/08/17 12:36 AM

#Gaming, #OneShotGurl, #One_Shot_Gurl, #VideoGames, Culture, RedPill, TheRedPillBilly Pratt @ Kill to Party01/06/17 11:45 PM

Culture, Masculinity, TV, Wrestling, WWEBilly Pratt27/02/17 12:32 AM

Culture, English, Literature, men, Of Mice and Men, Philosophy, Relationships, Steinbeck, womenBilly Pratt04/12/16 04:10 PM

AltRight, Culture, Film, gender, Movies, Red Pill, RedPill, The Red Pill, TheRedPillBilly Pratt04/09/16 05:39 PM

AltRight, Culture, Film, Movies, The Cable GuyBilly Pratt09/06/16 10:36 PM

AltRight, Culture, DUCOCKLESS, Ghostbusters, nrx, RedPill, SJW, The Red Pill, TheRedPill, TRUMPBilly Pratt19/05/16 08:46 PM

choose beautiful, Culture, gender, Red Pill, RedPill, Teen Mom, TeenMom, The Red Pill, TheRedPill, womenBilly Pratt28/04/16 08:10 PM

Culture, Dating, gender, men, womenBilly Pratt16/02/16 04:19 PM

Billy Pratt @ Kill to Party09/01/16 02:08 PM

PrimerBilly Pratt05/12/15 01:44 AM

Casey Anthony, CaseyAnthony, Culture, feminism, gender, Red Pill, RedPill, TheRedPillBilly Pratt @ Kill to Party10/08/15 03:04 AM

Culture, Dunham, FakeRape, feminism, gender, Girls, men, rape, Red Pill, RedPill, Sulkowicz, TheRedPill, womenBilly Pratt22/05/15 02:39 AM

Boys and girls, Equality, feminism, gender, men, RedPill, sex, TheRedPill, TRP, vaginas, womenBilly Pratt06/04/15 02:51 AM
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