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A compilation of PDF files available on

Keep in mind that these are not pirated books, but rather PDF files of content available online, compiled into one.


These are the sidebars of subreddits compiled into a single PDF file for reading. Most importantly, the sidebar of /r/TheRedPill contains very insightful and golden information such as theory on The Red Pill.

  • /r/TheRedPill
  • /r/askTRP
  • Users

    All posts made by specific important users in a single PDF file.

    Is there an important user missing? Let me know.

  • /u/AboveNBeyond7866.pdf
    0.42 MB
  • /u/Aldabruzzo.pdf
    1.09 MB
  • /u/Archwinger.pdf
    0.93 MB
  • /u/BluepillProfessor.pdf
    1.93 MB
  • /u/bogeyd6.pdf
    0.92 MB
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  • Miscellaneous
  • Book of Pook
  • You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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