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265 Remember there's nothing to feel bad about in this sub. ConnorGracie /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 02:09 AM
257 Meet Chad, the Child Rapist. blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 04/06/19 03:07 PM
241 All you coping LARPers having normal conversations need to delete your accounts JB4three /r/chadfish 11/06/19 02:46 AM
217 Creepypms vs Chadpms Round 1 mymdeaccount /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 01:37 AM
202 Chadfishing using the top posts from Creepypms hhhh__ /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 09:51 AM
196 Thank you IT & AHS we have had the most subscribers and pageviews in a single day. blackpillmaxxing /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 04:30 PM
194 She's not really helping her case by messaging chad... (0 self awareness roastie) hentaiguy3000 /r/chadfish 16/06/19 07:41 PM
194 Q:“Will that be a problem for us?” A: “Hahahahaha no” arissiro /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 08:15 PM
177 When you chadfish 2 women and make them wait at the same restaurant for over an hour RealerrrrToronto /r/chadfish 13/06/19 02:23 PM
174 Haha "Dont want sex right away" basedandchadpilled /r/chadfish 21/06/19 04:35 AM
172 So far the biggest blackpill I've came across with my Chadfish misterthrowoutside /r/chadfish 15/06/19 12:10 PM
170 LMAOO bro i can’t with this shit. The way you can change their emotions in a second. Ji6abooJones /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 08:19 PM
169 You can literally say anything to a foid if you're attractive. Throwawaycel- /r/chadfish 04/06/19 10:40 PM
167 I hope r/tinder users lurk here. Lol at you losers taking an hour to brainstorm your multi line opener. hhhh__ /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 06:30 AM
162 Literally casted onto Chad Island elegant_droid /r/chadfish 17/06/19 02:48 AM
159 This shit is fucking depressing. arissiro /r/chadfish 19/06/19 06:17 PM
157 Black Christian virgin wants to have sex with racist Chad Augchad /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 07:24 PM
146 Acutal Chad Fishing blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 10/06/19 02:34 AM
146 Just be wildly disrespectful to her, bro EggonTurdaryen /r/chadfish 03/06/19 08:12 AM
140 Chad doesn't have to play games elegant_droid /r/chadfish 09/06/19 08:24 PM
133 Just be entirely yourself chadistheword /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 08:49 PM
132 From a Chad Experiment I did a while ago joeybuns /r/chadfish 11/06/19 01:22 PM
131 Chadfish blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 02/06/19 04:54 PM
129 Tsar Bomba tier nuclear blackpill CamoWoobie10000 /r/chadfish 16/06/19 10:06 PM
128 This sub is amazing Soystache_ /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 05:40 PM
128 “Make a bio that lets her know your fun and witty.” Ji6abooJones /r/chadfish 12/06/19 04:49 AM
127 Creepypms vs Chadpms Round 2 mymdeaccount /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 01:50 AM
127 Thanks AHS for finding me my new favorite subreddit FluffyMovie /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 06:23 PM
126 Incel eggman setups up his tinder as a female and gets a full inbox blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 06/06/19 09:52 PM
123 Girls don't care about jawli-- elegant_droid /r/chadfish 21/06/19 03:11 AM
123 It's a good thing you can be racist and still have a girl more or less deciding to fuck you. sncvc /r/chadfish 09/06/19 01:39 PM
122 This sub is the blackpill to end all blackpills ComprehensiveSmoke6 /r/chadfish 17/06/19 09:50 PM
121 “You gotta make her laugh bro. They love a guy with a funny personality.” Ji6abooJones /r/chadfish 11/06/19 09:48 PM
117 Underaged Chad experiment Mini_Nissan /r/chadfish 14/06/19 07:25 AM
116 This sub has the potential to grow, and the potential to devalue and discredit the entire tinder app and hookup culture as we know it 👍 dopesk1 /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 09:14 AM
116 You: Spending 10 minutes spitballing ideas for an opener message, consulting every guide on the Internet. Chad: Autistic mentioning of Lookism threads, propositioned for sex. LMAO. sncvc /r/chadfish 09/06/19 10:05 PM
115 Quit it with the underaged Chads honeypots, if the police get involved it becomes news, women will find out about Chadfishing, and it will be over before it began. Forrest-93 /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 02:58 PM
114 80/20 rule confirmed directly from a slut trpthrowaway2192 /r/chadfish 14/06/19 01:13 AM
113 Chad with swastik tattoo blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 02/06/19 06:22 PM
111 Common Sense 101: If a girl doesn’t text you back, leave you on read, gives one word responses, or playing hard to get, LEAVE HER and never talk to her again she’s just using you for validation. She wouldn’t play these games with chad so you shouldn’t accept anything less you are better than that. Anthony-waltzs /r/chadfish 09/06/19 03:53 AM
108 I’m very proud of this sub you men are exposing what women deny on a daily basis. I feel stupid for believing in all these lies told by my parents, PUAS, and people around me it’s almost embarrassing tbh. Anthony-waltzs /r/chadfish 06/06/19 12:58 AM
108 It's only been one day and wife beating Chad is already quite popular hhhh__ /r/chadfish 13/06/19 12:38 AM
107 White chad == GOD!! whitechad19 /r/chadfish 20/06/19 02:16 PM
107 Roastie posted this to her snapchat story, she figured it out too late and had already sent nudes KimberleeGrayDenino /r/chadfish 13/06/19 03:59 PM
106 Just be gentleman bro. gasda34 /r/chadfish 10/06/19 01:37 PM
106 One of the many old gems from my old Facebook chadfish account Johnnysmith12 /r/chadfish 03/06/19 07:53 PM
104 When you get more matches in 5 hours than your real profile got in 1 year with an ever lesser bio rlyrllysmart /r/chadfish 06/06/19 03:27 AM
99 They're coming for this sub PowerfulSausages /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 02:06 PM
99 Thought you’d all get a kick out of this one. Heil Chadler! ErnestJoe /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 03:33 AM
98 Chadpreet Fishing - Part 1 23423423423234324243 /r/chadfish 20/06/19 12:28 AM
98 Remember everyone, work on your personality and BE YOURSELF! sncvc /r/chadfish 09/06/19 12:41 PM
96 “If you made a hot girl account and sent these messages to guys the outcome would be the same.” This just proves our point even more Vortex_IQ /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 05:42 PM
96 There’s an entire subreddit dedicated to “creepy” PMs arissiro /r/chadfish 17/06/19 03:36 PM
95 Just discovered this sub, I've been laughing for like 20 minutes. This shit is 100 times funnier than those cheesy youtube vids with rental Ferarris and gold diggers. CheapManufacturer /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 10:40 PM
93 You: Poring over r/tinder for profile advice, submitting to photofeeler, optimizing your bio, just "being yourself". Chad: Solicited for a cuckold situation within approximately 10 minutes of matching with a girl. sncvc /r/chadfish 09/06/19 01:54 PM
93 read the newest reviews tinder iOS. notice how 99% of the reviews are from men complaining about not getting any matches yet on this subbreddit our catfish accounts are swimming in matches. dating is more skewed than previously believed Cool188 /r/Chadfish 19/06/19 04:04 AM
92 Using Lookism posts, Braincels posts, thread titles, whatever. It doesn't matter how autistic you are, they keep responding. Meanwhile, you? Rejected and unmatched after "Hey!" sncvc /r/chadfish 09/06/19 06:46 PM
91 E z M O D E erefishyfishy /r/chadfish 16/06/19 01:15 PM
91 Winnie the Gook girlinreallifetbh /r/chadfish 16/06/19 03:22 PM
91 Chad has an interesting fetish misterthrowoutside /r/chadfish 13/06/19 12:21 PM
88 Request: Nice guy Chad autistcel693 /r/chadfish 10/06/19 04:58 PM
87 Thought I matched with a fake, turned out to be the real girl. Called me out right away KimberleeGrayDenino /r/chadfish 14/06/19 03:19 PM
86 from 3 subscribers to 426 subscribers in just 24 hours. Great to see this sub growing blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 03/06/19 07:56 PM
83 RealChad Jon Skywalker shows us his twitter DMs blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 03/06/19 08:00 PM
83 My 24 hour chadfish has come to an end. These are the results erefishyfishy /r/chadfish 16/06/19 08:05 PM
82 The Atomic Blackpill Fofotron_Antoris /r/chadfish 16/06/19 02:42 AM
82 Racism is cool only when you're Chad WeenieHutJrCel /r/chadfish 12/06/19 07:17 PM
82 Stop using the name 'Chad' to chadfish overlycel /r/chadfish 09/06/19 06:11 PM
82 How to get chadfish pics in one easy step blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 02/06/19 07:04 PM
82 Request: Some of you who does these chadfish. Please make one with the chadguy being an engineer and make lego responses. AI_ALIEN /r/chadfish 05/06/19 02:22 PM
82 Have you tried telling women they're sex objects or killing animals? It works for this guy EggonTurdaryen /r/chadfish 03/06/19 08:25 AM
82 Child endangerment doesn't negate her interest in degenerate, wife beating Chad hhhh__ /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 08:13 AM
81 Idea: take the conversations from /r/niceguys screenshots and have Chad say them incelposter /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 05:50 PM
81 Chad has interesting thought process on nigga chicks and indians ABannedIncel9 /r/chadfish 14/06/19 05:11 AM
80 We are growing stronger everyday. r/Chadfish stats blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 19/06/19 06:23 PM
79 Man this stuff is so good empatheticapathetic /r/chadfish 14/06/19 12:35 AM
79 1488 Subscriber Special: Holocaust Revisionist Chad Gets Date. You: Rotting alone in your room, posting like a faggot about the "lack of good content on this sub". sncvc /r/chadfish 11/06/19 03:32 PM
78 4 days, hundreds of matches, goodnight Chad basedandchadpilled /r/chadfish 19/06/19 08:58 PM
78 How much longer till reddit bans/quarantines this sub or it gets raided by cucks? Reptilianoidcel /r/chadfish 10/06/19 01:55 AM
77 It didnt work, will try again basedandchadpilled /r/Chadfish 19/06/19 02:38 AM
77 Chad can have any girl he wants KimberleeGrayDenino /r/chadfish 14/06/19 11:17 PM
77 A single mother who doesn't want Jerks, One night stands, FWBs or Dick Pics breaks all of her rules and more for a Racist and severely autistic Chad. ChadThePsychopath /r/chadfish 12/06/19 02:38 AM
77 Daily reminder that if you're ugly this is creepy but if you're hot this is humor and having a good personality 🤡 LDARchamp /r/chadfish 18/06/19 04:14 AM
76 Take interesting, well lit pictures. Write about your goals/hobbies. When chatting, mention something about her bio, and be witty!... Chad who went to jail for beating his ex: hhhh__ /r/chadfish 12/06/19 01:06 AM
75 We did it boys fat_lesbians_lul /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 10:18 PM
75 Try a Depressed Chad Silverfox17421 /r/chadfish 10/06/19 11:53 AM
75 Want to thank this sub. AColossalMessIAm /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 06:08 AM
75 Women just wanna be respected. erefishyfishy /r/chadfish 16/06/19 05:24 PM
73 P E R S O N A L I T Y erefishyfishy /r/chadfish 16/06/19 06:06 PM
72 Don’t worry boyos, in 50 years our Tinder Chadfish experiments will be published in textbooks. IncelTearsIsLowIQ /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 01:05 AM
71 She swallows piscator111 /r/chadfish 12/06/19 11:51 AM
71 Catfished 2 girls into my restaurant Dish Pit. Muscle_Hernia /r/chadfish 17/06/19 11:25 PM
70 Thank you for this sub KHHVcurry /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 12:03 PM
70 [Request Fulfilled] Ask and Ye Shall Receive - SCAT CHAD Comes Forth With a Brownpill 💩 for the Masses to Swallow! ErnestJoe /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 01:50 AM
68 Chad doesn't want to play with two girls, he got Lego's to play with at home. AI_ALIEN /r/chadfish 08/06/19 09:08 PM
68 Women don't play hard to get when you are a chad. [X-POST on r/Braincels] LegendofPajeet /r/chadfish 08/06/19 02:10 PM
67 They love it when youre direct girlinreallifetbh /r/chadfish 16/06/19 11:10 PM
65 Matches going nowhere? Try the Thot Pickup Line™ hhhh__ /r/chadfish 06/06/19 06:46 AM
65 Still interested. Go figure. Chad beats gf to point of needing to call an ambulance. erefishyfishy /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 01:08 PM
64 Nothing new here, just another JFL moment. When I started on Tinder I watched a video about how you should try to make a joke based on what you see in her pictures or bio. JFL. arissiro /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 09:47 PM
63 I dont fuck pussy girlinreallifetbh /r/chadfish 16/06/19 08:12 PM
62 This sub is absolutely fantastic locomotronn /r/chadfish 16/06/19 08:48 PM
62 No such thing as a shitty joke when you're Chad WeenieHutJrCel /r/chadfish 12/06/19 07:47 PM
62 Record-breaking sociopathy displayed by a racist Chad. Chad admits he works with the Chinese government to send North Korean escapees back to their respective concentration camps. His date finds him interesting and sees him as long-term relationship material. ChadThePsychopath /r/chadfish 14/06/19 12:17 AM
61 chad with swastika pt 2 idgaf1488 /r/chadfish 09/06/19 02:55 AM
61 We should chadfish reddit Ji6abooJones /r/chadfish 17/06/19 08:20 AM
61 I'm literally screaming after every message mymdeaccount /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 12:59 AM
60 Chadpms Day 1 Results mymdeaccount /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 02:13 AM
60 getting dolled up for Chadfish. Shes going to get stood up! blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 05/06/19 03:47 AM
60 chadfishing, matched with a landwhale SJW. perfect oppurtunity to show how feminists will completely forget their politics if it means they have a chance with chad? tips? how should i go about doing this blacktually /r/chadfish 09/06/19 08:09 PM
60 If someone doesnt believe in the black pill they should just chadfish themselves. GLOBALWARMINGLORD /r/chadfish 19/06/19 03:56 PM
60 Imagine clowning yourself out for attention while girls literally throw themselves onto Chad palkia313 /r/chadfish 05/06/19 01:13 AM
59 Literally can say anything you want. erefishyfishy /r/chadfish 16/06/19 01:05 PM
59 INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC BLACKPILL - Permanently banned from r/braincels, removed, no mod explanation gigachadcel /r/chadfish 13/06/19 01:19 PM
58 #WasteHerTime2019 blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 16/06/19 06:32 PM
57 "You look good in that red dress" elegant_droid /r/chadfish 10/06/19 02:52 AM
57 In Soviet Chad, girl jestermaxxes for you! arissiro /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 04:56 AM
57 "Not looking to play, serious relationship only" minutes after sending her a picture of a massive cock. She sent nudes immediately after. Tits and pussy spread mgsgamer1 /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 06:59 PM
57 Chadpreet Fishing - Part 3: Took less than 100 words to get nudes. JFL 23423423423234324243 /r/chadfish 20/06/19 04:36 PM
56 Roastie mad she fell for Chadfish KimberleeGrayDenino /r/chadfish 14/06/19 09:46 PM
56 We do NOT have a offical discord server blackpillmaxxing /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 03:46 PM
56 I'm Fucking disgusted by these whores. Brutal black pill within the first 10 minutes of Chad fishing. I Fucking Hate women. Rage_Fuel123 /r/chadfish 15/06/19 03:55 AM
55 I was being cringe the whole time but she saw it as me being cocky. JFL at “working on your game”. Ji6abooJones /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 08:44 PM
55 Thanks for making my favorite cope a sub. Here are mine from 2 years ago. alicehermoine /r/chadfish 14/06/19 07:08 PM
54 MRW I see the chadfish get away with saying something hilariously absurd but then realize why. Poacher3145 /r/chadfish 17/06/19 05:13 AM
54 The fallacy with everyone’s chadfish experiments thus far..and why they haven’t proven much. SleepyFarmingRIP /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 06:30 PM
54 2019: Conservative morality = not wanting to bang a married woman after meeting her for forced small talk about her marketing job and dog or whatever at some shithole bar in New York City. sncvc /r/chadfish 10/06/19 06:47 PM
53 Hinge has some real hotties elegant_droid /r/chadfish 09/06/19 02:44 PM
53 Latina Stacy doesn’t mind Trump-supporting, woman-beating Chad. People change, sweetie! ErnestJoe /r/chadfish 20/06/19 03:35 AM
53 An "incel" chad would really piss off deniers 69HonkPill420 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 12:18 AM
52 Girls wanna be wooed and respected. erefishyfishy /r/chadfish 16/06/19 05:11 PM
52 It's all about respect and personality 🤡🤠. reeeren /r/chadfish 17/06/19 12:28 PM
51 Girl flaked on me, made a Chadfish, got tit pics from the same girl AverageGrammer /r/chadfish 16/06/19 10:59 PM
51 Maniac Chad can't put a stop to his psychopathic tendencies. Women will excuse even the most inhuman acts if its committed by a PSL8+ ChadThePsychopath /r/chadfish 12/06/19 12:15 AM
50 It's all about personality 🤡🤠 reeeren /r/chadfish 15/06/19 06:35 PM
50 REQUEST: gigachad escort account iloveyoudeft /r/chadfish 09/06/19 06:44 PM
50 Misogynistic chad (repost from r/incels) idgaf1488 /r/chadfish 09/06/19 02:56 AM
49 Chad NEET Mini_Nissan /r/chadfish 14/06/19 06:36 AM
49 Online dating experiment with Pig woman (male thirst at its finest)(pics) blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 02/06/19 06:36 PM
49 REQUEST THREAD post things you would like to see tested using Chad or Stacey experiments blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 03/06/19 02:12 AM
47 Chad gets compliments elegant_droid /r/chadfish 08/06/19 02:00 AM
47 Racist Trump supporter chadfish LegendofPajeet /r/chadfish 08/06/19 02:24 PM
46 2 messages. wingsofwongs /r/chadfish 19/06/19 10:37 AM
46 Tinder experiments dumb_intj /r/chadfish 03/06/19 12:47 AM
46 Request: Chad on Lesbian Dating Site MammothActuary /r/chadfish 20/06/19 04:30 AM
46 Video Women Flirt With Convicted Child R*pist (Commentary) blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 02/06/19 07:14 PM
46 [THERMOBARIC BLACKPILL] - Hole is just fine with Alt-Right Chad who sends people to a torture camp ErnestJoe /r/chadfish 21/06/19 03:04 AM
46 Lmao at the people in the comments calling him creepy. Would’ve worked if he was a chad and they would have called it “game” Ji6abooJones /r/Chadfish 19/06/19 01:52 AM
45 First time on Tinder chadistheword /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 09:36 PM
45 I did a Tinder experiment about 2 years ago before the atomic blackpill was released. Here are the results. TruthInBlack /r/chadfish 16/06/19 12:42 PM
45 Remember all those articles about incel face surgery? thatsrightamigo8989 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 12:28 AM
45 StBlackOps2cel(PBUH) after 72 hours in Thailand. Mayos out out out Reiterem /r/chadfish 15/06/19 11:15 AM
45 Bro my text game isn't bad but I can't consistently number close. I'm following all the PUA guides, trying to push/pull and escalate but my results are weak. Meanwhile: LDARchamp /r/chadfish 19/06/19 08:30 PM
44 Women just want R E S P E C T erefishyfishy /r/chadfish 16/06/19 06:12 PM
44 Are female standards getting even higher? bloyy /r/chadfish 09/06/19 10:23 PM
44 I tried chadfishing as an underage chad. I told 3 roasties 22, 24, 19 via message that i was actually 16. 2 of them said age wasn't an issue if there's consent. then I tld them tht I'll report you to the FBI and then she reported my account for being underage. That resulted in insta ban from tinder. throwawaylostdad /r/chadfish 17/06/19 08:56 AM
44 Quadroon Chad: Self-hating racist, still gets number. sncvc /r/chadfish 14/06/19 10:09 AM
43 Just make fun of their pictures bro ten_ton_chin /r/chadfish 19/06/19 07:53 PM
43 Child neglecting Chad check marks every red flag in the book. Will his dating interest reject him? Bonus: Chad shows us his true intentions for going for a dance on the dance floor. ChadThePsychopath /r/chadfish 12/06/19 08:01 PM
42 Wanna sleep over? idgaf1488 /r/chadfish 09/06/19 03:00 AM
41 21 matches in 2 hours. Darksoulae /r/chadfish 12/06/19 05:49 PM
41 All about that personality. erefishyfishy /r/chadfish 16/06/19 04:07 PM
41 How to chadfish-bomb morons on /r/tinder? chudur-budur /r/chadfish 18/06/19 04:36 AM
41 Logged into my chadfish cause I was bored and holy shit. This is the same chad with the “misogynistic” bio by the way. Ji6abooJones /r/chadfish 16/06/19 08:35 PM
40 Request: the one we've all been waiting for MayflyEng /r/chadfish 10/06/19 02:29 PM
40 IT is going after this sub. Someone needs to backup everything here and we need a designated backup place to go. 69HonkPill420 /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 01:55 PM
40 This is why incels are growing in numbers. Tinder isn't real life, sweaty bloyy /r/chadfish 10/06/19 04:43 PM
39 Real chad rejecting women chadfishcucks /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 04:11 AM
39 Just a small warning to you guys. Based_Evola /r/chadfish 09/06/19 06:28 AM
39 Chad that responds with 1 word replies only deniz2694 /r/chadfish 12/06/19 12:50 AM
39 [REQUEST] Send a dick picture and let's see the reaction EggonTurdaryen /r/chadfish 15/06/19 11:29 PM
39 Extremely racist Chad has a problem with people who don't have white skin and has no regard for human life. At the end of the day though, his date sees him suitable for a long-term relationship. ChadThePsychopath /r/chadfish 13/06/19 05:23 PM
37 Are you standing me up? idgaf1488 /r/chadfish 09/06/19 11:49 AM
37 This Guy’s Tinder Experiment Shows How Girls Respond To Creepy Messages From Hot Guys, And It’s Quite Shocking blackpillmaxxing /r/chadfish 09/06/19 12:52 AM
37 Request: Do a Chadfishing with looking for a relationship not just sex with a horrible, violent bio overlycel /r/chadfish 19/06/19 09:43 PM
37 I didn't even create a gay account. This dude was posing as a female and straight up offered money right away. Gonna see if he will bring cash somewhere and meet up with Chad. I'll have him send a picture holding the money at the place. mgsgamer1 /r/chadfish 08/06/19 07:14 PM
36 JFL if you aren't linking normies to /r/chadfish. This is the gateway to the truth BlackpillSalesman /r/chadfish 18/06/19 04:42 AM
36 Chad comes clean in a revelation of pure honesty. A teacher is momentarily disgusted with Chad's values. Now that Chad is a changed man, will she give him a chance to take her out on a date that will lead to a ONS? ChadThePsychopath /r/chadfish 13/06/19 01:29 AM
36 She said she is looking for someone to play with her hair anemic9mm /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 02:10 PM
36 Chad gets a hole to agree with White Nationalism and Nazi propaganda. “I like your conspiracies!” ErnestJoe /r/chadfish 20/06/19 03:52 AM
35 Chad found true love lll10210 /r/chadfish 19/06/19 09:18 PM
35 "On Bail for 3 sexual assaults" idgaf1488 /r/chadfish 09/06/19 03:01 AM
35 3/10 BeckyFish tinder experiment youtube video blackpillmaxxing /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 06:13 PM
35 This sub’s probably going to get quarantined by badmins isn’t it macribs11 /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 10:15 PM
35 Idea: Make profiles of chad and tell all matches that you’re actually 16 or 17. Try to get their location, then call the cops or tell them you’re going to call the cops. Atomic_Throwaway /r/chadfish 08/06/19 12:24 PM
35 Wants GigaChadriguez and proceeds to insult her own men JFL WeenieHutJrCel /r/chadfish 12/06/19 07:05 PM
34 Are you here teehee? idgaf1488 /r/chadfish 05/06/19 09:52 AM
34 Real Chads are rare on dating apps MammothActuary /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 01:24 AM
34 What happens if Chad sends dick pics? EggonTurdaryen /r/chadfish 17/06/19 01:57 PM
34 “Why do so many vaginas look like roast beef?” Roastie then goes on to contradict herself hentaiguy3000 /r/chadfish 16/06/19 04:22 PM
34 This is a comment I once read on r/tinder: "People shouldn't say overtly sexual things right off the bat. He should make non-sexual conversation or ask her out like a normal person" hhhh__ /r/chadfish 18/06/19 01:20 AM
34 Roasties ghost Chad even if they are all over his dick and sent nudes KimberleeGrayDenino /r/chadfish 13/06/19 03:12 PM
34 I don’t get it I just don’t understand it? Obviously looks matter, clearly evident. But I don’t understand why women deny this very fact and will lie, fight tooth and nail, for people to not know this knowledge. For men they don’t even want?? Anthony-waltzs /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 12:01 AM
33 One more KimberleeGrayDenino /r/chadfish 14/06/19 09:50 PM
33 This sub inspires me SomeoneInEurope /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 12:01 AM
33 Make a chadfish website BlackpillSalesman /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 04:10 PM
33 All jokes aside. Try Chadfishing if you have aspergers and want to learn how to hold conversations with women/girls who has a great deep personality. Don't be an ass. Be the best version of yourself and grow. AI_ALIEN /r/chadfish 10/06/19 11:42 AM
33 "You literally look like an Abercrombie model" elegant_droid /r/Chadfish 08/06/19 04:16 PM
32 REQUEST: Dicklet Chad archeoninja /r/chadfish 10/06/19 02:15 PM
32 This is how chads live. LegendofPajeet /r/chadfish 10/06/19 06:11 PM
32 The ultimate chadfish (request) Real_Nigga_by_Trade /r/chadfish 13/06/19 01:11 PM
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32 I just realized Chadfishing (and Catfishing) is a goldmine of priceless social science data, with a narrow window of opportunity to gather. Forrest-93 /r/chadfish 16/06/19 07:53 AM
31 In the mind of Chad 145IQ /r/chadfish 13/06/19 06:27 AM
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29 just got nudes in 6 messages MammothSquare /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 05:26 AM
29 I went another route, is this still of this subreddits interest? AI_ALIEN /r/chadfish 07/06/19 10:30 PM
29 Chad: Norwegian ethno-nationalist, not-so-subtle racist... But don't worry, he still got her number and a date. sncvc /r/chadfish 13/06/19 03:13 PM
28 Anyone wants to accept this challenge? altcentrism /r/chadfish 17/06/19 04:26 AM
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28 Landwhale experiment on tinder, part 2! youtube video blackpillmaxxing /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 06:17 PM
28 Everything you say about Chad, how he is treated, and how you are treated, is true. It is called the halo effect and it has been known about for 99 years. I doubt it has ever been as bad as it is in today's day and age. https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-the-halo-effect-2795906 ArmondDillo /r/chadfish 15/06/19 08:08 AM
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25 Compilation of Chadfish convos from u/XxPenisMonkeyxX . No matter how stupid your jokes are, they will be considered attractive if a chad says them LegendofPajeet /r/chadfish 08/06/19 02:16 PM
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25 "what's wrong with wanting the best mate possible?" Volcelcope /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 09:01 AM
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15 PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the increased attention and scrutiny of this subreddit we have decided to up our mod team, be inclusive, and make some changes thanosisright188 /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 07:50 PM
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13 Chadfishers pose as jihadi chad and make roasties join al nusra GLOBALWARMINGLORD /r/chadfish 19/06/19 12:53 PM
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10 The blackpill extends to every aspect of life - how your looks shape your personality krauser76 /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 04:55 AM
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8 What should put in the Bio of my Chadfish?? Rage_Fuel123 /r/chadfish 15/06/19 03:23 AM
8 It's Monday, sure. That doesn't mean I'm letting you guys off easy. You don't have to click this link if you don't want. sncvc /r/chadfish 10/06/19 11:16 PM
8 Attention lurkers: Don’t hate the player, hate the game IncelTearsIsLowIQ /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 05:36 PM
8 Light skinned brotha chad retiring about 12 hours piscator111 /r/chadfish 16/06/19 10:09 PM
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7 Foid I was text messaging with my Tyronefish is talking about she wants to be wifed up, despite not being wife material and having 7 bodies. JFL Johnnysmith12 /r/chadfish 12/06/19 09:48 PM
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2 Literal blackpill title HAHAHAHAHHA Gaybey /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 10:52 PM
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2 How do I make my tinder profile look real? WaegukSaramx /r/chadfish 13/06/19 10:34 PM
2 Chad gets away with: PSL lingo, severe racism, ageism. He still gets responses. You: deliberately working on your profile, trying to be a decent human being, getting ignored and zero matches. sncvc /r/chadfish 09/06/19 01:01 PM
2 "You know, I know this Chad doesn't exist. I know that when I put him on my profile, Tinder is telling the foid brain that he is looks and status maxed. After one week, you know what I realize? [Swipes right] Ignorance is bliss." sncvc /r/chadfish 15/06/19 01:44 AM
2 MRW I see the chadfish getaway with something hilariously absurd and then realizing why. Poacher3145 /r/Chadfish 17/06/19 05:00 AM
2 JBW bros, you can mog Chad in east Asia even if you look like retarded skinhead... just_give_me_noodles /r/chadfish 15/06/19 09:26 PM
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2 Can we agree location plays a HUGE role (I know...not good fit for this sub but...) just_give_me_noodles /r/chadfish 19/06/19 03:25 PM
2 As of 6-21-19, we have just as many viewers as a sub with 90-100k subs IncelTearsIsLowIQ /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 11:04 PM
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1 Where to Chadfish? okcupidmale /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 07:22 PM
1 This is fucked up! revenge-bot /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 11:27 PM
1 Tip for chadfishing thanosisright188 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 09:50 PM
1 Which one is it? Lmao Johnnysmith12 /r/Chadfish 08/06/19 11:06 PM
1 best way to get pics? de_faust100 /r/chadfish 09/06/19 12:48 AM
1 How do you guys cope? locomotronn /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 01:32 AM
1 HAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE! Kormaken /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 10:05 PM
1 This sub is now cucked. ScreamingHippy /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 04:34 PM
1 I had to give it a try foxyshizzam /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 06:20 PM
1 Pics blurry? How to fix? aork39t /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 04:40 AM
1 Best cities to chadfish? KimberleeGrayDenino /r/chadfish 14/06/19 01:02 PM
1 My first chadfish match XxPenisMonkeyxX /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 04:42 PM
1 Leaving this cucked sub Reptilianoidcel /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 03:07 AM
1 What content do you want? sncvc /r/chadfish 09/06/19 03:48 PM
1 Whats wrong with my Chad? VikkBlack /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 09:10 AM
1 I've created /r/RealChadFish TransPplArentPpl /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 07:38 PM
1 Women overlook my rude talk idgaf1488 /r/chadfish 11/06/19 07:11 AM
1 I've lost faith in the world BazineNetal /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 01:05 PM
1 Chadfish talking to Catfish freebsdlego1 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 07:31 PM
1 CHADFISH MORE LIKE SHITFISH Ropewhenuroutofcope /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 08:37 PM
1 this sub makes me really sad tradal /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 11:43 PM
1 80/20 Rule Confirmed by Women MammothActuary /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 03:15 PM
1 80/20 Rule Confirmed by Women MammothActuary /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 03:21 PM
1 Foids have way too much power shmarkenbarken /r/chadfish 14/06/19 05:58 AM
1 Women just wanna be respected. erefishyfishy /r/Chadfish 16/06/19 05:15 PM
1 This Is Life on Tutorial Mode RoastiePostie /r/chadfish 21/06/19 05:30 AM
1 All hands, ABANDON THE SUB NOW EmpireInFlames89 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 06:11 PM
1 REMOVE THE FOID MODERATOR NOW C0nserve /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 06:18 PM
1 r/chadfish has been chadfished. thanosisright188 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 08:34 PM
1 Brutal Ricepill for Asian Men MammothActuary /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 04:31 AM
1 This sub has a roastie mod now AlarmedSign /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 03:17 PM
1 When they say “This sub is dead” HouselessGamer /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 05:07 PM
1 Just shut up and leave already Pirateangel113 /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 12:19 AM
1 This sub came and went so fast bo2zombiesisthebest /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 02:37 AM
1 I thought the natsoc gang liked 👌 trixiethewhore /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 03:57 PM
1 Request BBCfish a cuckold couple procatfishing /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 09:11 PM
1 My honest experience chadfishing YBOXES /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 02:54 AM
1 can someone link me chadfish pics blackpilledmegacoper /r/chadfish 15/06/19 07:20 PM
1 Women just wanna feel special bro erefishyfishy /r/Chadfish 16/06/19 05:12 PM
1 Where do you get your chad photos? YBOXES /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 07:17 PM
1 “Write something about her profile” bloyy /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 09:54 PM
1 How do i change location on tinder? manletcope /r/chadfish 15/06/19 04:39 PM
1 request: Springfeel Chad. Springfeel! just_give_me_noodles /r/chadfish 17/06/19 06:08 PM
1 Someone please do Chad the impaler MayflyEng /r/chadfish 20/06/19 04:17 AM
1 may as well rename the sub r/soyfish personalityjestercel /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 05:03 PM
1 If you're in the USA, start chadfishing kekeface12345 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 08:12 PM
1 Yo feel fucking terrible about my self Pirateangel113 /r/chadfish 16/06/19 01:31 PM
1 Request: female st blackops2cel profile XxPenisMonkeyxX /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 02:33 AM
1 Online number service - Not google voice Rafuse /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 05:48 PM
1 One of the best Chadfishes of all time dopesk1 /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 07:59 AM
1 They say this sub doesn't prove anything paco321 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 04:44 PM
1 Alright fags. You don't like the mod team ? thanosisright188 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 05:09 PM
1 She wouldn't even spit on me in real life elegant_droid /r/Chadfish 09/06/19 05:27 AM
1 Has anyone experimented with reply times? bookloverphile /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 05:34 PM
1 This sub is officially cucked. This was my favorite new sub too. Too bad. FUCK THIS PLACE AND FUCK FOIDS gyangyanman /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 05:21 PM
1 This sub has convinced me to finally buy a 🔫 OBS_P /r/chadfish 11/06/19 11:25 PM
1 Meet Graham. The known pedophile, tier 3 sex offender, and ex con. (I used my personal Tinder. Let's do some GrahamFish 🤣😂) verideth_01 /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 02:54 AM
1 [META] New Mods: Why It Shouldn’t Be Happening KnightOfSantiago /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 03:51 AM
1 Have you ever tried meeting girls with your chadfish? Muscle_Hernia /r/chadfish 20/06/19 01:54 PM
1 [Request] Chadfish this subs two roastie mods. 23423423423234324243 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 04:39 PM
1 I've been incel for awhile, but the posts here really get to me roach292 /r/chadfish 17/06/19 03:22 AM
1 What are some pics I can use for chadfishing? stonertrial /r/chadfish 20/06/19 07:31 PM
1 Welcome to the new r/chadfish its better than getting banned. procatfishing /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 03:41 PM
1 You are now out of the echochamber. Have some fucking decency. Pirateangel113 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 05:48 PM
1 Has anyone actually invited a girl on a date? DarthSpectra /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 07:55 PM
1 Women go for status. And status can be seen in these chadfish's pics dopesk1 /r/chadfish 20/06/19 12:37 AM
1 To Blackpillers: The end result will always be women losing their rights. Trying to appeal to normie ideals is a waste of breath. rapthrowaway1120 /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 10:48 PM
1 Just a friendly reminder that the real, actual, legitimate chadfish sub with no foid mods is now up. Sol_BadguyV2 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 08:29 PM
1 /r/realchadfish is the new sub, GO THERE INSTEAD suptho /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 09:15 PM
1 Fit Chad or Fat Rich Ugly guy? Who scores more? tttulio /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 10:08 PM
1 Will this Chad who is a child abuser and has a mental disorder still get the girl of my dream?? Let's find out AI_ALIEN /r/chadfish 06/06/19 10:02 AM
1 It's only been one day, and wife beating Chad is already popular. hhhh__ /r/chadfish 12/06/19 10:46 PM
1 It's only been one day and wife beating Chad is already quite popular hhhh__ /r/chadfish 12/06/19 11:19 PM
1 I think I know a sub which I hate more than IT. It’s againsthatesubreddits throwawaylostdad /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 11:33 AM
1 My Discord account was banned because I was in the Chadfish Discord 4070 /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 12:12 PM
1 Request: Make a catfish with a hot girl and say she has raped little boys and other awful stuff. Either we prove hot people get away with anything or we prove men have better taste than women SomeTurdInTheWind /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 09:41 PM
1 TFW its happening to this sub too, ABANDON SHIP tencubbies2 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 06:50 PM
1 Why Does It Matter Who's a Mod When Chadfishing? Wildfire48 /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 01:17 AM
1 OMG like girls don’t even read the bio and other copes list empatheticapathetic /r/chadfish 14/06/19 02:06 PM
1 How long it takes till ur Chadfish account gets banned usually? pico_graham_4_13 /r/chadfish 17/06/19 05:01 PM
1 jbw? got 2 messages today on a real account from china, sk from 8/10s just by texting there...or is it bots? just_give_me_noodles /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 05:03 PM
1 [request] chad who agrees with blackpill ideology and refers to women as "femoids" MRinvalidusername /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 04:45 PM
1 Can you guys advise how to set up Chadfish with fake phone number? BillyCostiganBoston /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 07:32 PM
1 Repost from my profile but relevant to this sub. Red flags? What does that mean? TheColdColdAbyss /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 09:28 PM
1 Fragile blackpilld incels sperging over content providing mod IIlIlIllI /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 12:16 AM
1 How does it feel that your founders turned cuck and handed your sub over to women? XxPenisMonkeyxX /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 07:41 AM
1 You: Posting on photofeeler, optimizing bio, poring over forums for ELO tips to get more matches. Chad: Getting the green light within 2 messages. LMAO. sncvc /r/Chadfish 09/06/19 01:52 PM
1 Using Lookism thread and Braincels post on girls, they still keep responding. It doesn't matter what you say. sncvc /r/Chadfish 09/06/19 06:45 PM
1 A simple request to just hammer in the blackpill : Make a legitimate tinder profile and a second chadfish account, have the same bio on both, and have both up for a week, screenshot how many matches you get then compare the results. cando0 /r/Chadfish 10/06/19 03:33 AM
1 Chad Lego Goes Chad Daddy and She ain't saying No. Just be gentle at first whatever that means. AI_ALIEN /r/chadfish 10/06/19 03:49 PM
1 How to properly set up a chadfish in a different country? nohopebringtherope /r/Chadfish 15/06/19 12:07 PM
1 Tip for those who have trouble changing location pico_graham_4_13 /r/chadfish 17/06/19 05:11 PM
1 Is there really a limit as to how many times you can restore your tinder gold account after deleting it? noodlepussy /r/chadfish 18/06/19 04:18 AM
1 How the fuck do you set up a chadfish on pof? And who claimed it was easy to set up? PowerfulSausages /r/chadfish 19/06/19 07:05 AM
1 Bro I feel like my text game is solid but I can't number close consistently. Maybe if I watch more PUA field videos and pay for some courses ill get better results. Meanwhile: LDARchamp /r/chadfish 19/06/19 08:22 PM
1 Be N-Nice to them. Meanwhile noodlewhores to white guys whitechad19 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 03:29 PM
1 Chad's epic personality made her swipe right guys TheColdColdAbyss /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 10:41 PM
1 [Request] someone do Convicted Rapist Brock Turner. Norman_T_Chadlite /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 11:06 PM
1 Why do women always feel the need to invade male spaces? What do they hope to accomplish? Hope the decision was worth it good job ruining a good sub mods.. Anthony-waltzs /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 11:13 PM
1 Pictures of this profile went viral on dozens of mainstream news outlets with headlines like "human trash." I bet he gets 30+ matches a day. SemiLoquacious /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 12:50 AM
1 [Request] Chad has a committed long-term girlfriend and they want a second girl to join them long-term teelolws /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 07:24 AM
1 https://www.reddit.com/r/Braincels/comments/bxeguc/my_hobby_is_standing_up_women/ idgaf1488 /r/chadfish 06/06/19 08:56 AM
1 Child neglecting Chad check mark very red flag in the book. Will his dating interest reject him? Bonus: Chad shows us his true intentions for going for a dance on the dance floor. ChadThePsychopath /r/chadfish 12/06/19 07:58 PM
1 First 10 mins, what the fuck. Ngl i wanted to prove you guys wrong alexius339 /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 12:34 PM
1 To lurkers: This sub represents why women shouldn't have rights. rapthrowaway1120 /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 04:27 PM
1 Simps are complaining that “guys are the same” when it comes to women’s degeneracy around Chad. Can a few people do a Stacy/Beckyfish? IncelTearsIsLowIQ /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 12:14 AM
1 Request: ugly/average rich guy profile. For instance, someone with expensive clothes, an expensive car, and so on. Augchad /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 01:44 AM
1 backup for screenshots and imgur albums posted on this sub wbeqoiubnjk3jbk23 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 11:03 AM
1 Tfw you come here to laugh but just end up losing what little faith you had left in the human species Incelible /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 11:14 AM
1 The ultimate suicide fuel. Anyone brave to do this ? Chadfish your own mother. thanosisright188 /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 12:54 PM
1 To be honest Chadfish is quite an old concept and there's a guy who's been doing it since 2015 in real life. He's male model from Australia and he'd come up to girls and say some ridiculous bullshit and they'd still giggle and give him his phonenumber. Check these black girls reaction. BillyCostiganBoston /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 08:14 PM
1 this subbreddit is for pussies now. the moderators couldn’t even last a few months without kneeling down to women. if the subbreddit gets banned, let it. you lost the respect of all your users with a backbone. Cool188 /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 12:34 AM
1 Pictures of this profile went viral in mainstream news sites internationally with headlines such as "human trash." This man probably gets 30+ matches a day. SemiLoquacious /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 12:48 AM
1 “Sweetie your little inxczel experiments don’t work. No wonder they never give you their snaps!” ErnestJoe /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 01:43 AM
1 Females didn’t build society, females haven’t fought or contributed in any major wars, there have never been any great female geniuses, there are no original female artists, females haven’t invented anything, most females are incapable of thinking logically, females can only love conditionally holelove /r/Chadfish 24/06/19 09:20 AM
0 nigga mrkakti /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 04:51 PM
0 Advice. XxPenisMonkeyxX /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 11:28 PM
0 gamer moment banjineer /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 07:36 PM
0 yall ugly lol tullyyeahnah /r/Chadfish 16/06/19 03:19 AM
0 Quick question rHiMrBob /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 06:58 AM
0 But why though ahobhitstail /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 09:37 PM
0 The IT cucks won. CuckCuckITChicken /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 11:40 PM
0 Bumble verification basedandchadpilled /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 06:26 PM
0 6"5, 6/7 face = 1000+ matches gorillabuttclap /r/chadfish 19/06/19 11:19 AM
0 Is ‘TYRONE FISHING’ a thing?? jaymitch33 /r/chadfish 21/06/19 05:00 AM
0 What's the point of this sub? Hokaido251 /r/chadfish 14/06/19 01:47 PM
0 Actually Pretend to be Chad MammothActuary /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 06:00 PM
0 We Have An Emergency, Houston! spottheinkwel /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 06:23 AM
0 this should be a trend hahaha coincoinnnnnn /r/chadfish 11/06/19 04:22 AM
0 My Chadfish experiment begins... trump-did-911 /r/chadfish 21/06/19 05:20 AM
0 [serious]How does it feel to be you? throwedxman /r/Chadfish 18/06/19 10:13 AM
0 Old Discord is Banned & New One is Up NacTeas /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 03:29 PM
0 Even my chadfish doesn't stand a chance 😂😂💀💀💀💀 Wert44 /r/chadfish 17/06/19 09:05 PM
0 I am a female and I support Chadfishing procatfishing /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 06:51 PM
0 Started a new chadfish. Going well so far. erefishyfishy /r/chadfish 15/06/19 09:08 PM
0 Chadfish banned from tinder. What do I do? Augchad /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 04:28 AM
0 Anyone knows how I can get my tinder gold subscription back? NoodlezzFucker /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 02:21 PM
0 Its only a matter of time before this gets quarantined crotalbluv /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 07:07 PM
0 Chadfishing shows that women's rights were a mistake? rapthrowaway1120 /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 02:24 AM
0 If you want Chadfishing and other Black Pill content to go viral let's try sharing it at @BlackPillCenter on Twitter to see if we can spread it SomeTurdInTheWind /r/chadfish 17/06/19 10:56 AM
0 JFL got a few foids to send me their numbers within minutes of matching chadfishercel /r/chadfish 18/06/19 12:40 AM
0 Are you trying to show that a woman would do anything to sleep with her dream guy? freebsdlego1 /r/chadfish 20/06/19 05:26 AM
0 The most brutal thing one can do is as for a selfish and then ghost normietinder /r/chadfish 20/06/19 06:40 PM
0 You know what the most brutal fucking part of this is? You know what’s an even blacker pill than the shit foids will say to Chad? ErnestJoe /r/chadfish 20/06/19 10:26 PM
0 This catfish video is fire! greatest catfish of all time!!!!!!! coincoinnnnnn /r/chadfish 11/06/19 02:26 PM
0 Not very related but i "normiefished" /r/braincels and they felt for it, result? they banned me lol just_give_me_noodles /r/chadfish 17/06/19 11:01 PM
0 How many posts on this sub do you all think is fake? I would say over half are fake. MegaMcFisty /r/chadfish 19/06/19 08:14 AM
0 I tried to be Chad. It didn’t work („fake it until you make it” haha) vivelempereur1804 /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 07:29 PM
0 How many matches do YOU actually get on tinder using YOUR pics? dopesk1 /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 01:19 PM
0 You guys must realize a considerable amount of people use these apps just to get laid. Of course they aren't looking for "quality guys." You really aren't proving anything about females on a larger scale. Stoolsamplers /r/Chadfish 23/06/19 01:09 AM
0 I wanted to chadfish now but it got even better... just_give_me_noodles /r/chadfish 20/06/19 06:29 PM
0 Why there should be only be a limited anount of chad fish Pirateangel113 /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 08:03 PM
0 This is my 19 year old, 6’7 ChadBinLadenFish: Osama Paka Plough.. His dad was a 6’8 taliban member that was associated with Al Qaeda and his mother was stoned to death for starring too long at another man. Mr. Plough is a young man looking for a woman that can be more faithful than his mother was holelove /r/chadfish 19/06/19 01:05 PM
0 anyone not getting as good results as others here? blackpilledmegacoper /r/chadfish 17/06/19 07:57 PM
0 Suppose your real pics got matches from hot women and they were DTF. What would you do? tortieaway /r/chadfish 20/06/19 07:19 AM
0 ATTENTION: To the brigaders/lurkers who are viewing this subreddit from r/inceltears thanosisright188 /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 05:26 PM
0 [Suggestion] State your chadfishing success rate. An estimate would be fine. SilverGryphon /r/Chadfish 21/06/19 08:56 PM
0 Simps are complaining that “guys are the same” when it comes to women’s degeneracy around Chad. can a few people Stacy/Beckyfish? IncelTearsIsLowIQ /r/Chadfish 22/06/19 12:26 AM

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