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Ian Ironwood26/08/17 02:01 PM

Ian Ironwood15/05/15 06:14 PM

femininity, feminism, Manosphere, marriage, Millennial, red pillIan Ironwood13/05/15 05:40 PM

art, Prefeminist art, Rudy NappiIan Ironwood31/03/15 08:09 PM

Army, Campus Sexual Assault, College, feminism, Manosphere, MGTOW, military, Navy, rape, Trade, Vocation, workIan Ironwood09/02/15 07:01 PM

AVfM, Black Knight, feminism, Manosphere, microaggression, Red Knight, red pill, SJWIan Ironwood24/12/14 03:04 AM

alpha moves, attraction, Body Language, Breaking Beta, commitment, competition, Female Social Matrix, feminism, husband, marriage 2.0, mate Guarding, red pill marriage, Red Pill Wife, wifeIan Ironwood17/12/14 05:12 PM

Ian Ironwood29/10/14 02:51 PM

Dr. Emily Nagoski, female sexual psychology, feminism, male dominance, Male Sexual Entitlement, responsive desire, spontaneous desire, The Sex NerdIan Ironwood17/10/14 04:21 PM

Anatomy of Beta, Breaking Beta, Chump, Female Social Entitlement, Friendzone, LJBF, Male Sexual EntitlementIan Ironwood08/10/14 04:17 PM

Ian Ironwood22/09/14 07:46 PM

Alpha, alpha presentation, Anatomy of Beta, Breaking Beta, Manosphere, masculinity, positive masculinity, red pill, Red Pill RedditIan Ironwood10/09/14 03:12 PM

First Officer, girl game, male dominance, red pill, red pill marriage, Red Pill Reddit, Red Pill Women Reddit, RPW, TRPIan Ironwood04/09/14 03:56 PM

alpha game, College, feminism, game, Puerarchy, red pillIan Ironwood21/08/14 02:42 PM

feminism, Loyalty, marriage, marriage 2.0, red pill marriage, Red Pill Wives, Wife TestIan Ironwood01/08/14 04:46 PM

#WomenAgainstFeminism, feminismIan Ironwood28/07/14 04:53 PM

Blue Pill, Breaking Beta, feminism, married game, red pill marriage, Rollo, Spreadsheet Man, Spreadsheet WomanIan Ironwood25/07/14 02:40 PM

approach, Blue Pill, combat dating, Emily Nagoski, feminism, feminist advice, red pill dating, sex nerdIan Ironwood21/07/14 03:46 PM

Ian Ironwood18/07/14 02:45 PM

Ian Ironwood15/07/14 06:31 PM

Ian Ironwood08/07/14 02:51 PM

Birth Control, Female Social Matrix, game, marriage, Patriarchy 2.0, red pill, reproductive coercion, reproductive strategy, RISUG, VasagelIan Ironwood27/06/14 03:50 PM

"Follow Your Heart", Alpha, alpha presentation, attraction, Female Social Matrix, female solipsism, feminism, happily ever after, mating strategy, Pornography, Rationalization Hamster, romanceIan Ironwood24/06/14 07:04 PM

communication, Disposition, female sexual psychology, male dominance, Pleasant Disposition, Receptivity, red pill, red pill marriage, Wife TestIan Ironwood18/06/14 07:07 PM

art, Father's Day, feminism, Manosphere, manosphere postersIan Ironwood06/06/14 04:15 PM

Ian Ironwood04/06/14 04:08 PM

Elliot Rodgers, feminism, game, guns, men's mysteries, Patriarchy, Patriarchy 2.0, red pill, sonsIan Ironwood28/05/14 04:38 PM

contempt, divorce, dread, feminism, Heartiste, preselection, Radical Feminism, Susan WalshIan Ironwood22/05/14 04:18 PM

Fungibility, Hard Sell, mate Guarding, preselection, red pill, UltimatumIan Ironwood21/05/14 03:59 PM

art, female sexual psychology, male sexuality, red pill marriageIan Ironwood19/05/14 04:33 PM

Athol Kay, feminism, gender roles, ideology, male dominance, masculine power, power structures, praxeology, red pill marriage, Roosh V.Ian Ironwood13/05/14 04:24 PM

activity, family, health, physical health, red pill marriage, sex, Wife TestIan Ironwood23/04/14 07:51 PM

alpha presentation, combat dating, dating, girl game, personal ad, red pill dating, the wallIan Ironwood14/04/14 03:06 PM

combat dating, Corporate feminism, dating, feminism, Manosphere, Misandry, online dating,, pre-dateIan Ironwood08/04/14 02:52 PM

Ian Ironwood12/02/14 03:59 PM

Ian Ironwood05/02/14 04:32 PM

Anatomy of Beta, Corporate feminism, female psychology, Female Social Matrix, game, marriage, married gameIan Ironwood27/01/14 04:26 PM

attractiveness, cosmetics, Hair, wardrobe, wife selection, Wife TestIan Ironwood17/01/14 04:57 PM

alpha moves, married game, Mrs. Ironwood, new year, Patriarchy 2.0, red pillIan Ironwood03/01/14 05:18 PM

Ian Ironwood18/12/13 09:00 PM

cooking, couples, courtship, dating, domesticity, female psychology, household, husband, kitchen, marital relations, marriage, married game, red pill marriage, vetting, wife, wife selection, Wife TestIan Ironwood21/11/13 07:41 PM

argument, fighting, marital relations, marriage, married game, red pill marriage, rules of engagement, weddingsIan Ironwood11/11/13 04:28 PM

1920s, 1950s, ambition, feminism, industry, red pill marriage, Wife Test, workIan Ironwood04/11/13 03:40 PM

Alpha buff, Breaking Beta, competition, Manosphere, masculinity, sportsIan Ironwood31/10/13 03:09 PM

Alpha Move, Athol Kay, Breaking Beta, female sexual psychology, male sexuality, married game, red pill marriageIan Ironwood23/10/13 07:47 PM

feminism, gay men, homosexuality, Manosphere, MRM, stonewall riotsIan Ironwood16/10/13 08:12 PM

Ian Ironwood04/10/13 03:24 PM

Alpha buff, Alpha Move, Blue Pill, game, male dominance, married game, red pill, red pill marriage, romanceIan Ironwood27/09/13 03:28 PM

feminism, Rationalization Hamster, red flags, red pill alert, red pill marriage, solipsism, Vox Day, wife selection, Wife TestIan Ironwood12/09/13 08:33 PM

Anatomy of Beta, communication, female solipsism, relationship, shit testIan Ironwood11/09/13 03:57 PM

Challenge, girl game, Invitation, marriage, red pill marriageIan Ironwood07/08/13 03:05 PM

Blogspawn, feminism, Manosphere, Morpheus Manfred, Puerarchy, The PuerarchyIan Ironwood18/07/13 02:49 PM

Ian Ironwood27/06/13 04:14 PM

Ian Ironwood24/06/13 04:19 PM

Ian Ironwood19/06/13 04:26 PM

Crime, Father's Day, Ironwood Initiative, Papa Ironwood, Patriarchy, Patriarchy 2.0, SpiceIan Ironwood16/06/13 07:08 PM

Ian Ironwood11/06/13 08:14 PM

Alpha, Book, Ian Ironwood, Manosphere, masculinity, men, MGTOW, MRA, red pillIan Ironwood05/06/13 04:45 PM

Ian Ironwood31/05/13 05:04 PM

Female Social Matrix, Manosphere, manosphere posters, pintrestIan Ironwood29/05/13 04:47 AM

army navy misandry, civilization, Dr. Schwarz, military, rapeIan Ironwood25/05/13 02:06 PM

Alpha buff, alpha presentation, crisis management, Male Social Matrix, marriage, marriage 2.0, red pill, red pill marriageIan Ironwood22/05/13 06:46 PM

Blue Pill, commitment, courage, fear, Manosphere, marriage, masculinity, red pill, red pill marriage, riskIan Ironwood21/05/13 08:35 PM

Alpha buff, Alpha Move, Anatomy of Beta, Bravery, Breaking Beta, Charles Ramsey, courage, Domination, Heroes, Jeff Bliss, masculine power, PowerIan Ironwood10/05/13 06:08 PM

Dr. Peggy Drexler, drop out, Future Of Men, Herbivores, Manosphere, MGTOW, red pillIan Ironwood17/04/13 09:02 PM

Batshit Crazy, mental health, red pill marriage, Wife TestIan Ironwood16/04/13 02:56 PM

Corporate feminism, Crab Basket, Dr. Peggy Drexler, Female Social Matrix, Office Game, Queen BeesIan Ironwood13/04/13 03:41 AM

c-card, commitment, female psychology, marriage, weddings, womenIan Ironwood26/03/13 07:59 PM

beards, Beta Revolt, Bilbo Baggins, Breaking Beta, Dwarves, masculinity, men, MGTOW, Peter Jackson, red pill, The HobbitIan Ironwood22/03/13 03:33 PM

Alpha Move, Boobs, Breaking Beta, girl game, man up, red pill, red pill marriageIan Ironwood20/03/13 03:32 PM

Ian Ironwood24/02/13 04:59 PM

Alpha, Beta, Beta Revolt, Blue Pill, feminism, marriage, marriage 2.0, red pill, romance, True Love, Valentines DayIan Ironwood11/02/13 08:20 PM

Ian Ironwood08/02/13 07:40 PM

Alpha, Alpha buff, Beta, girl game, married game, red pill marriage, wifeIan Ironwood07/02/13 04:43 PM

alpha moves, marriage 2.0, red pill, red pill marriage, wifeIan Ironwood30/01/13 05:51 PM

Alpha Move, birthday sex, couples, girl game, initiation, married game, nuke the site from orbit, red pill, Red Pill Wifey, sexIan Ironwood24/01/13 08:51 PM

Breaking BetaIan Ironwood16/01/13 12:51 PM

androids, feminism, law, male sexuality, Misandry, sexbotsIan Ironwood14/01/13 06:38 PM

Ian Ironwood31/12/12 06:20 PM

alpha game, Bear Alpha, Bull Alpha, family, marriage, Wolf AlphaIan Ironwood28/12/12 05:00 PM

1940s, Alpha Move, alpha presentation, Captain Jack Harkness, clothing, Doctor Who, John Barrowman, style, TorchwoodIan Ironwood27/12/12 05:36 PM

bride, courtship, divorce, feminism, girl game, husband, marriage, smp, wife, wife selectionIan Ironwood17/12/12 05:43 PM

Ian Ironwood20/11/12 09:52 PM

Ian Ironwood07/11/12 03:49 PM

feminism, happily ever after, male sexuality, marriage 2.0, objectification, oneitis, porn, prince charming, reproductive strategy, solipsism, The OneIan Ironwood05/11/12 05:36 PM

Ian Ironwood31/10/12 05:05 PM

1970s, Beta, Blue Pill, feminism, history, male sexuality, Male Social Matrix, man up, manhood, masculine power, masculinity, MGTOW, MisandryIan Ironwood18/10/12 09:08 PM

Athol Kay, feminism, marriage, marriage 2.0, married game, married man sex life, mating strategy, MGTOW, Patriarchy, respect, responsibility, romance, sickness, True Love, wife, womenIan Ironwood16/10/12 04:14 PM

career, feminism, masculinity, MGTOW, office, War On Masculinity, workIan Ironwood15/10/12 05:27 PM

Ian Ironwood10/10/12 08:21 PM

Alpha, Alpha buff, alpha game, Alpha Move, aphrodisiac, Athol Kay, Beta, Big Date, cash, femininity, game, games, MAP, marital relations, marriage, marriage 2.0, married gameIan Ironwood25/09/12 08:09 PM

Female Social Matrix, female solipsism, femininity, feminism, solipsism, swingsetIan Ironwood19/09/12 08:56 PM

Ian Ironwood31/08/12 06:03 PM

Ian Ironwood30/08/12 09:01 PM

50 Shades of Grey, BDSM, feminism, male dominance, marriage, mommy porn, Rationalization Hamster, red pill, relationshipsIan Ironwood29/08/12 08:14 PM

Ian Ironwood27/08/12 08:28 PM

Ian Ironwood31/07/12 08:53 PM

Ian Ironwood27/07/12 06:02 PM

Ian Ironwood26/07/12 09:07 PM

Ian Ironwood18/07/12 02:34 AM

Ian Ironwood29/06/12 05:30 PM

Alpha Move, argument, man up, manhood, marriage, masculinity, red pill, rules of engagement, wifeIan Ironwood25/06/12 05:09 PM

Hair, hairstyles, Mommy bob, wives, womenIan Ironwood22/06/12 03:40 PM

Athol Kay, MAP, milf, mmsl, objective sex rank, relative sex rank, Seven, sex rank, smpIan Ironwood15/06/12 05:32 PM

Alpha Move, games, marriage, play, wifeIan Ironwood07/06/12 05:08 PM

Female Social Matrix, feminism, Male Social Matrix, marriage, social status, wives, womenIan Ironwood05/06/12 09:06 PM

boys, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, Guys, masculinity, Puerarchy, War On MasculinityIan Ironwood30/05/12 05:07 PM

Ian Ironwood28/05/12 07:42 PM

1940s, Alpha, Alpha Move, courage, masculinity, red pill, relationship, romance, wife, womenIan Ironwood21/05/12 06:35 PM

family, Female Social Matrix, feminism, Manosphere, Misandry, power structures, Radical Feminism, SPLC, War On MasculinityIan Ironwood18/05/12 03:12 PM

Buckminster Fuller, culture, data, history, intelligence, knowledge, literature, masculine power, masculinity, mathematics, wu weiIan Ironwood16/05/12 04:07 PM

Ian Ironwood15/05/12 05:01 PM

Ian Ironwood27/04/12 12:09 AM

Blue Pill, divorce, feminism, hypergamy, marriage, red pillIan Ironwood30/03/12 05:22 PM

Birth Control, feminism, Manosphere, Science and TechnologyIan Ironwood28/03/12 08:00 PM

Alpha, Alpha buff, alpha game, Alpha Move, aphrodisiac, cash, moneyIan Ironwood22/03/12 03:45 PM

advertising, consumerism, economics, feminism, finances, Jezebel, marketingIan Ironwood21/03/12 12:24 PM

feminism, masculinity, rosie the riveter, single moms, single parenthood, wagesIan Ironwood20/03/12 08:08 PM

Alpha Move, Big Date, fine dining, food, red pillIan Ironwood29/02/12 04:54 PM

1940s, alpha game, Alpha Move, Big Band, Big Date, Fallout, Swing, VideogamesIan Ironwood27/02/12 03:30 PM

Alpha Move, Big Date, red pill, relationship, shoppingIan Ironwood24/02/12 05:12 PM

Big Date, management, marriage, Order, red pill, romance, SR buffIan Ironwood23/02/12 04:34 PM

Big Date, daughter, pre-date, preselection, red pill, roller derbyIan Ironwood22/02/12 07:19 PM

Alpha, Alpha Move, Big Date, dating, marriageIan Ironwood21/02/12 08:28 PM

boyhood, boys, education, feminism, masculinity, school, teachersIan Ironwood20/02/12 08:19 PM

Alpha, alpha game, Alpha Move, cooking, family, marriage, masculinityIan Ironwood19/02/12 08:20 PM

Alpha Move, masculinity, red pillIan Ironwood18/02/12 01:37 PM

alpha game, Alpha Move, chocolate, married gameIan Ironwood16/02/12 05:31 AM

Beta Move, marriage, sicknessIan Ironwood09/02/12 09:37 PM

Emily Nagoski, feminism, Manosphere, masculinity, red pill, The Sex NerdIan Ironwood07/02/12 08:52 PM

dating, Hooking Up Smart, HUS, male sexuality, masculinity, men, respect, Susan Walsh, womenIan Ironwood23/01/12 05:46 PM

alpha game, Alpha Move, Athol Kay, disparity of desire, Emily Nagoski, game, married man sex life, red pill, seduction, The Sex NerdIan Ironwood19/01/12 05:07 PM

"Follow Your Heart", Barbie, Disney, girlhood, Mattel, Rationalization HamsterIan Ironwood18/01/12 08:09 PM

Alpha, Beta, game, management, manipulation, red pillIan Ironwood13/01/12 07:19 PM

alpha game, Athol Kay, feminism, male sexuality, manhood, Manosphere, married man sex life, masculinity, MRA, Patriarchy, red pillIan Ironwood12/01/12 04:36 PM

Alpha Move, l-spot, red pillIan Ironwood09/01/12 05:09 PM

alpha game, Athol Kay, fighting, marriage, married man sex life, rules of engagement, yellingIan Ironwood29/12/11 04:22 PM

Alpha, Alpha Move, Beta, demographics Move, Election, Obama, red pillIan Ironwood28/12/11 04:13 PM

Manosphere, marriage, marriage 2.0, red pillIan Ironwood21/12/11 04:40 PM

Alpha Move, Manosphere, red pill, wivesIan Ironwood19/12/11 08:19 PM

Manosphere, marriage, red pill, sexIan Ironwood19/12/11 08:13 PM

Manosphere, marriage, marriage 2.0, red pillIan Ironwood14/12/11 04:33 PM

hunter-gatherer, Manosphere, marriage, marriage 2.0, red pill, tribalIan Ironwood13/12/11 04:53 PM

Alpha Move, Manosphere, red pillIan Ironwood12/12/11 04:07 PM

feminism, Manosphere, marriage, wivesIan Ironwood07/12/11 02:52 PM

Manosphere, red pillIan Ironwood06/12/11 08:03 PM
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