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787 How getting cancer, having my dreams crushed and being paralysed for 4 months made me a into man. Field Report IckeSvensk /r/TheRedPill 10/07/18 10:29 PM
24 How to better handle height difference? ADVICE IckeSvensk /r/RedPillWomen 29/05/18 10:46 AM
10 Bf revealed his n-count to me and it has gotten me worried. DATING ADVICE IckeSvensk /r/RedPillWomen 02/06/18 10:53 AM
4 Are ugly guys able to spin plates? IckeSvensk /r/askTRP 09/05/18 08:24 PM
4 Question to guys with a high n-count currently in LTRs IckeSvensk /r/askTRP 24/06/18 04:13 PM
3 Question to the ECs and other guys who have consistently been able to spin plates IckeSvensk /r/askTRP 01/05/18 10:31 AM
2 Taking HGH or HGH stimulating compounds for an increase in height? IckeSvensk /r/askTRP 15/05/18 04:00 PM
1 How can a financially successful alpha male who wants to settle down find women like you? IckeSvensk /r/RedPillWomen 01/05/18 09:42 AM
0 Can you become a top 10% male if you are 5'9? IckeSvensk /r/askTRP 16/05/18 09:18 PM
0 Bad idea to go to the club/bar with guys who are higher SMV than you? IckeSvensk /r/askTRP 15/05/18 01:51 PM
0 Are my physical requirements for my captain unrealistic and superficial? DATING ADVICE IckeSvensk /r/RedPillWomen 15/04/18 09:50 AM

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