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1311 Today was the day that Reddit almost swallowed the pill. On the front page today: Guy finds out soon-to-be fiancee is cheating and sets up an elaborate proposal to dump her. Red Pill Example NiceTryDisaster /r/TheRedPill 27/11/15 07:53 PM
104 Are there any other helpful subreddits to subscribe to? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 17/03/19 05:38 PM
20 Why don't we pinpoint a man's SMV? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 17/08/16 03:07 PM
16 How to game hipster girls? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 20/10/18 09:03 AM
14 How do I socialize as someone who doesnt drink or smoke? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 08/11/18 06:43 PM
12 Lose-lose situation for women? NiceTryDisaster /r/TheRedPill 25/02/15 09:08 PM
10 Can we make a rule that for anyone to posts fitness related posts on the main sub, he must have to post picture proofs of his great or atleast above average physique in it? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 21/11/18 07:01 PM
10 A question to the jacked guys on here regarding attraction NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 01/06/16 04:35 PM
9 Girl implying she's okay with me being with multiple girls. How to respond? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 18/03/19 04:46 PM
7 Are the styles shown in malefashionadvice subreddit supposed to be good? I think they look horrendous NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 01/09/18 07:56 PM
7 Are there any books which discuss what women are attracted to exclusively from evolutionary psychology research? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 31/07/16 11:24 PM
7 Those of you with non-fancy boring jobs, how do you answer what you do for a living? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 20/10/18 09:06 PM
6 Why do most of the 'hottest' actors not have a beard? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 23/12/18 09:32 PM
6 Are the styles shown in malefashionadvice subreddit supposed to be good? I think they look horrendous NiceTryDisaster /r/PurplePillDebate 01/09/18 07:54 PM
6 1 CMV: Between a patriarchal and a feminist culture, a feminist culture is much better for a red pilled man CMV NiceTryDisaster /r/PurplePillDebate 01/06/18 11:25 AM
5 What's your redpill on male friendships? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 02/08/18 10:46 AM
4 Is milk bad for your body? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 28/03/16 08:11 PM
4 Is reading similar to food? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 12/04/19 07:05 AM
3 Masculine and feminine walk NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 29/07/16 05:40 PM
3 Who Pays on a First Date? NiceTryDisaster /r/TRPOffTopic 17/06/16 03:15 PM
3 What are some good redpilled style bloggers/vloggers for men? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 22/10/18 05:20 AM
3 How to deal with resting stoner face? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 10/11/18 06:25 AM
3 Macchiavelli was never actually a follower of "Macchiavellian" philosophy? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 19/06/15 08:49 PM
3 How much $$ do you spend on dating a girl in total? [Right from first date till you have her in the bed. Everything included] NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 11/09/15 08:31 PM
3 How does evolutionary psychology explain rough sex? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 19/07/16 05:01 AM
2 Is Mike Cernovich's 'Juice Power' any good? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 24/08/16 08:29 PM
2 Why do we discuss the post-wall woman so much? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 22/10/15 07:31 PM
2 Making a tinder bio. would be thankful to have some questions answered NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 18/11/17 03:40 PM
2 Does helping women position you as a provider? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 03/12/18 02:04 PM
2 Why are you spending your time to help someone else on trp? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 23/05/15 09:13 PM
1 Should your game be subtle or direct? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 10/06/15 07:04 AM
1 Questions regarding social dominance NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 27/07/16 10:07 PM
1 How to respond when women share their vulnerabilities with you? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 08/12/17 09:59 PM
1 Few questions regarding MMA and fighting. NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 11/02/19 09:24 AM
1 Interesting question on /r/askmen. Would like to know trp's views. "Do you think it's more common for guys to be aggressive/dominant during sex because it feels natural to them, or because they think it turns women on?" NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 01/05/15 03:08 PM
1 I'm completely out of the loop with the Jordan Peterson stuff. What are some things he says which we haven't learned from TRP before and what things does he say in contradiction to our philosophies? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 03/10/18 03:54 PM
1 I'm letting my environment decide my frame and mood rather than me having a rock solid inner game and imposing it on others. How do i change this? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 04/03/19 12:52 PM
1 Are there other similar online communities like TRP out there? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 21/12/16 07:00 PM
1 What aspects of TRP do not fit the evolutionary psychology narrative? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 23/12/16 12:31 AM
1 CMV: Between a patriarchal and a feminist culture, a feminist culture is much better for a red pilled man. NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 17/05/18 11:56 AM
1 How do you guys handle the details of the meetup? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 13/02/19 02:56 PM
1 I am a non-american. Can someone provide a red pill summary/perspective/opinion on the whole abortion vs anti-abortion drama going on in USA for a while now? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 13/03/17 08:17 PM
0 Question: What factors decide a man's SMV? NiceTryDisaster /r/TheRedPill 30/12/14 09:50 PM
0 Getting tongue tied while talking. Need help NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 08/12/15 09:09 AM
0 Would you continue lifting or would you have started lifting in the first place if how you looked played no role in attraction of the opposite sex? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 21/09/15 10:34 PM
0 Why is RedPillWomen(RPW) a part of our network? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 03/12/15 10:31 PM
0 Can shit tests be diffused with answers that demonstrate higher value? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 28/08/16 12:18 AM
0 Would you prefer being big at higher bodyfat percentage or being ripped and leaner but much smaller? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 23/08/18 04:26 AM
0 I fail to make a lasting impression on newly acquainted people. NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 04/12/18 12:18 PM
0 I'm 5'11. Yet I feel insecure when I see guys or gals taller than me. NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 17/05/18 11:23 AM
0 Any tips for being more smooth in small social groups? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 20/02/19 07:47 AM
0 Fashion: Does anybody else feel shirts look much better on us men than t-shirts do? NiceTryDisaster /r/askTRP 27/04/18 03:59 PM

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