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Dominance in pickup refers to your overall energy in leading and being the alpha male. Overall, remember that, as a man, the core your value comes down to SURVIVAL value. Your ability to lead. Your ability to be dominant. Your ability to walk the path of life that you choose.

Tactically, this translates to:

  • strong body languages
  • mastery of speech and language
  • praising people for their success
  • not hesitating to go after what you want (going up to girls)
  • not putting up with negative or bad behavior
  • controlled eye contact
  • a dominant style
At the core, most women want to be dominated by a man that they respect. It is an attraction trigger because women have pre-wired them to select dominant men over non-dominant men in society. Natural selection has dictated that women who choose more dominant men have a higher survival value in passing on their genes.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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