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Belief system, cult, doctrine (or a set of them), ideology, or religion, whose pursuers (called feminists) view every positive or negative action by an individual person from a social, group, or collective perspective (this is known as Intersectionality) of sex/gender ("Personal is political", "Men, as a group, are the enemy", "Women, as a group, are the victims", etc), rather than on a logical, individual level free from sex/gender bias.

Under feminism, it is believed that any and every action or trait attributable to the female sex is positive and inherently good for the society, and any and every action or trait attributable to the male sex is negative and harmful to the society (basis of the feminist logic).

Thus, if a woman commits any crime (particularly against a man - including his murder, or even against police), feminism enacts laws and policies across the globe ensuring that the woman will not be punished and even the innocent men will be punished on the mere accusation of women. Feminism argues that this is necessary because overall historically women have performed less crimes than the men (yes, you read that right; this is really the feminists' argument).

Feminism is:



The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

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