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The Puerarchy, for those who are new to the term, is a Manosphere term-of-art used to describe the phenomenon most recently called out as "ExtendedAdolescence" (as this harsh assessment of the group by the Guardian Angels, of all people, points out): the tendency for young men to spend a decade or so getting drunk, high, laid, and wiped out from video game exhaustion and porn marathons instead of applying nose to grindstone, getting a college education that will allow them to support their future ex-wives.  It's perplexing for feminists because it means the pool of "acceptable" men for marriage and procreation (and productive tax-paying to support the welfare state) is drying up.  It's perplexing for conservatives in the Manosphere because the Puerarchy seems to be thumbing its nose as traditional Conservative values of hard work and ambition, and succumbing to the pleasures of the flesh and the decadence of the West they shun.

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