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768 Field Report: Fucking my former oneitis and what it made me realize Field Report HannibalBacara /r/TheRedPill 07/07/18 08:46 PM
3 What the hell am I supposed to make of this behavior? HannibalBacara /r/askTRP 24/09/18 03:19 AM
2 What does TRP theory have to say about a woman’s prudeness on the first few dates? HannibalBacara /r/askTRP 06/08/18 10:51 PM
1 What do you guys think of Tom Torero's daygame Guides? HannibalBacara /r/askTRP 12/10/18 03:24 AM
1 Learning some facts about the likely future has made me depressed and anxious. How to get over this hump? HannibalBacara /r/askTRP 28/09/18 03:15 AM

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