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1095 Don't do easy dopamines M_Hamza /r/TheRedPill 17/06/18 05:37 PM
50 A really bad case of oneitis M_Hamza /r/askTRP 31/10/18 02:16 PM
25 She doesn't sympathize with you Rant/Venting M_Hamza /r/TheRedPill 23/08/18 09:12 PM
17 How do you become less of a robot? M_Hamza /r/askTRP 29/01/19 07:56 AM
13 Faggots invaded Redpill M_Hamza /r/TheRedPill 16/06/18 09:59 AM
6 What do you do when you see your father being constantly cucked by your mother and ...? M_Hamza /r/askTRP 05/01/19 05:33 AM
3 She doesn't sympathize with you Rant/Venting M_Hamza /r/TheRedPill 23/08/18 08:38 PM
3 Why would you do if you're stuck in a college major that you have literally zero interest in? M_Hamza /r/askTRP 06/01/19 08:29 PM
2 What do you think about women who ask their man to stop bettering himself? M_Hamza /r/askTRP 17/01/19 03:06 PM
0 Core shakes while working out lol M_Hamza /r/askTRP 16/02/19 09:34 PM
0 Why are girls anxious when I talk to them? M_Hamza /r/askTRP 12/01/19 07:24 PM
0 Will lifting help, if you eat alot but don't gain any weight [officially skinny noodle]? M_Hamza /r/askTRP 18/01/19 08:39 AM
0 Dress whatever, women are more basic than you think M_Hamza /r/TheRedPill 23/06/18 04:08 AM

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