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2114 To those nervous about going to a gym: once you step foot in the door, nobody gives a fuck about you. Fitness bostonburrito /r/TheRedPill 06/11/17 12:45 PM
719 To everyone here, sex is great, but PLEASE have standards. I hope none of these men were you. Blue Pill Example bostonburrito /r/TheRedPill 23/05/18 01:28 PM
114 What the fuck is up with horse girls. bostonburrito /r/askTRP 26/06/17 01:14 PM
83 I can’t stop fucking my room mate bostonburrito /r/askTRP 12/10/19 05:45 PM
68 Picking up girls while working a drive thru window. Field Report bostonburrito /r/TheRedPill 03/10/17 01:56 AM
56 Why did this girl lie to her orbiter? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 21/11/17 06:48 AM
36 "I don't chew gum" Field Report bostonburrito /r/TheRedPill 26/02/17 01:41 PM
36 "I can't kiss you cause I have a boyfriend" she says, while we're spooning on her couch feeling each other up. [Short FR] bostonburrito /r/askTRP 03/05/17 01:12 PM
20 What are some effective ways to throw the dog a bone without appearing needy? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 06/11/17 11:26 AM
8 Woman sent me nudes through snapchat with the caption "not like you deserve this." Is this an example of ASD? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 07/08/16 03:42 AM
8 How do I break the barrier of thinking "this is the alpha decision, therefore I should do it" to making this thought process just a basic motor function? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 07/09/16 04:19 AM
6 A quick thought I had in regards to how each gender spins plates. bostonburrito /r/askTRP 23/06/18 03:11 PM
6 Recently went exclusive with a girl and suddenly I’ve found it significantly easier to talk to other women. bostonburrito /r/askTRP 18/03/19 03:54 AM
6 You wake up one day and suddenly it’s the societal norm for woman to propose to men. Would you look at marriage differently? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 30/03/18 12:55 PM
3 Whats the best way to score a threesome? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 19/04/17 03:31 AM
3 Any advice for living with 5 other women bostonburrito /r/askTRP 19/02/19 04:53 PM
3 Best response to the shit-test of "I have a boyfriend" bostonburrito /r/askTRP 18/06/16 02:29 PM
3 Be true to yourself, especially on this sub. Meta bostonburrito /r/TheRedPill 31/03/17 05:12 PM
2 How can I plan on having kids without getting married. bostonburrito /r/askTRP 29/06/16 03:25 PM
2 A night has been set to go to her place, 10 days away. How often, if at all, should I continue to text her? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 10/07/16 04:27 PM
1 Teasing. bostonburrito /r/askTRP 06/04/17 03:09 PM
1 Tinder Plus: Is it genuinely worth it? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 22/10/17 02:51 PM
1 The shortest field report in TRP history Field Report bostonburrito /r/TheRedPill 10/09/18 02:31 PM
1 My (18M) Brother (13yo) is spiraling further and further into bluepill ideologies. Is it too early to tell him about TRP? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 21/05/16 01:51 PM
1 I've had sex with 7 women but could only nut for all of them when she sucked me off. Do i have a problem? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 21/02/17 03:01 AM
1 Is meditation really the holy grail in reducing mental masturbation? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 11/06/17 12:42 PM
1 What would you consider the maximum distance you would travel for a ONS? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 11/05/18 12:21 PM
0 How can I go out on the town without blowing a small fortune? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 27/05/16 07:40 AM
0 I relapsed on porn. I made it 3 1/2 years, and I’m devastated. bostonburrito /r/askTRP 18/11/19 03:28 PM
0 Does anyone else ever meet someone who makes you wish you hadn’t discovered this place? bostonburrito /r/askTRP 07/06/18 11:25 AM

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