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699 The Most Powerful Tool in Your Arsenal: The Ability to Walk Away Red Pill Theory imatahigherplace /r/TheRedPill 10/01/17 07:13 PM
58 Revenge Fantasies and You Red Pill Theory imatahigherplace /r/TheRedPill 25/05/16 11:55 PM
54 Apathy towards women in general? imatahigherplace /r/askTRP 09/10/19 03:43 PM
23 Dating a pornstar? imatahigherplace /r/askTRP 28/02/19 10:57 PM
23 Went on my first Tinder date last week, she's already trying to lock me down and I'm not interested. imatahigherplace /r/askTRP 11/11/17 02:31 PM
18 Getting Rid of a Single Mom imatahigherplace /r/askTRP 23/04/19 04:30 PM
2 Moral Dilemma imatahigherplace /r/askTRP 04/03/19 03:40 PM
1 "Hell yes" or "hell no" in regards to interest? imatahigherplace /r/askTRP 06/07/19 09:48 PM

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