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1237 Fucking on the first tinder date. Field Report isthatsuperman /r/TheRedPill 06/10/17 07:09 PM
94 First time solo was a success Field Report isthatsuperman /r/TheRedPill 02/10/17 07:57 PM
5 Is it a bad thing to be selfish? isthatsuperman /r/askTRP 05/09/17 03:21 AM
4 Shit test right before sex? isthatsuperman /r/askTRP 07/09/17 03:43 AM
3 Bringing a plate back in rotation? isthatsuperman /r/askTRP 04/04/18 12:16 AM
2 How to De-escalate a potential fight. isthatsuperman /r/askTRP 11/04/18 05:29 PM
2 Do women know that they're shit testing? isthatsuperman /r/askTRP 19/09/17 02:40 PM
2 What does the red pill say on using an ex as a plate? isthatsuperman /r/askTRP 22/08/17 04:44 AM

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