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880 Never believed treating girls like shit makes them want you, until yesterday! Field Report ohRyZze /r/TheRedPill 11/06/17 10:08 AM
316 Another example of a beta mistakenly thinking he is an alpha! Field Report ohRyZze /r/TheRedPill 27/01/19 03:05 PM
47 How to stop falling in love so quickly?! ohRyZze /r/askTRP 08/06/19 06:49 PM
31 How is it even worth it to get into an LTR anymore? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 22/06/19 02:52 PM
14 Opinion on being "rough" in bed? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 02/06/19 01:35 PM
14 How to not loose yourself in a LOTR? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 03/01/19 01:39 PM
4 How come all of the girls are flaking? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 09/04/19 02:13 PM
3 Really short summary of my situation right now, seeking advice for further proceeding. ohRyZze /r/askTRP 03/07/17 09:08 PM
3 How do you respond if your GF does something wrong? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 14/06/17 09:31 AM
2 Texting game question ohRyZze /r/askTRP 28/06/17 08:22 PM
2 Should I ask her what she wants to eat or just cook something I like`? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 14/03/19 06:45 PM
2 How to deal with being bad at something your date wants to do? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 28/02/19 05:40 PM
1 Made out with a girl, ignores me now. ohRyZze /r/askTRP 29/01/19 01:58 PM
1 Can't figure out if shes into me or nah. ohRyZze /r/askTRP 16/04/19 08:11 PM
1 Paying for a girls uber just to hook up? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 06/02/19 11:32 AM
1 Do you guys wait for a SOI before you approach? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 24/02/19 05:22 PM
1 How come all these good looking guys try to get the ugly girls? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 19/02/19 04:12 PM
1 Dilemma between being no pressure and letting "GF" go out alone. ohRyZze /r/askTRP 28/08/17 01:25 AM
0 How do you handle virgins? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 02/02/19 08:26 PM
0 Giving up a good plate or lying to her about wanting a relationship? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 15/06/19 12:18 PM
0 How beta is it to wait for a girl to have sex with you? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 13/04/19 01:00 AM
0 Opinions on ONS wanting to do it without a condom? ohRyZze /r/askTRP 23/02/19 11:47 AM
0 After a very successful first night out with some TRP strats, yesterday I failed miserably. Field Report ohRyZze /r/TheRedPill 15/06/17 11:27 AM

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